March 18th, 2012

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Since the mid-2000s, Arashi has sprung into the top artist seat, but since last year, their popularity has started to see gloom.

Arashi up to 2010 was filled with vigor. In the 2009 Oricon Yearly Ranking they held the Top 3 spots alone, and the next year sucessfully held first place on the same ranking, winning over AKB48. It was thought “Arashi’s Era” would continue. However, in the same ranking in 2011, in the Top 10 their 35th single “Lotus” took 6th place, and their 36th single “Meikyuu Love Song” took 7th.

Furthermore, Arashi has seen a decline in variety show viewership ratings. “Himitsu No Arashi-chan”, for example, has begun to stand out for making 10% ratings. Internet fans have stated “Arashi’s variety shows are just like other programs, so I’m tired of it,” or “They appear too much in the media, so I don’t have the willpower to search them out now.”

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imo this article comes at a really nice time now that they've lit up tokyo tower and had their best single sale in a while


controversial blogger to release book about JE fandom

The popular Johnny's Entertainment internet blogger, Kamichan, is set to release his book about the the Johnny's Entertainment fandom very soon.

In a angry blog post on March 17th, Kamichan claims he will be writing a book about his experiences the JE fandom in response to his treatment as a male in a dominantly female fandom, specifically surrounding "the unlikely trials and tribulations of one man’s fantastic voyage into the female-dominated fandom-world of Japanese teenboy idols". The sudden announcement came when Kamichan's private information was suddenly posted on a internet meme., which boasts almost 5 million hits, has not been without some controversy involving alleged pedophillic tendencies exhibited on the website. Kamichan, a German man allegedly in his late 30s who is openly gay, hosts the site where one may find pornographic stories of several underage idols, including those from Hey!Say! JUMP, and has stated "being a pedophile technically isn’t a crime. Molesting/abusing/raping a chld is, but just fantasizing about it isn’t."

The release date has yet to be announced.


Yonekura Ryoko to be on Broadway

This summer, actress Yonekura Ryoko (36) will star in a Broadway production of the musical “Chicago.” She will be the first Japanese woman to star on Broadway since Nancy Umeki’s performance in “Flower Drum Song” in 1958. She will also be the first Japanese person ever to play the lead as an American character in a long-running musical on Broadway.

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Arama Original: Nico Nico/Youtube Dancers

I'm here once again. This time, bringing you Japanese dancers of Youtube and Nico Nico Douga. Now all the videos are from Youtube because I'm not sure how a Nico Nico Douga player works (in some cases you may need to sign up, I think). Many of the dancers are in fact from Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video hosting site. There's a wide range of dances from idols' songs to K-pop songs to Vocaloid songs to other J-pop songs. I tried to appeal to everyone in my selection. I have to say that my personal favorites are Melotin + Miume's dance cover of Kyary's PONPONPON, S@PPOROID's cover of Berryz Koubou's Maji Bomber and Perfumen's cover of Perfume's Nee. Youtube page of BoutoKM has many dances from Nico Nico Douga. So I recommend everyone to check it out.

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Nogizaka46 2nd Single Senbatsu Members!!!

On March 18th's episode of "Nogizaka Doko?", the new senbatsu selection for Nogizaka46's 2nd single was announced. Their single, which is scheduled to be released on the same date as Rino Sashihara's single [May 2nd], will have three center members. The suspense was mounting as the girls sat together in the same room. Tears streamed down their faces as they waited for the happy or horrible news.

The previous centers for Guru Guru Curtain were Ikoma Rina, Hoshino Minami, and Ikuta Erika. Now, the three centers are Ikoma Rina (no change), Sakurai Reika (captain), and Nakada Kana. Hoshino and Ikuta both being kicked to the curb from center, and front girl position; (IKUCHAN :( ) 

What leaves many fans in shock is that the #1 girl in popularity, Shiraishi Mai, is not center at all. With her mixi being almost tripled the amount of the face of the group, many fans are curious as to why.

Nogizaka46 2nd Single Senbatsu members
Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Ichiki Rena, Inoue Sayuri, Hatanaka Seira, Miyazawa Seira, Saito Yuri, Sakurai Reika, Shiraishi Mai, Takayama Kazumi, Nakada Kana, Nishino Kanase, Iwase Yumiko, Hashimoto Nanami, Hoshino Minami, Matsumura Sayuri

Top 7 : Fukujin: Sakurai Reika, Ikoma Rina, Takayama Kazumi, Nakada Kana, Matsumura Sayuri, Hashimoto Nanami, Shiraishi Mai

In : Miyazawa Seira, Hatanaka Seira, Iwase Yumiko
Out : Noujou Ami, Saito Asuka, Kawamura Mahiro

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cute @!

