March 23rd, 2012

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EXILE 's ALL NIGHT LONG Full PV & Jacket cover is out ! ! !

Popular group EXILE reveal Jacket cover & Full PV for their upcoming new single All Night long, releasing on June 20th
They will release in 2 version

-All night long
-All night long [instrumental]


Check out Full PV below !

Source : EXILE's website , Youku

TBH , i really laugh with their costumes XD EXILE  ! ! ! ,lol
Anyway ,can't wait to their new single
cute @!

Mika Nakashima dating volleyball player Shimizu Kunihiro?

Singer and actress Nakashima Mika (29) is reportedly dating volleyball player Shimizu Kunihiro (25), a member of the men’s national team who plays for the Panasonic Panthers (based in Osaka). According to the Sports Nippon newspaper, the two started dating about half a year ago.

Nakashima is said to be a volleyball fan, and she has gone to watch Premier League matches many times. A friend introduced her to Shimizu, and they began dating after that.

Shimizu is one of the best attackers on Japan’s national team, and at 21 years old he was the youngest on the team during the 2008 Olympic Games. Due to his physique, he is also known by the nickname “Gori.”

When asked about the relationship, a PR representative for the Panasonic Panthers stated that it had nothing to say because it is a private matter.


Mika in love! I hope this is true
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Mr.Children breaks records by topping on the album chart 2weeks in row !!

Popular rock band Mr.Children have topped on the album chart again for the 2nd consecutive week with  "2 best albums"
『Mr.Children 2005-2010 <macro>』『Mr.Children 2001-2005 <micro>』

It makes Mr.Children are the first artist that has dominated the top 2 spots on the album chart for 2weeks in row
Latest week ,MACRO sold 179,756 copies ( Total 911,345) and MICRO with 171,391 copies (Total 886,947)

Additionally ,Top 3 Yearly album chart right now !
1. *911,345  Mr.Children 2005-2010 <macro> -Mr.Children 12/5/10
2. *886,947  Mr.Children 2001-2005 <micro> -Mr.Children 12/5/10
3. *748,346 Exile Japan /Solo  - EXILE / EXILE ATSUSHI  12/1/1

Source : Oricon

Congrats to Misuchiru !
I think they will achieve 3 weeks in row again in this week XD and next week may be 4 weeks in row again since there' re no rivals in this week and next week

Hope MACRO will cross Million in 2 weeks
Ryuu-bb salute♥

Kase Ryo gets caught off guard by Toda Erika’s chic get-up

On March 21st, Kase Ryo and Toda Erika, the starring actors of the upcoming movie “SPEC~Ten~", attended a press conference in Tokyo to commemorate the completion of the movie.

In the movie Toda portrays the role of ‘Toma Saya’, a peculiar and gyoza-loving detective who couldn’t care less about her fashion. However, at the event she pleasantly surprised the media and her co-star with a chic black dress and hairdo. Kase was in awe and praised her, “I was really surprised when Toda came out. It’s a change beyond recognition.”

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more pics at Tokyohive | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Everyone looked great!!! and I really can't wait for this movie!

MILKY BUNNY holds her first one-man live

On March 21st, model Masuwaka Tsubasa (MILKY BUNNY) held her first one-man live to commemorate the release of her first album, “MILKY BUNNY“.

Masuwaka was originally scheduled to hold the concert on the 20th. However, she was forced to cancel it due to poor health conditions. She commented, “Everyone was looking forward to it, so I am filled with regret. But today, I am so spirited that I feel like I’ve already fully recovered.

Out of lottery, 100 lucky people who bought the album were invited to the event. Masuwaka livened up the crowd by performing a total of 7 songs with a live band.

During the encore, she sang “Milk Shake SOS!“, while the song’s producer, former JUDY AND MARY member TAKUYA, warmly watched over her.

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BONNIE PINK announces Fall tour 2012

It’s been announced that singer-songwriter BONNIE PINK will finally have a sit-down style, full live band tour after two years. The tour will start on September 14th in Nagoya and end in Osaka on October 19th.

Last year BONNIE released a self-remake album “Back Room-BONNIE PINK Remakes-” and performed an acoustic tour “Acoustic Live Tour 2011 “@the back room”. For this upcoming Fall tour, she will be using the sit-down style instead of the all-standing style.

As of now, fanclub members will be able to purchase tickets starting on April 30th. General ticket sales have yet to be determined.

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she is busy, good for her. I need new album from her asap!


A sad month for Anime fans, Gintama, Bleach & Beelzebub anime ending in next week

In what has been an absolutely awful month to be a Shonen Anime fan, I can report things have now become even worse. Originally hit by cancellations of Bleach and Beelzebub, now Gintama’ has become the latest victim.

The second Gintama anime, entitled Gintama’ , will end on March 26th. It was confirmed thanks to the schedule found on TV Hokkaido. Gintama’ will be replaced by a new anime series entitled, “Gon”.

Bleach anime will end on 27th march with episode 366 while Beelzebub anime will end on 25th March with episode 60.

Source: 1, 2, 3
I'm sad, Gintama and Beelzebub were two of my favourite manga and anime.  Bleach, it has died along with Aizen & Gin... 


The most memorable time in AKB48 history: the girls will perform at Tokyo Dome

On March 23rd, at their Saitama Super Arena concert, AKB48 announced that they will have a full concert at the Tokyo Dome. This is a memorable moment in AKB48's history. Those girls started at the bottom of the barrel on December 8th, 2005 with 20 girls. During that time, there were more people on stage than people in the audience. Today, AKB48 is Japan's national girl group with 90 members, 5 sister groups, 15% of the singles shares in 2011, 7 million selling singles (6 of which are consecutive), and numerous contracts.

Finally they have reached their goal, after 7 years, they will perform at the Tokyo Dome which is 1,830 meters away from their small theater in Akihabara. AKB48 is the 3rd female group to perform at the Tokyo Dome, 1st and 2nd place going to SPEED and Perfume respectively. They're also the first female idol group to perform at the Tokyo Dome.


Can we have an AKB48 appreciation post for once?

NINKI ratings for the week of 26/3~1/4/2012

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The no.1 album is a given, but it will be wonderful (for me) if PG can grab the no.2 spot! Also, the albums chart is looking to be pretty strong next week overall. Can't say the same for the singles chart though, just hoping that Masha and UVER will do well.

Source 1, 2