March 13th, 2012

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Oguri Shun, Yamada Yu to marry on March 14

Actor Oguri Shun (29) and actress Yamada Yu (27) announced in a fax to the media that they will get married on Wednesday, March 14, which happens to be White Day in Japan. The two have been dating since March 14 in 2008, so their wedding date will mark their 4th anniversary as a couple.

In their announcement, the two thanked the many people who have supported them up until now. “We are truly very grateful,” they said. “From now on, we will continue supporting each other and cherishing each day, and we hope to build a warm home.”

Sources say that the two were originally planning to get married on July 5 of last year (Yamada’s 27th birthday), but they decided to postpone it due to the effects of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Sponichi Annex

Congratulations! Rumors of them breaking up are just lies made up by jelly people. It was no secret Shun spent his new year holiday in Hawaii with Yamada family and Toma. Personally am fed up with the arama's negativity on marriages. Wish them lasting happiness!

we need the telephone

Chef Tatsuya Kawagoe Debuts as Artist

Popular chef Tatsuya Kawagoe has announced the release of his single "O America no Ohanashi/Curry Rice Gakkou" which will be released as on his debut CD on April 25th.

Tokui Yoshimi who is in charge of the tutorials is writing the lyrics. Kawagoe wants children to not dislike or like food but just be able to eat some delicious meals. Intertwined within the two songs are feelings of food through dreams.
Besides opening his official artist site and twitter account (@chef_kawagoe) today (13th), there will be a photo session and meeting with Kawagoe for the release of his CD. With his sweet CD meaning both meanings, it will sure attract lots of people including the women.


now waiting for chef masaharu morimoto to venture into singing~
cute @!

CREAM release short pv for ROCK!!


if you don't know who they are, they are a Japanese duo made up of Minami the girl and Staxx T the dude, and they are popular on youtube for their Japanese covers of hits American songs and Minami will be featured on m-flo's new album.

I like their original songs, I like her voice a lot too, her Japanese cover of Riri's WFL  is great
Tajima - Donmai!!
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Sexy Zone to release new single on 2012.04.11!

Sexy Zone 2nd SINGLE (2012.04.11) - Title to be determined

■First Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD)PCCA-05006 ¥1,300(tax in)
★Enclosed BUYER CAMPAIGN USER CODE(on the back of obi)
01.Title to be determined 1
02.Kaze wo Kitte(NHK ETV ANIME「Nintama Rantaro」ENDING THEME)
03.Title to be determined 2
Title to be determined 1 (Music Clip)

■First Press Limited Edition B (CD+DVD)PCCA-05007 ¥1,300(tax in)
★Enclosed BUYER CAMPAIGN USER CODE(on the back of obi)
01.Title to be determined 1
02.Kaze wo Kitte(NHK ETV ANIME「Nintama Rantaro」ENDING THEME)
03.Title to be determined 2
Title to be determined 1 (Making)

■Regular edition (CD)PCCA-05008 ¥1,100(tax in)
01.Title to be determined 1
02.Kaze wo Kitte(NHK ETV ANIME「Nintama Rantaro」ENDING THEME)
03.Title to be determined 2
04.Yuuki 100%(NHK ETV「Nintama Rantaro」OPENING THEME)
05.Title to be determined 1 -Inst.-
06.Kaze wo Kitte -Inst.-
07.Title to be determined 2 -Inst.-
08.Yuuki 100% -Inst.-
<First Press>
★「Nintama Rantaro」STICKER
★ORIGINAL enclosed TRADING CARD(1 of 5 members Solo Shot)
★Enclosed BUYER CAMPAIGN USER CODE(on the back of obi)

If you purchase Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular Edition. Please enter the Enclosed BUYER CAMPAIGN USER CODE on the back of obi on the special website to get the special wallpaper of Sexy Zone. Each member has 3 solo shots, which is total of 15 special wallpaper.
※ USER CODE will be available on the back of obi in the Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular Edition .
※DOWNLOAD Deadline:4/15(日)23:50

■Purchase benefits
B2 poster of Sexy Zone if you purchases the single at CD shops nationwide. The poster if limited, so we recommend to preorder the single on CD shop near you. About sales on online shop, there's possibility that you may not getting it, please check the announcement on the online shop you used to buy.

source : official website

Perfume ポイント (Point) Preview!

