March 28th, 2012

AKB48’s Itano Tomomi & EXILE’s Takahiro rumored to be in a relationship

The latest issue of weekly tabloid ‘Shukan Bunshun‘, which will officially hit news stands on March 29th, is going to reveal an alleged relationship between AKB48’s Itano Tomomi and EXILE’s Takahiro. The first photographs of the article already made it onto the web, and quickly became a hot topic on various bulletin boards and Twitter.

Shukan Bunshun has not only received testimonies from people around them who claim that they are serious, and also obtaining pictures that indicate that Itano and Takahiro are living in the same multi-storied apartment complex. Apparently, Itano is living on one of the lower floors while Takahiro has rented an apartment on an upper floor. They often have been spotted coming home at around the same time, hinting at possible dates after work.

One or more of such dates have already happened at a yakiniku restaurant, which is said to be one of Takahiro’s most favorite restaurants, in close proximity to the apartment complex. The tabloid has witness reports of the couple going there together at the end of last year.

Another crucial piece of evidence that makes the alleged relationship all the more possible is that the two of them have been spotted wearing couple rings in early February 2012.

Itano’s agency didn’t deny that they had a meal together, but they clarified that the outing took place together with their managers. EXILE’s side outright denied that Takahiro ever had a meal with Itano at all.

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Sources: RBB Today, EntameScoop, 2ch and tokyohive

Yamapi’s secret event with fans

Only 100 fans got invitations to Tomohisa Yamashita’s secret event on White Day, March 14, and here are some details about what happened, reports Shukan Josei and fan blogs.

Fans could go into the draw to win an invitation by buying Yamashita’s newest single ”愛、テキサス (Ai, Texas)”.

It has been reported the lucky fans who won an invitation met in Tokyo, where staff wearing red “I TEXAS” T-shirts and cowboy hats welcomed them and directed them to some buses.

“Inside the bus, Yamapi came onto the TV and said he would guide us around Tokyo to places that were special to him.  We went past Warner Music and the Johnny’s agency buildings,” one fan said.

It has been reported the bus stopped in front of a restaurant, which another fan said did not look expensive but the interior had an Western movie theme to it, which fitted the theme of the event.

“There were about 10 people to each table.  It wasn’t a big place but the stage was so close, and when Yamashita-kun came on stage, his choreographer also came up and taught everyone the dance moves to ‘Ai, Texas’,” one fan said.

Fans also got to listen to Yamapi’s talking a lot.

“He took time to explain to us about leaving NEWS.  He said it wasn’t because they had a fight.  He also said it wasn’t as serious as fans might think, and that it was more like a class change at school.  He also talked a lot about his holiday in the US,” one fan said.

Fans on blogs have reported after the talks, they played bingo with Yamashita.  Two winners got signed posters from Yamashita on the spot.

Then, Yamashita went around each table to take a photo with them.  The event finished with Yamashita waiting by the exit to say goodbye to each fan as they passed by.


Journalist Ikegami, actress Amami voted ideal bosses

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company surveyed this year’s new graduates about their “Ideal Boss,” and results revealed that the majority of new male employees would like to have journalist Akira Ikegami, 61, as their superior, while women would prefer actress Yuki Amami, 44.

Amami was also voted No. 1 last year and in 2010, while Ikegami replaces Seattle Mariners’ Ichiro as No. 1 in the survey of 966 employees.

Many men explained that they chose Ikegami as their most ideal boss because of his knowledge of current affairs and the ease with which he explains them. Amami was voted most ideal by women because “She seems the sort of person who would give good advice.”


Squall (FFVIII)

3.11 aftershocks continue: Magnitude 6.4 quake rocks Iwate, Miyagi

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4 shook the northeast Tuesday night, centering on Iwate and Miyagi prefectures, the Meteorological Agency said.

No tsunami warning was issued.

The temblor, which struck at 8 p.m., measured lower 5 on the Japanese intensity scale of 7 in a wide area of Iwate and northern Miyagi. The quake's focus was in the Pacific off Iwate at a depth of 10 km.

The agency said the nature of the temblor indicates it was an aftershock of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that hit the region March 11, 2011.

Tohoku Electric Power Co. said the quake did not cause any abnormalities at its nuclear power plants in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture, and Higashidori, Aomori Prefecture, while Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. said it detected no trouble at its plant for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel in Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture.

The temblor did not cause any new problems at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

Source: Japan Times, Japan Meteorological Agency

Come on, Mother Nature. Stop shaking them up. They've been through too much as it is. :(

Note: Japan has many quakes because it sits on the Ring of Fire. This quake, though small and doing a lot more emotional damage than physical damage, is newsworthy due to the part in bold; the JMA (the Japanese authority on quakes in Japan) rarely issues such a statement.

