March 7th, 2012


BREAKERZ LIVE 2011“WISH 03” in Nippon Budokan Digest

2nd of 4 video digest clips that will be uploaded in the next 4 Wed's prior to the release of BREAKERZ LIVE 2011“WISH 03” in Nippon Budokan , BREAKERZ LIVE TOUR 2011 “GO” & BREAKERZ LIVE 2011“WISH 03”+“GO”PREMIUM BOX on 28th March .

For the 2nd video digest , the guys's official YouTube site has uploaded a 2:07 mins digest for BREAKERZ LIVE 2011“WISH 03” in Nippon Budokan

Preview snippets of songs taken from this digest include :

- Gekijou
- Hatsukoi Trampoline
- Hikari

a~chan boba

Perfume is the "Holy Grail" of Japanese Pop?

(Reuters) - The world's biggest record label says it is trying something a little different as it seeks the elusive "holy grail" for Japanese pop -- global chart success.

A procession of "J-pop" acts touted as the next big thing on the world stage have come and gone, most causing barely a ripple in markets like the United States, Germany and Britain.

Audiences outside Asia just don't "get" the music and lyrics, experts say, although pinning down exactly why has proved more difficult.

Labels' strategy has tended to focus on coaching Japanese acts to sound and appear more Western, notably by encouraging them to sing in English and try genres like hip-hop and R'n'B.

Now Universal Music Group plans to do the opposite as it seeks to launch techno-pop girl band Perfume on to the world stage -- celebrate their "Japan-ness."

"We want to sell the package as they are now," said Kimitaka Kato, managing director of Universal International at the label's Japanese division.

"I won't get them to sing 100 percent in English and not Westernize them at all unless they ask us to," he told Reuters by telephone from Japan. "I think with Perfume it's all about that futuristic Japanese image."

In what is billed as a first for Universal, it has just released Perfume's number one album "JPN" on iTunes in 50 countries.

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Source: Reuters

Side-eyeing the Asians and R&B comment slightly, not that it's relevant.

Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

Popular trio, Ikimonogakari reached the top spot in the albums chart with their 5th studio album, "NEWTRAL." This is their 4th consecutive no.1 album. This album includes the theme song to Fuji TV's Mezamashi Terebi, "NEW WORLD MUSIC" for a total of 12 songs.

Meanwhile, former NEWS member, Yamashita Tomohisa has topped the singles chart with his 5th solo single, "I, Texas." This is also his 5th consecutive no.1 single, which makes him only the 4th male soloist to have achieved this, joining Kondo Masahiko, Domoto Tsuyoshi (including his works as ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI), and Kuwata Keisuke. The title track is currently being used as the theme song to the TBS drama starring himself, "Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~."

In the music-DVD and Blu-Ray charts, popular Korean girl group, KARA achieved the no.1 spot simultaneously with "KARA BEST CLIPS II & SHOWS." This work has sold 20,000 copies of Blu-Ray Disc, totalling 74,000 copies of music-DVD and BD sold.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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Congrats, Iki! It's probably going to sell as much as Hajimari no Uta in the end (500k+), and it's fine by me! XD

I LOL at the albums chart, seeing how much Iki outsold the others. Anyway, pretty close race between Yamapi and Mayuyu in the singles chart and it has been entertaining. I just wish that TOKIO and FLOWER would do better though. :( However, glad to see GReeeeN selling more this time around compared to their other singles post-hiatus. And the song is doing very well digitally too. :)

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Gakki is distressed!

Aragaki Yui is rumored to be suffering from emotional and psychological stress again. So much so that she’s thinking about retiring from the entertainment industry and returning to Okinawa to live out her life in peace.

This all stemmed from the fact that her management agency is experiencing financial problems. Since she is one of their biggest stars, she has been pulled into the mess too. The agency has been getting funding from a mobile game company, and this is the reason why she’s currently their spokesperson.

She has also expressed desires to concentrate on her singing career. She doesn’t really love acting, and it has always been her lifelong dream to be a singer. She wondered why her singing career never took off when actress Kuroki Meisa and model Yamada Yuu both had singing careers. They also both happen to be from Okinawa, like Aragaki.