EDIT: It's confirmed that ポイント (Point) will be the song used to promote Kirin's 3% alc. drink. The CM is apparently set to air on the 14th. The theme will be 氷結 Balloon(Freezing Balloon). 

This preview has popped up! 

NOTE: The author of this video has looped the sample to repeat over and over again. 


Screenshots from the CM!

Cyndi Lauper calls on world not to forget Japan

JapanToday tends to publish articles with questionable translations but I feel that this needs to be shared...

American singer Cyndi Lauper on Monday called on the world not to forget Japan’s northern region, a day after the first anniversary of the country’s quake-tsunami disaster.

“I just want to say to the world, please don’t forget about Japan, it’s very traumatic,” Lauper told the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo.

Lauper, best known for 1980s hit songs including “Time after Time” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” is in Japan for a concert tour and to visit areas affected by last year’s natural disasters, which triggered the world’s worst nuclear accident in a generation.

The 58-year-old entertainer said a woman in disaster-ravaged northern Japan gave her a piece of candy, promising it was not contaminated by radiation.

“And I’m thinking ‘Oh my God’ and this is the thing, nobody goes up north at all,” Lauper said.

“Those people can’t be isolated and cut off… They could have radiation issues but I don’t think you can catch radiation by shaking somebody’s hands and giving them a hug. The only way to get back up again is to include them.”

Lauper arrived in Tokyo on March 11 last year when the disasters struck and decided to continue performing.

“I talked to my crew… I said I’d like to stay because I felt it would be a good distraction (for people) and if music is truly healing, then let’s see, put it to the test here,” she said.


The story about the woman who gave her candy breaks my heart! :(

AKB48 members to share a ‘Puccho’ via mouth to mouth in new CM

The members of AKB48 have filmed a new CM for UHA Mikakuto’s popular soft candy ‘Puccho‘.

In the new CM the members perfectly showcase what it means to share your ‘Puccho’ with others. They are all sharing ‘Puccho’ among themselves and what could be a better method than doing it via a mouth-to-mouth relay? However, the seemingly innocent CM is causing quite an excitement among their fans. Can you understand why? – “Shamed be he who thinks evil of it“.

They all were quite nervous during the filming as well. The members commented, “Usually we don’t get so close to each others’ faces, so we were quite nervous during the filming.” It’s said that they had some problems giving the candy to each other mouth-to-mouth without making mistakes, so they had to do several practice rounds and go through many takes. However, thanks to their great teamwork they eventually managed to finish the CM.

Anyway, you can check out the teaser video, pictures and some off-shots below! The CM itself and making-of is scheduled to come out within the next 1 or 2 days.

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Sanspo, Sports Hochi 

Fighting, Fighting Man Pi

Arashi to light up Tokyo Tower

Popular group Arashi announced on March 13 at a press conference for Fuji TV's 'Hana Arashi' campaign that the Tokyo Tower will be lit up on March 16 in the Arashi colours.

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Source: Sanspo
Lol at Nino messing with Aiba. Can't wait to see the Arashi colours on the Tokyo Tower tho!! XD
mods: Nino's tag is backwards...

Mihashi - Whaaaa~~
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miwa's new album excitement is not over. UStream Live!!

Starting 3/14 (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ 3/15(Thursday) 24:00 - in japan time. You can watch miwa's TVCM and Video Clips on sony music site.


To commemorate the release of guitarium (and white day too!), there'll be live streaming of memorial talk and live in her (new) official Ustream channel. Prepare in front of your computer on March, 14th / 22.00 JST. There'll update about miwa too on Sony Music Records official twitter.

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guitarium 15s TVCM

Source : miwaddicts LJ

Taiwan's Humble & Low-Profile Idol Visits Japan

Japan Women Weekly Magazine


Reporter : Please introduce the movie you are working on now.

Jerry : It's a costume movie called "Lovers Are Gamblers". It is dated back to 300 years ago and I am acting as a pirate who has a scar on his face.

Reporter : What Taiwan cuisine would you like to introduce ?

Jerry : Food made by my mum (laughs)

Reporter : Does F4 still has a chance to gather?

Jerry : Everyone is busy, seldom meet up. However, we will still contact each other through calls or messages to encourage one another.

On March 4, Jerry conducted his fans meeting sessions at Tokyo Dome City Hall. He had not conducted his fans meeting session for two years. There were two sessions, one in the afternoon and the other one in the evening. Tickets were selected randomly. Even the standing tickets which were added last minutes were sold out. This shows Jerry's popularity is No 1 for Taiwan stars in Japan.

