March 5th, 2012

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Shirota Yu collaborates with his brother on the opening day of his 1st tour

On March 2nd, Shirota Yu kicked off his first tour, “Shirota Yu LOVE & PEACE Tour 2012“, at SHIBUYA-AX.

During the concert, Shirota mainly sang songs off of his upcoming album, “UNO“, along with covers of well-known numbers. Additionally, Shirota’s brother, Shirota Jun, made a special guest appearance to sing “Mentirosa feat. Shirota Jun“. This marked the first time the Shirota brothers appeared together on stage.

The concert also featured appearances by former Dream member Kana (Kana Tachibana) and Yamazaki Ikusaburo, who shared the role of Romeo in the musical, “Romeo & Juliet“.

Shirota commented, “I want to make this year a year of ‘growth’ as Shirota Yu! I will do my best in Nagoya and Osaka with the motto, ‘LOVE & PEACE’!!


after that terrible disaster called Worth Fighting For, I am pessimistic about this album but still can't wait

also cute, reminds me of Japan's most famous and flawless siblings Kuu and misono

TOKIO’s Yamaguchi Tatsuya is determined to rebuild the ‘DASH Village’ in Fukushima

On the NTV show called ‘The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!‘, the members of TOKIO were once able to personally experience an unspoiled lifestyle at the so-called ‘DASH Village’ in Namie, Fukushima. It has actually been one year now, since the village had to be shutdown due to the Great Tohoku Earthquake, but there is one member who is really determined to open it again someday, Yamaguchi Tatsuya.

Yamaguchi was filming in Namie when the Great Tohoku Earthquake hit Japan and heavily damaged the town one year ago. Moreover the town is too close to the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and had to get evacuated due to the radiation threat.

The producers of the show had no hope of ever being able to return to the DASH Village in Namie, but Yamaguchi couldn’t just watch and decided to move on his own. One of his first experiments included the decontamination of the sunflowers.

In February 2012, Yamaguchi also traveled to Ukraine and Belarus in order to collect data on the Chernobyl disaster. One thing he was impressed with the most was the large-scale migration of all the farmers in the area. “Japanese people would never be able to just abandon the land they’ve been working on for who knows how many decades,” he said.

Furthermore he was amazed about how much the locals know about radioactive materials thanks to radiation and agricultural training. “I think we have to study more about it in Japan, because it’s very important to know everything about your enemy. After all we can’t just abandon Fukushima.

With the help of the show, it shouldn’t be a problem to collect enough money to rebuild and to decontaminate the whole village, but there is another problem that makes Yamaguchi very anxious. Everything is going to become meaningless if the people from the village don’t want to return together with them. “Whenever I feel this way, I recall my dream of wanting to be able to take a nap on the veranda of the DASH Village again someday.

On March 11th, the show is going to talk about this matter with a live broadcast from Kawamata, Fukushima (district west of Namie). Yamaguchi will also share his impressions from Chernobyl.

Source: Asahi Shimbun via tokyohive

Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko to release new photo book

Idol group Berryz Koubou member Tsugunaga Momoko (19) will be releasing her latest photo book, “Hatachi Momochi”, on March 6th.

This day also marks Tsugunaga’s 20th birthday. In the photo book, fans will be able to experience all 4 seasons with the idol, as it was shot over a period of 1 year in Okinawa and Nagano.

Tsugunaga promoted her photo book saying, “It’s the cutest photo book in the world from the cutest idol in the world!

To commemorate the release of the photo book, Tsugunaga will hold an event at Fukuya Bookstore Shinjuku on March 6th from 7:00 pm.

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Source & Photos: Sanspo & tokyohive

2NE1 Reveals Covers & Tracklist For New Japanese Single & Album

The end of March will be a busy time for Korean girl group 2NE1. The group will be releasing a new single, "Scream", and a new album, "Collection", on March 28th.

Both the single and the album will come in 3 different versions, each one feature its one cover and content.

The covers and tracklist for both release have been revealed. Check them out below:

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Perfume kicks off world domination with website launch, worldwide release of JPN

On March 6 in Japan, Perfume's much-anticipated Universal Music Group website launched after a Twitter campaign slowly built pixelated images of A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi. The new site currently features a loop of music by Yasutaka Nakata of capsule and a trio of adjustable polygon dancers.

Most importantly, the new website has announced the global release via iTunes of Perfume's latest album JPN to more than 50 countries including much of the Americas and Europe. JPN was the 24th best-selling album of 2011 according to Oricon, where it debuted on their daily and weekly charts at #1 in November.


Make way, make way for our goddesses
OP must now wait 12 hours for the album to release in her country

Ayaman Japan’s Sakurada in relationship with Schadaraparr’s BOSE

Fantasista Sakurada (26), a member of the popular entertainment group Ayaman Japan, is reportedly in a relationship with rapper BOSE (43) of hip-hop group Schadaraparr. This week’s issue of FRIDAY claims that the two are partly living together.

As usual, the magazine provided photographic evidence to back up its claims. In February, BOSE was seen spending the night at Sakurada’s apartment. The next day, BOSE saw Sakurada off as she headed to work, then returned to the apartment using a spare key.

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A Kiritani Mirei post to brighten your life ☼

her in the new issue of TV Guide Girls

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guest star for her dramas 13 sai no hello work finale revealed!

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also she has been appointed by NTV to be the Tuesday reporter/announcer for NEWS ZERO,starting April


I wish someone subbed the drama more, so far it is really cute, I like how tumblr fans gif everything but her
also if someone wanna double check my last story, mucho appreciated, her internet fans are few ....for now

reiwa aya

Important Public Service Announcement: New Softbank White Family CM + Softbank Ginza store opening!

Today, March 6 in Japan, Softbank will be opening a new flagship cell phone store in Ginza. The opening ceremony starts at 11:00am and, as confirmed by SB CEO Masayoshi Son himself via Twitter, the entire White Family (Kai-kun, Aya Ueto, Dante Carver and Kanako Higuchi) will be in attendance.

The event will be streamed live on UStream:

Be sure to check it out!


Juliet to release 12th single!

12th single Jimoto(Local) Short Ver.

Juliet was formed by three gyaru models in 2009. They made their major debut August 2009 under Universal Music Japan with the single "Natsu Love" which is a collaboration with Popteen model Komori Jun. It reached number one on Recochoku ring tone charts and #24 on the Oricon weekly charts, making their name more well known in Japan but the models' faces were not revealed to the public at that time. Following the success of "Natsu Love", they released their second single "Fuyu Love" on October 7th, leading to their debut album Love which was released a month later on November 4th.

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Been playing those 30 sec. for the longest time. I NEED the full ver!!

Juliet Official site
Vid:official site~subscribe if u like!