Kawaguchi Haruna and Hayami Mokomichi to star in new comedy-mystery drama

Actress Kawaguchi Haruna and actor Hayami Mokomichi will star in a new mystery-comedy drama called “Houkago wa Mystery to tomo ni“.

Kawaguchi will play the main protagonist, ‘Kirigamine Ryou‘, a tomboyish second year student, while Hayami will play the role of a ‘Ishizaki Hiromi‘, a teacher. Kirigamine is the vice-president of detective club and she is trying to solve mysterious affairs happening at the school. However her reasoning tends to be full of faults. Luckily though, by help from the people around her, such as Ishizaki, she ends up solving mysteries.

Kawaguchi said she is excited to costar with Hayami especially since this is their first time working together on a comedy drama. She also mentioned that her she likes her character, because she has a “strange, cool air” about her and is odd, but still can make everybody laugh.

The drama is based on a short manga series by Higashigawa Tokuya from his “Koigakubo Academy Detective Club” series. It’s set around Koigakubo Academy just on the outskirts of Tokyo with a detective club.

Hayami commented that the dialogue between the two characters is funny and that everything about Ishizaki is “disgusting”, from the dirty clothes to messy hair.

The drama will start April 23rd at 00:20~00:59 AM and will run for 10 episodes.


sounds awesome, I was shocked when I found out this girl is only 17
and yay Mokomichi! ide even remember the last time I have seen him anything
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Akanishi losing fans is serious, fails to chart #1 and apparently needs to poop too


Ex-KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin’s solo debut album “JAPONICANA” failed to top the weekly Oricon Album ranking number 1 spot, losing to Ikimonogatari, who took the spot for the second week. Unbelievably, Akanishi took the number two spot. Even more, as to further the blow, a “poop” rumor has spread, and it seems his misfortunes never come signly.

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Sun Music plans to create their first idol group

Entertainment company Sun Music started off with their first talent Morita Kensaku back in 1968. Since then, the agency has had many popular idols under their name such as Sakurada Junko, Matsuda Seiko, Hayami Yuu, and Okada Yukiko. However, Sun Music has never created an idol group — until now.

The company is currently working on training 18 talents to become members of their new idol unit. The unit currently has an average age of 14.9. From here on out, the girls will be battling it out and those who survive will be able to debut as a member of the group. The project is currently being held through “Nico Nico Douga” and the viewers will be the ones to ‘produce’ these 18 new idols.

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Chinese Patrol Ship Violates Japanese Territorial Waters

Chinese ships are once again violating Japan’s territorial waters near the Senkaku islands:

A Japanese Foreign ministry official said at a briefing Friday that the ship, the Haijian 50, that morning entered Japanese territorial water near the Senkaku islands—called the Daioyu islands by China—despite repeated warnings by a Japanese patrol boat. The spokesman said Japan’s vice foreign minister summoned China’s ambassador to the foreign ministry to protest the matter as “extremely serious” and “unacceptable.”

According to China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency, the State Oceanic Administration issued a statement on Friday saying the Haijian 50 and another surveillance ship arrived in the area early Friday morning to conduct an inspection tour.

It may be a Chinese response to an event that happened a few days ago: the Chinese trawler captain who rammed Japanese coast guard ships in 2010 was indicted (in absentia) for his infamous deeds:

After Naha prosecutors decided twice not to press charges against the skipper, an independent 11-member citizens’ judicial panel sought mandatory indictment last July 21, arguing the captain’s reckless actions posed risks to human lives.


Child actor Suzuki Fuku to star in a drama as a middle-aged detective

On March 17th, it was announced that popular child actor Suzuki Fuku (7) will star in TBS‘ new drama series ‘Kodomo Keisatsu

In the drama, Suzuki will play a middle-aged veteran detective at the special investigation division of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Department whose body transformed into that of a child by breathing in a special gas when he chased after an evil organization named ‘Red Venus’.