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8000 fans attended Jerry's Japan meeting session. Encourage a fan who suffers from cancer


Jerry Yan who has been filming "Lovers Are Gamblers (Hua Yang)" recently flew to Japan for his fans meeting sessions. Even though it has been a while since he came to Japan for these activities, Japanese fans are still loyal to him. Crazy screams could be heard at Japan airport the moment Jerry Yan arrived. Tickets of the two fans meeting sessions were sold out very fast. It was a pity that there was a limited ticket . Only 8000 lucky fans could attend the venue.

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Credits here
Credit Chappy55 for the scan magazine
Credit Clara for translating from Japanese to Chinese
Credit for translating from Chinese to English

long article is long, but enjoy

Guess what? H!P's company isn't poor, it's just cheap!

The company that Hello!Project and Up Front Agency, Up Front Group,  are under recently published their balance sheet.

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Sources: 1, 2

Not sure if this post is okay, but I thought it was interesting since people are always worried about H!P's financial status. In short, their company is actually doing well, so it's unlikely they're going anywhere anytime soon. It looks like it's less an issue of not having money to spend, and more an issue of just choosing not to spend it. 

NTV's 3rd 'Nodo Jiman Za! World' for foreign singers + performances

NTV held the third program in its “Nodo Jiman Za! World” series for foreign singers on March 9. “Nodo Jiman” has been around for decades, mostly on NHK — “nodo” means throat and “jiman” means boast. It features amateur singers from across Japan who sing their hearts out before a nationwide audience. It has mainly been for Japanese (although African-American singer Jero once appeared on it). Last year, NTV aired its own version — “Nodo Jiman Za! World,” specifically for foreign residents who love singing J-Pop songs in Japanese.

There are four groups (A, B, C and D) with four participants each. The participant who gets the highest score in each group advances to the final round to compete against the other group winners.

Chris Hart from the U.S. was the winner of the third ”Nodojiman Za! World.” Chris, in B group, sang one of SMAP‘s hit songs, “Yozora no Muko” in front of SMAP member and program MC Masahiro Nakai.
After his great performance, Chris did a brief duet with Nakai. Nakai said that “Chris’s performance is amazing, so I’m embarrassed to be here. Chris’s performance is perfect, and I cannot find any weak points.”

One of the judges, veteran singer and television performer Akiko Wada commented that “I love black music, and while some Japanese singers cover back music, it is rare to see black people cover J-Pop. Chris covered ‘Yozora no Muko’ perfectly.”

Chris got the highest score and advanced to the final stage. In the final stage, Chris sang “Tashikanakoto” by Kazumasa Oda who is a very famous Japanese singer-songwriter and composer.

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Full report on Japan Today, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Alice Nine to release new video clip collection

Visual kei band, Alice Nine, has announced that they will be releasing their new video clip collection, “Alice In Pictures III“, on June 6th.

This was announced on the opening of Alice Nine’s live tour on March 7th at LIQUIDROOM ebisu. The DVD will feature a total of 12 music videos from “Hana” to their latest “Subete e“.

Additionally, it was announced that Alice Nine’s albums “GEMINI” and “9” will be released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia on March 16th.


alice in pictures III

03. the beautiful name
05. Hana
06. Senkou
07. Stargazer:
08. GEMINI-0-eternal
10. Heart of Gold
11. Niji no Yuki
12. Subete e


SDN48's Final Single Reaches New Heights on Oricon Weekly Charts

All 39 members of idol group SDN48 will disband and graduate by the end of this month. They have just released their 5th and final single "Makeoshimi Congratulation" on 7th Mar. Good news came in when it's revealed that they finally broke their own records on the Oricon charts with this final single.

So far all their previous 4 singles only managed to peak at #3 on the Oricon weekly charts, with their 3rd single "MIN・MIN・MIN" having the highest first week sales of 72,584 copies. However, Makeoshimi Congratulation managed to peak at #2 on the Oricon weekly charts. With 74,459 copies sold, it also sets a new record as their highest first week sales.

Before disbanding, the group is set to release 2 albums on the 14th and 28th Mar respectively. They will also release a Studio Recording CD and DVD on 28th Mar covering their Yuuwaku no Garter stage performances.