March 11th, 2012

Squall (FFVIII)

Johnny's talents begin donation collections at Tokyo Dome

Singer Masahiko Kondo (47) and many other talents from Johnny's Jimusho will take part in a donation collection event at Tokyo Dome from 10am today, in support of victims from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

A part of Johnny's Jimusho's relief project "Marching J" and led by Kondou, the event will call for donations until 9pm (with entry to the grounds closing at 5pm.)

Last year from April 1st to April 4th, a similar though larger collection event was held in front of the first gymnasium building at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. The project has also collected donations in many other ways, but this is said to be its last event. All funds raised are planned to be donated to services supporting affected children.

Sources: sanspo (translated by squallina), Marching J official page

Forgive me, Arama. Today has me in tears. I'll never forget March 11, no matter how normal life in Tokyo returns to being.

we need the telephone

NMB48 announces new single

NMB48 has just announced the release their 4th single on May 9th, 2012. No further details about this single are out yet.

The new single, still untitled, will come in the usual TYPE A, B, C and Theater version. Reservations for the Theatre version on Chara-ani will start on March 19th

As we reported earlier, NMB48 already has their live tour Osaka Juuban Shoubu on April and May, as well as the start of three new theatre shows on schedule. On top of that there is now the new 4th single. It's going to be a busy spring for the girls.

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RADWIMPS releases "Hakujitsu" on Youtube

RADWIMPS has released the music video for "Hakujitsu" on their official Youtube channel today, on March 11th. "Hakujitsu" is 4 minute and 31 seconds song featuring the passionate and dramatic voice of Noda Yojiro.

This is the first new song that RADWIMPS announced since their album "Zettai Zetsumei" was released in March 2011. In addition the music video is a work of the filmmaker Daisuke Shimada who is a long-time friend of the band.


Jero holds release event for new album ‘Jonetsu’

On March 9th, enka singer Jero held an event to commemorate the release of his latest album, “Jonetsu“, in Osaka.

The album features Jero’s latest single, “Yoake no Kaze“, which was used as the theme song for “Pachinko Hissatsu Shigotonin IV“. The PV was produced by the makers of the drama, “Hissatsu“. “It was difficult, but I enjoyed it“, Jero said as he reflected upon the PV shoot.

The singer revealed, “My dream is to hold a live at Nippon Budokan“. He also gave a shout out to Darvish Yu, who recently signed a contract with American baseball team Texas Rangers, “There will be hardships, but do your best“.

Jero shared that before he debut as a singer, he was a businessman in Osaka. “Osaka is my second home. I also know a lot about the Hanshin Tigers (professional baseball team)“, he said.


Big Bang releases Music Video for Japanese Version of BAD BOY

SSTV recently aired the Japanese version of the song "BAD BOY" that was previously released in Korean. The song is part of the album "ALIVE" that will be released on March 28th in Japan.

The music video is basically the same as the Korean version so nothing new beside the song.

We previously reported about Big Bang releasing the short version of the music videos for "Blue" and "BAD BOY".

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Korean Youtuber Outrages Japanese Community with, " Japanese, please die in the earthquake "

This ain't gonna be some fancy post.

On twitter, " 地震で死んで下さい " has been trending. Curious, decided to read the tweets, and it all points to a Korean youtube who rants in poor Japanese in a video once titled " Japanese people, please die in the earthquake ".

In the video, that he posted exactly on March 11th, he rants about Japan being nuked, the possibility of Tokyo being hit with another major earthquake making him happy, and more glee over the fact that the Japanese are apparently self destructing over themselves.

Hi, Japanese people. Good evening. Ah, have you've already been nuked (received radiation) yet? Wow, that must be really scary? Soon, Tokyo is also about to experience another major earthquake. Will you all die? That is just wonderful. When I think about killing people, I imagine them to be Japanese. Though, I think I don't have to kill any Japanese for real. They're already doing it to themselves. Ah, that feels good. While I watch over your reconstruction, I'll enjoy myself. Please, this very moment, die Japanese people.

After getting an onslaught of flames, the youtuber, xgyaruox, makes another video in poor English telling Japanese people to not " hate him " for his opinion/joke/whatever.

He also posts more videos that you can find here.
EDIT: after looking at this bro's channel, looks like he might not be 100% all there.

EDIT 2: He also has a video, more like description, explaining why he did what he did here. It's tl;dr.

EDIT 3: He's just pulled down his account. In his explanation he basically said that he did it because he noticed a lot of anti-Korean hate from Japanese on some site (assuming Youtube). He also mentioned that he used to like Japanese manga, anime, and music. But the apparent anti-Korean sentiments angered him. From what I remembered.

EDIT 4: Thanks to fuzzyspider you can view this poor bro's insanity again ->

Source: twitter, that bro's youtube and various other online news sites

BRIGHT to hold a 2012 tour and some events for their 3rd album release

Today the ladies of BRIGHT participated in a charity live event for the last year's victims of the earthquake and Tsunami the event took place at the Prefacture of Hyogo.

Also, on April the group will start their 2012 tour ~This is BRIGHT~

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They will also hold a series of commemorative events for the release of their third album, BRIGHT:

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Source: Official Website.


T-ara to donate royalties from Japanese "Roly-Poly" to the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

will be donating the entire proceeds of their Japanese single ‘Roly-Poly’ to the victims Fukushima nuclear disaster.

T-ara’s agency Core Content Media said in a statement, “Marking the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, T-ara’s thoughts are with the victims of the disaster. The girls would also like to take this opportunity to thank the fans for the love and support they’ve given all along and we’ve relayed the message to T-ara’s agency in Japan to donate the full proceeds from the single ‘Roly-Poly’.”

T-ara’s Japanese agency replied that they would make sure T-ara’s message is well conveyed.

T-ara have been actively involved in charity works in Korea as well, the latest including the promise they made to greet the train riders in the subway. With their latest donation to the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster victims, the reputation of the girls as idols with conscience has gotten only stronger.

Members of T-ara stated, “Our donation can’t make the damage the victims have suffered disappear, but we only hope that we can be of small help”.

Kpop Fever, Money Today via Nate

Japan Twitter Trends for February 2012!

Every month, BIGLOBE releases a list of the top Twitter trends in Japan. Now that February has come to an end, they’ve compiled their data and have revealed their rankings for that month.

(If you want to go back in time and compare what trended in the past, you can check out January’s rankings here.)


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AKB48 & their sister groups hold charity live at each theater

On March 11th, AKB48 and their sister groups SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 each held a special charity live in their respective theaters. SDN48 also held a handshaking event at Tokyo Big Site. The 282 members of these five groups held a joint broadcast and asked their audience to hold a moment of silence in remembrance to those who lost their lives in the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami exactly a year ago.

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