Aragaki’s management agency is LesPros Entertainment. Talents under them also include Yoshikawa Hinano, Hasegawa Kyoko, and Kawashima Umika.

(Source: translated by uso-ippai

Yamada Yu loves Korean idols!

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu have been going out for 4 years now. But on the internet, people have been gossiping about seeing Yamada hanging out with Korean idols.

Oguri seemed to want to concentrate more on his movie career, and wanted to have more time to himself. So last year, the two of them have stopped living together.

And during that same time, Yamada was seen eating at a Korean restaurant with her model friends. An entertainment insider also present at the restaurant quipped, “Around October of last year, they were having girl talks while eating various Korean dishes. Yamada said without reservation, ‘Oguri is no good. Right now, I have a new man, a Korean man. That’s because right now I’m into Korea but he is not the one.’ She was also drinking makgeolli at the time.” lollollol, what does her drink have anything to do with it?

It seemed that the couple have broken up. However, Yamada’s family was seen with Oguri Shun on a new years family vacation in Hawaii. They stayed at the same hotel and paps were even able to get a picture of the two of them together at the beach.

Entertainment reporter Ishigawa Toshio had this to say about their relationship, “Even though there are many things that happened between them, it seems their relationship is fine. When Yamada and Oguri first begun dating, they went to each others’ management agency to tell the presidents themselves. So it’d be hard for them to even think about breaking up since it’s been accepted by their management agencies. So there is a huge chance the two of them will get married one day.”

So this new man Yamada talked about during the meal was probably just a drunken fantasy.

Yamada has said in public that “Korean men are really sweet.” She has also become a big fan of the Korean boy band 2PM in recent times and can been spotted at their concerts regularly.

(Source: translated by uso-ippai


Purikura Photo Booths: The Fun, Ever-changing Magical Tool

Purikura, a shortened form of "print club" in Japanese, refers to photo sticker booths that print out stickers of photo portraits set against backgrounds and frames selected by the user. Since their market debut in 1995, purikura have been a major hit in Japan, especialy among high school girls. The photo stickers have largely taken the place of souvenir photographs, and are traded among friends and shown in sticker albums. Easily purchased for the small amount of a few hundred yen, purikura have taken on an important role as a kind of communication tool for friends to reaffirm their bonds. Now 17 years since hitting the market, purikura photo booths still bring enjoyment to groups of friends and continue to evolve as machines that bring to life the girlhood ideals of cuteness and beauty.

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Tohoshinki "STILL" Excite Interview Translation

--Your new single "STILL" will be released on 3/14, which is White Day* in Japan. Do you celebrate White Day in Korea as well?

Yunho: Yes, we do.

--Do you have any White Day memories?

Chagmin: Giving something back to the girl who gave something to me. (laugh)

--What?! That's not a present, that's a repayment!

C: Hahaha, I was just kidding. But I don't have any romantic episodes on White Day. I do of course give presents to people who gave me presents. I'm also the kind of person who wants to give presents even to the people who didn't give me anything on Valentine's Day.

Y: I gave someone a bouquet of roses when I was teenager.

--That's really romantic!

Y: It was just amezaiku.** It was made of toffee. Amezaiku is really popular in Korea.

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Original Interview: Excite
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Sayaka leaves DREAM, group becomes a 4-piece

This is a post I rather never do, but I shall inform that Second generation member of DREAM, Sayaka, will be leaving the group at the end of this month, leaving as well the mega-unit E-Girls that's formed by EXILE's sister performance groups (DREAM, HAPPINESS, FLOWER and on EXILE's stages BUNNY has already joined them).

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Source: Official Website 

Ishikawa Rika and Yoshizawa Hitomi form new unit 'ABCHO'

Pronounced Abu-cho, the name is short for ABSTRACT CHOP. Their first single is called 'Me o Tojite Gyusshiyo' and will be released 5/23. It will be released under Universal and is the theme for the anime 'Sengoku Collection'.


Hangry and Angry probably don't fit the anime very well. Interesting to see more UFA releases under Universal.


Ena Matsumoto to debut EMODA eyelashes on 03/12

EMODA will be launching a total of 6 eyelash designs, 4 upper and 2 lower eyelashes, on 12 March on its official RUNWAY Channel Webstore here.