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Source & Image: Sanspo (1 + 2) & tokyohive

Koda Kumi appears on Hoshino Aki’s blog looking healthy

Koda Kumi, who is pregnant with her first child, appeared healthy on Hoshino Aki’s blog as she attended a ‘Mama Party’.

The group of mothers and soon-to-be mothers had lunch at Kanda Uno’s house. Kanda recently had her first baby last October. The members of the “Mama Party” were Kanda Uno, Hoshino Aki, Nakanishi Mona, and Koda Kumi. Kanda and the other women were able to chat and discuss questions and concerns they have about motherhood.

Kanda also posted a March 17th blog entry that she visited Koda Kumi’s house and had a fun lunch with Koda and her husband KENJI03. Kanda took a shot with KENJI03 and posted, “Kuu-chan is here with no make-up on, so I didn’t want to be rude and take a picture.

Koda Kumi is expected to deliver her baby this summer.

Source: Model Press

Image: Hoshino Aki blog  & tokyohive

L’Arc~en~Ciel to rock the National Olympic Stadium

L'Arc~en~Ciel will perform for the first time at the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, it has been announced. The band has scheduled two concerts there on May 26 and 27, aiming to perform in front of approximately 100,000 fans over the two days. They will be only the 4th artist to hold a concert on their own there, and they will be the first band to do so.

Up until now, the only artists who have held a solo concert there are SMAP, DREAMS COME TRUE, and Arashi.

L’Arc~en~Ciel is currently in the middle of their world tour, which is taking them to 11 countries, including Japan. With the addition of the National Olympic Stadium concerts, the tour’s total estimated attendance has grown to 450,000 people, a new personal record for the band.

The band was already scheduled to play two shows at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama and two shows at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, but speedy ticket sales and fan demand led to the decision to add the concerts at the National Olympic Stadium.

L’Arc~en~Ciel’s next stop on their world tour is at Madison Square Garden in New York on March 25.

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Emoto Tasuku, Ando Sakura marry

Actor Emoto Tasuku (25) and actress Ando Sakura (26) got married on March 14 (White Day), it has been learned. Their respective management agencies announced the news on Friday.

Both Emoto and Ando are children of well-known celebrities. Emoto is the son of actor Emoto Akira (63) and actress Tsunogae Kazue (57), while Ando is the daughter of actor Okuda Eiji (61) and essayist Ando Kazu (64).

According to their agencies, the two first met 4 years ago at the Akita Jumonji Cinema Festival, and they dated for about 3 years before getting married. They both appeared in the movie “Kenta to Jun to Kayo-chan no Kuni” in 2010. After that movie’s release, there were reports that the two were dating, and at the time they openly confirmed their relationship.

Sponichi Annex
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(NSFW) Junko Mizuno's New “Venus Cake” exhibit is a potent mix of food and female sexuality (NSFW)

Narwhal Projects, 680 Queen St. W., 647-346-5317. March 16 - April 20, opening reception March 16, 7 p.m.

Food and female sexuality are the powerful blend of ideas behind a new exhibition at a Queen West art gallery.

The Narwhal Projects art space will unveil its latest exhibit, Japanese artist Junko Mizuno’s “Venus Cake,” tomorrow evening. The exhibit includes 20 original works, each featuring Mizuno’s signature pin-up style: wide-eyed, female characters blended with, and sometimes made up of, different kinds of painted or sketched food.

This will be Mizuno’s second Canadian show, and the first in a new series of works inspired by her obsession with food and how it relates to women’s sexuality.

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FiVe members who left Johnny’s start new band

Three ex-Johnny’s Jr. talents have started a new band and are having a good year so far.

 FiVe was a four-member band who had played backing music for a number of Johnny’s groups including KinKi Kids, Arashi, and Tackey & Tsubasa.  On New Year’s Eve last year however, keyboardist Daisuke Ishigaki had announced he would separate from FiVe and become a full-time Question? member.  On the same day, vocalist and guitarist Rikiya Nakaegawa, bassist Ryota Uesatom and drummer Koji Makino said they were leaving Johnny’s.

 The three have since formed a new three-man band Plan-B.

 The group has a few live gigs in Shibuya this month before going on tour to Japan’s Kansai region in April, and another tour of the Tohoku region in May.  To see more details of their live schedule, click here.

 To watch Plan-B’s youtube video, click here.

 Plan-B are also on Twitter @Plan_B_jp

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