Kis-My-Ft2 garners third consecutive #1 single

The 7-member Johnny's Entertainment unit Kis-My-Ft2, who debuted last year, has recently topped the Oricon weekly singles chart with their first single of the year, "SHE! HER! HER!" The single sold approximately 193,000 copies according to the chart dated April 2 by Oricon.

This is the group's third consecutive #1 single, following their debut, "Everybody Go" and "We never give up!" which both hit the top spot last year. Kis-My-Ft2 is the first male group to have three consecutive #1 debut singles in 3 years and 8 months, since Hey! Say! JUMP.

Their new album, "Kis-My-1st" is out today.

Editing & Translation - qummydino

omg this is amazing... these boys are too popular and great for words...!!!!!

Which celebrity would you want to take dance lessons from?

With Amuro Namie’s agency recently opening up a free dance school on the internet, goo pondered and asked it’s users which celebrity they would want to get dance lessons from.

The polling was held from March 21st to March 28th and the results were revealed earlier today.

[Which celebrity would you want to get dance lessons from?]

01. Arashi – 6173 votes

02. EXILE – 4184 votes

03. Amuro Namie – 2469 votes

04. AKB48 – 812 votes

05. Perfume – 807 votes

06. SMAP – 482 votes

07. Hey! Say! JUMP – 371 votes

08. AAA – 348 votes

09. KAT-TUN – 333 votes

10. Yamashita Tomohisa – 307 votes

Source: gootokyohive

Arama poll:

Which celebrity would you want to take dance lessons from?

Amuro Namie
Hey Say Jump

Oguri Shun attends premiere event for “Uchuu Kyodai”

On March 28th, actor Oguri Shun attended a premiere event for his latest film, “Uchuu Kyodai“.

This marked Oguri’s first public appearance since getting married to Yamada Yu earlier this month. As fans called out, “Congratulations!“, he blushed and said, “Thank you“.

Although a wedding ring wasn’t seen on his ring finger, Oguri stated, “If I talk about it too much here, every article tomorrow will be about it. So today, I would like to just talk about the movie.

“Uchuu Kyodai” is based on Koyama Chuuya’s popular manga of the same title. It tells a story about two brothers who promises to become astronauts when they’re older. As time passes by, the younger brother Hibito (Okada Masaki) has become an astronaut, however, the older brother Mutta (Oguri) is unemployed after being fired from his job. Although the brothers live two very different lives, Mutta receives a message from Hibito, which motivates him to aim for his dream once again.

Along with Oguri, Okada, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Arai Hirofumi, Inoue Yoshio, Shiomi Sansei, and Director Mori attended the event. The cast livened up the crowd by discussing their dreams as a child.

Tsutsumi commented, “I wanted to play for the Hanshin Tigers (professional baseball). Right now, I want to follow Oguri-kun’s example and get married.

In response, Oguri joked, “When I was a child, I saw Higashiyama Noriyuki-san’s drama ‘The Chef‘, and wanted to become that kind of chef. Right now, I want Tsutsumi-san to get married.

“Uchuu Kyodai” will open in theaters on May 5th.

Source & Photos: Mantan Web and tokyohive

miwa gaaru

miwa to release PV collection in DVD/Blu-ray including fan request PV

After releasing her 2nd album around 2 weeks ago, singer-songwriter miwa announced that she will release a PV collection from her first debut single don't cry anymore to her latest 8th single before 2nd album, Kataomoi in DVD and Blu-ray format. Details below.

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SOURCE: 1 + 2

I think it's a nice idea tbh and please help with some voting, at least promote it anyway
saku ps
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Cool Artist ranking 2012 !!

Weekly entertainment magazine Only★ Star recently conducted a poll by asking 1500 women (from teen to 30s)

" Who is  cool artist ?" Who is  Male artist that you think he is cool and catch your heart ?

These are the top 10 results

Let’s see which artist came on top of this ranking below!

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Source : Yahoo News

And you ? Who is your Cool artist ? who you would’ve voted for! ?
For me, Masha ,Sakurai Kazutoshi ,HYDE and Inaba surely !! .They're very very cool and touching ~ flawless ♥

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some people are convinced jin's punishment is a lie~

Johnny’s Jimusho, as a punishment for Akanishi Jin and his marriage to Kuroki Meisa without previous notice, has cancelled his 5 city Japan tour between April and May. Accompanying the punishment is for Akanishi to take the burden and to pay the full loss of expenses.

However, according to an entertainment pro, “If you think with some common sense, this penalty is unnatural. A company placing a full entertainment industry debt on its talent is legally difficult, and this is simply Johnny’s Jimusho’s made up apology performance”, they said, holding the decision in doubt.

“Normally, if you’re seeking damages from the talent, in this case, “A Without Notice Marriage”, you’d be charged with a breach of contract. Appearances might be cancelled, or commercials cut. However, without regard to that, the Jimusho cancelling the tour but treating it as damages is strange.”

