March 15th, 2012

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Iconiq to hold a ustream live

Iconiq who has just released her digital single called MAKE IT RIGHT/LADIES on the 14th. Ladies being produced by m-flo's Taku Takashi and MAKE IT RIGHT being the cm for Sweet Magazine. She will be holding her ustream live on March 17 and will be inviting a lucky few of twitter followers and facebook friends to see the live recording performance in person!!

she goes on air at 8:PM on Saturday here



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Domoto Tsuyoshi "Eni wo Yuite" will be used as Departure music in Kintetsu line

Starting March 20th, one of Domoto Tsuyoshi solo singles "Eni wo Yuite" will be used as Departure music in Kintetsu limited express train. It will run on 5 Kintetsu stations: Nara Station, Kashihara-Jingumae Station, Kyoto Station, Osaka Uehommachi Station, and Osaka-Agenobashi Station. Kintetsu (Kinki Nippon Tetsudo) is Japan's largest private railway company. It operates a complex network of lines in the Kinki region, connecting Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya, Tsu, Ise, and Gifu. Domoto Tsuyoshi himself is served as Nara Special Sightseeing Ambassador, and single Eni wo Yuite which released last year is a love song to Japan, recorded at shrines and believed to have connections to Nara’s entertainment and music industries. The song will be used for about 1 year.

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** it will be a pleasant trip indeed. Nara,wait for me!
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Rejoice! For the Kween of Ballad is back!!

Singer-songwriter Onitsuka Chihiro will be releasing her first cover album, “FAMOUS MICROPHONE“, on May 30th!

For this album, Onitsuka will cover numerous Western hit songs from the 1970’s and 80’s. It will also contain an original song called “Bitter Flavor Road“.

Onitsuka commented, “I, Onitsuka Chihiro, will sing these songs at any time, and will live like these songs.

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shaking and crying omg, been replaying her songs recently. epic list tbh

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Yuzu reveals jacket covers for upcoming best-of album

The jacket covers for Yuzu’s upcoming best-of album, “YUZU YOU [2006~2011]“, have been revealed!

“YUZU YOU [2006~2011]” celebrates the 15th year since Yuzu’s debut, and will feature all their singles since 2005. It will contain a total of 16 songs including a new version of “Eikou no Kakehashi” and self-cover of “T.W.L.“, a song member Kitagawa Yujin wrote for Kanjani8.

“YUZU YOU [2006~2011]” will be released on April 25th. Their upcoming single, which was originally set to be released on the same day as the best-of album, will now be released on May 23rd.

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Besides , They will hold 15th anniversary celebrating concert at Kyocera dome on May 26-27 and Tokyo dome on June 2-3

Credit : Tokyohive , Toy's factory

Last year ,Yuzu member Kitagawa Yujin married with the freelance annoucer Takashima Aya
Recently ,they just hold their Wedding party
Yujin ,congrats to your wedding it's so cute XD!

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BOND ,Awesome instrumental song is out !

"BOND" new instrumental song from LITE's New mini album 「past, present, future」 that will be released on March 21 . video clip is out

This song LITE will reveal their technical play and playstyle 's individual members

Check it out!


Credit : Natalie

For LITE , LITE is a Japanese instrumental rock band .Please don't curious why they don't sing ~
Their Technics is very awesome ne XD


AKB48's Nationwide Concert Titled "Nonaka Misato, Ugoku"

AKB48’s founder- Akimoto Yasushi- posted on his Google+ account last night that he has decided to named the upcoming AKB48’s concert for Nonaka Misato.

The nationwide concert will be called, “Nonaka Misato, Ugoku. ~47 Todoufuken de Aimashou~”, which literally translates to “Nonaka Misato In Action. Let’s Meet at the 47 Prefectures.” The concert dates and venue is yet to be announced.

Below is Akimoto Yasushi’s translated post on his Google+ account on why he has chosen Nonaka Misato:

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Kis-My-Ft2 gets first regular variety show, “Hama Kis”

Kis-My-Ft2 will get their first regular variety show on TV Asahi starting this spring. The concept of the show, which is titled “Hama Kis,” is a “variety school.” The show will have comedian Hamaguchi Masaru (of the duo Yoiko) and other guest comedians teaching the fundamentals of variety shows to the members of Kis-My-Ft2.

The show first aired as a late-night special on December 29 of last year, and a second special was already scheduled to air on March 23. Many of the show’s segments involve physical feats, such as high diving from 10 meters up or crossing a very narrow suspension bridge.

The show’s regular broadcast will begin on April 4 in TV Asahi’s Wednesday late-night 1:21am-1:51am time slot.

Mantan Web via tokyograph


Se7en announces new Japanese single

Korean superstar Se7en announced that he will release new single on April 25th.

The single will include a Japanese original song and a Japanese version of a song from his Korean album released in February. The song that is going to get a Japanese version is most likely to be "When I Can't Sing".

The new single will be released in three editions, regular edition with feature the two songs, the CD+DVD edition will have the regular CD plus a DVD featuring the music video and the making of, and a CD+Book edition and it will include the regular CD and a deluxe booklet.

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we need the telephone

Ranran to be Regular in Golf Nadeshiko

Yamauchi Suzuran will become a regular member for a golf TV show Golf Nadeshiko, airing from April 7th, 2012, 23:30 onward (length of each episode is still unknown) on TV Tokyo.

On top of being an idol and juggling her schoolwork, Ranran is aiming to become a female pro-golfer. In Chiba, Ranran received lessons from Koga Miho, an ex-pro golfer and 12-time winner and 2008 money-list title holder on the JLPGA.

Ranran said, "Since I was young, I've dreamed about being a pro-golfer more than being an idol. I will be a diligent apprentice and learn from Koga-san. And work hard to pass the pro-golfer test."


Criminal Charges Dropped in Canada Customs Manga Case

"The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund are pleased to announce that the Crown has withdrawn all criminal charges in R. v. Matheson, the case previously described as the “Brandon X case,” which involved a comic book reader who faced criminal charges in Canada relating to comic books on his computer. The defendant, Ryan Matheson, a 27-year-old comic book reader, amateur artist, and computer programmer has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

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The notice about the arrest had been posted here, so I thought it would be worthwhile to post the result, even though it ended up being more of an issue of the abuse of police powers than of manga.</i>

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Princesa of J-pop Nozomi Sasaki reveals more info on her debut album

Multi-talented model Nozomi Sasaki is releasing her debut album on April 18. Included in the album is her past mega-hits including viral sensation Kamu to Funyan feat. Astro and her wildly popular ending for Belzebub “Papepipu ♪ Papipepu ♪ Papepipupo ♪“,



1. 噛むとフニャン feat.Astro 
2. パペピプ♪パピペプ♪パペピプポ♪ 
3. カラフルワールド
4. non×non!!
5. ジン ジン ジングルベル feat.Pentaphonic 
6. フレンド
7. For You
8. Diamond Days
1. 噛むとフニャン feat. Astro MUSIC VIDEO
2. ジン ジン ジングルベル feat. Pentaphonic MUSIC VIDEO
3. パペピプ♪パピペプ♪パペピプポ♪ MUSIC VIDEO
4. カラフルワールド MUSIC VIDEO
5. 「パペピプ♪パピペプ♪パペピプポ♪」メイキング映像
6. 「カラフルワールド」メイキング映像


tried really hard to find bigger covers, but nothing :(
can't wait to get the album and especially the DVD, she is the cutest