Each box comes with 5 pairs of eyelashes which is rather generous for celebrity-produced eyelashes. Irregardless of the design, each box is retailing at ¥ 1,260 with tax. Which is approx. $16 USD.

Here is a closer look at the lashes.

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W no Higeki Full Cast Announced!

On March 8th, TV Asahi finally revealed more details about the cast of the upcoming drama ‘W no Higeki‘, which stars young actress Takei Emi in a double role.

‘W no Higeki‘ is based on a mystery novel of the same name by Natsuki Shizuko, which sold over 2.5 million copies. The script is handled by Terada Toshio (“Koshonin”), who’ll make sure to create an all-new exciting viewing experience.

The drama along with the plot was already announced a couple of weeks ago. Takei plays the two roles of ‘Watsuji Mako‘, the daughter of a very wealthy and powerful zaibatsu, and ‘Kurasawa Satsuki‘, a show club dancer raised in an orphanage and with a desire of revenge burning inside her heart. Due to the fact that they both look absolutely identical, they decide to change places in order to experience each other’s completely different lives. Their little experiment is followed by various tragedies and other incidents.

For Takei this will be her first starring role, let alone double, in a prime time drama, but she’s not doing it alone. Fukuda Saki and Gouriki Ayame, who are both from the same agency as Takei, will appear alongside her. With further appearances by Kiritani Kenta, Matsushita Yuki, Wakamura Mayumi, Terada Minori, Nogiwa Yoko, Nakamura Shunsuke, Takahashi Issei, Takeda Kohei, and Kaneda Akio, she truly can rely on a wonderful cast.

Fukuda and Gouriki are going to play fellow dancers at the show club where Mako will have to work at instead of Satsuki. They both aren’t exactly nice towards her and bully her on every occasion. Gouriki’s character comes off as a kind girl at first glimpse, but she actually has a very malicious personality. Matsushita plays the owner of the club.

Kiritani is playing a clumsy and lonely detective who’s investigating a suspicious murder case that seems to be connected to Satsuki. However, before he knew what was happening he falls for her charms without knowing that she’s not the person he wanted to shadow in the first place. Terada plays the head of the Watsuji family. His wife and the grandmother of Mako is portrayed by Nogiwa, while Wakamura disguises herself as the mother of Mako. Nakamura will complete the Watsuji family by playing the only ‘normal’ man in the family and the third husband of Mako’s mother.

The producer commented, “We were able to surround our young and fresh heroine, played by Takei, with people who possess very strong and individual personalities.”

He continued, “The selling point of a show club are the great dancing skills of its dancers and I think the scenes that were filmed inside an actual club are going to be fantastic. With the intense battle that’s going on between the girls, there are going to be some truly flashy scenes!”

‘W no Higeki’ will air every Thursday at 9:00 pm.

Official Site | Source

Kiritani Kentaaaaaa♥

Japanese Netizens react to ifuaskedmeto shedding light on racism in Hallyu

A massive debate has been sparked with netizens from around the globe revealing racism against black people rooted in the influential and invasive Korean Wave.

The online entertainment community, 'Oh No They Didn't' (ONTD) featured a post on the 29th of February entitled 'K-Pop or KKK-Pop?' which made anti-black discrimination accusations about Korean pop music. Black netizen, 'IFUASKEDMETO,' (t/n: the Korean sources called her a black netizen not me!) created the post and included photos and screen captures of artists like Big Bang and Girls' Generation caricaturing black people. The photos and videos from Korean shows like 'Invincible Youth' featured Hallyu stars mocking black people and wearing makeup to impersonate blacks (t/n: SNSD's Yuri, Brian Joo, etc). It also pointed out a singer (t/n: Taeyang) using the racial slur, 'nigga,' on his Cyworld minihompy, as well as a 4-member female group whose main gimmick was dressing up like black people.

The community, which has a membership of 100,000 people, saw the post amass approximately 2,000 comments, exploding in a huge controversy. Most comments included things like, "Seeing anti-black racism and prejudice like this makes me so shocked and sick to my stomach," among other negative things, and reactions to the article spread around Twitter and other social networking sites rapidly.

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