According to a labor attorney, “To what extent Johnny’s Jimusho’s “debt” for Akanishi actually means isn’t clear, and in the first place just claiming canceling a tour as damages is strange. Even if Akanishi was to argue this in court, it’d be difficult for Johnny’s to establish the cause and effect between the marriage and cancelling a tour.”

Even further, a person related to music concerts supports this claim, “In the first place, the profits from Akanishi’s tours are solemn to begin with. The day before the opening day of last years tour, tickets were being sold for about 100 yen on online auctions, but buyers wouldn’t bite. Even I went to the concert but naturally, the vacancy of the place stood out, and every time, the raising of the curtain time was delayed. Even if you hold a concert for the preservation of the fans, I wouldn’t anticipate any real profits.”

At any rate, the cancelled tour’s date and locations were not announced, and even if you call it substantial damages, the expenses of the tour only stop at preparation. It can definitely be seen Johnny’s chose the part with comparatively little damage for the penalty.

A person related to Johnny’s Entertainment also details Meisa’s penalties, “It was decided Kuroki’s TV appearances and events be cancelled.” However, for merely form’s sake, there’s a possibility that the route with the fewest losses was chosen.

imo i do think there is a punishment of some sort, but the idea johnnys is "punishing" him as a cover-up to some other reason isn't really far fetched ~ 


GReeeeN reveals covers and preview of new single Orange

Popular 4 piece group GReeeeN finally revealed the covers for the single "Orange" that is set to be released on April 25th. The single features the songs "Orange" and the b-side track "WAI WA WAIWAI DE IIWAI-OMAE WAI-".

The track "Orange" is used as a CM theme song for Shiseido SEA BREEZE. The CM video features famous actress and singer Umika Kawashima.

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Kis-My-Ft2 take Recochoku by storm, set yet another record

Kis-My-Ft2's new album is currently taking up half of Recochoku's Chaku-uta daily chart top ten according to March 27 ranking.

This follows the achievement Kis-My-Ft2 snagged recently with their single, "SHE! HER! HER" of having three consecutive #1s on Oricon's singles chart since debut. This feat hadn't been achieved for three years and eight months.

The group has also seen success outside of music releases with their recent CM, featuring the members transformed into females showing their "kiss faces," becoming a hot topic and discussion spreading on the commercial. 

As stated, tracks from the group's latest album have taken up five of the top ten spots on the Recochoku Chaku-uta chart. This is the first time an act has achieved this in the 12-year history of the music distribution service.

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This feat is such a brilliant achievement that it is being said that another act achieving it in the future is quite difficult to imagine.
The physical release has also been seeing brisk sales on its release day (T/N: 143,045 copies in its first day according to Oricon). From the group's formation until debut was approximately seven years, and from now they will certainly be garnering more and attention. 

Translation - qummydino

omg this is amazing... they actually have 9 songs in the top 20 right now... and 5 in the top 10. so perfect and amazing!!!
jenny bom bom 2

Secret, and other nameless acts continue in Japan despite lack of success

Korean girl group Secret held their final concert of their Japanese mini-tour on the 8th at ZEPP Tokyo. The group started the tour on the 5th, performing in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya.

The 4-member group first debuted in Korea in 2009, with hits like "Shy Boy." They advanced into the Japanese market last year, debuting with "Madonna" which ranked at #9 on the Oricon chart, and their second single hit #14. Their success has been lackluster compared to Shojo Jidai or KARA, but nevertheless, they have continued on in Japan with their concert tour. One has to ask, why?

One K-Pop magazine editor said, "It's all about the 'Japan Brand.' Secret has not reached their peak in Korea, they still have some potential there. But if they had any real popularity they'd be able to do a solo concert there. Simply, by releasing and performing in Japan, they can go back to Korea and boast, 'We're extremely popular in Japan!' in order to gain more international recognition."

The girls' performances in Japan have gotten press through the media stating that the concert venues were overcrowded and fans were going wild. However, with performance like that on the Oricon charts, these reports come with a huge question mark.

"ZEPP Tokyo is a pretty mediocre venue. Being overcrowded is not difficult in a place designed to hold 2,700 people, and even those reports of overcrowding are pretty doubtful. And while it may not go extinct, there is a shadow over the alleged popularity of K-Pop in Japan that people are starting to see. This is trouble for our business," said the K-Pop magazine editor.

If one thinks about it, growing a fanbase in Japan and Asia, then debuting in Japan and having their debut CD rank high on Oricon is quite natural. But if compared to the likes of Shojo Jidai, whose strategy in Japan has been very delicate, it's obvious that Secret's tactics are rough and hasty.

"In Korea, it seems that the Japanese marketplace is being made fun of. You can debut just about anything in Japan now and it will sell. But like with these girl groups who are popping up one after the other, Japanese fans are going to get tired for it. And the lies about their popularity are going to come to light."

The seems that with the saturation of K-Pop, the Hallyu boom will be collapsing soon.

cyzo, devilsatin