April 6th, 2012


Model Suzuki Nana reveals her boyfriend in fashion magazine, ‘Edge Style’

Model Suzuki Nana (23) revealed her boyfriend Saio in the May issue of fashion magazine, ‘Edge Style‘.

Along with photos of the couple kissing and embracing each other, the magazine features a “marriage proposal” from Suzuki herself.

Suzuki’s relationship with her boyfriend has been known for some time now, but this is the first time she is exposing his face to the public. The two were classmates back in junior high school, and they started dating when they were both 20-years-old.
Now in the 3rd year of their relationship, Suzuki revealed, “He works at a factory in his hometown. I fell in love with that reliable part of him.

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Hello Kitty To Host Her Own Radio Program

The Japanese radio station Tokyo FM and Sanrio announced on Tuesday that Sanrio’s Hello Kitty character will host her own radio program titled “Hello Kitty’s Room supported by Sanrio” starting on April 6. It will be the character’s first radio program.

On each program Hello Kitty will host a guest and ask the guest questions and for a comment. The first broadcast will host the all-female rock band Negoto. The mini-program will be broadcast on Fridays from 6:25-6:30 p.m. in Japan.


Arashi’s upcoming single chosen as theme song for drama ‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya’

On April 5th,the new Fuji TV drama ‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya‘ held a press conference in Tokyo, where they announced Arashi’s upcoming single Face Down” has been chosen as the drama’s theme song. The protagonist of the drama, Ohno Satoshi, attended this conference with co-stars Toda Erika and Sato Koichi.

With “Face Down”, Arashi set a new record by providing the theme songs for a ‘Getsu9′ drama for two seasons in a row. Last drama season, the group’s 37th single “Wild At Heart” was the theme to Matsumoto Jun’s drama ‘Lucky Seven‘.

At the conference, Ono commented on his single “Face Down”, “Fitting in well with this drama, the lyrics are mysterious. That is brand-new for us. Arashi has been singing many kinds of songs, and this new single makes me feel like we’re seeing a new side of Arashi.‘ Sato Koichi agreed, “The song goes well with the drama“, while Toda Erika stated, “This is a really cool song. I makes the drama world seem like it’s expanding, and it raises my spirits.”

This mystery drama is about Emoto Kei, played by Ono, who is an employee of a major security company. He’s requested to solve mysteries related to cases that are only known of behind closed doors. Toda’s role is Aoto Junko, a beautiful lawyer who helps out with the mystery solving. Soto will play the role of elite lawyer Serizawa Go, who belongs to the same company as Aoto.

‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya’ is scheduled to air April 16th, Monday 9:ooPM JST.


Fairies to be adapted into a manga

It’s been revealed that 7-member idol group Fairies will be turned into a manga!

This was announced during Fairies’ release event for their 3rd single, “Beat Generation / No More Distance“, at Ikebukuro Sunshine City.

The manga will have the theme of “dance”, and its story will revolve around junior high school girls, who learn the importance of chasing dreams from Fairies. It will start its serialization in the August 4th issue of manga magazine, Margaret.

Editor-in-chief of Shueisha, Sawano Yuji, decided to make this manga when he heard that dance will be introduced as a compulsory course in junior high schools nationwide. “When I heard the news, I started to feel agonized thinking about whether I could make a dance manga,” he explained. “Fairies, who display wonderful dancing, are perfect as the heroines. I will do my best to make this a manga that will make readers think, ‘dance is fun!’.

On this day, the girls of Fairies performed four songs including “More Kiss” and “Beat Generation”.


B'z Schedule 2012 North American Tour Beginning in September

The two-man rock band B'z will return to North America to play seven live concerts for their "B'z Live-Gym 2012 -Into Free-" tour, beginning with a September 17 concert in San Francisco, California. The band's 2011 "B'z Live- Gym 2011 -long time no see-" tour also featured stops in North America, marking their first concert tour in North America in eight years. The 2012 tour will feature stops in San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Silver Spring, New York City, and Los Angeles.

"Into Free -Dangan-," the band's newest single as well as the opening theme to CAPCOM's Dragon's Dogma video game, was recently released in 51 countries via the iTunes store. The band's 50th single, "Go For It Baby -Kioku No Sanmyaku-" was also released on Wednesday.


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Kobukuro resumes their music activities

On April 5th, popular duo Kobukuro announced through their official website that they have officially resumed their activities!

Sakata Minosuke, who is CEO of Office Kobukuro wrote, “We resumed our activities as Kokukuro in April. We are still to decide on any concrete details regarding our appearances in front of everyone.

Last August, Kokukuro announced that they would be going on hiatus due to member Kobuchi Kentaro’s poor health. He was diagnosed with dystonia, and were told by doctors that he required at least a 6-month recovery period. This news was announced during the final night of the duo’s nationwide tour in Hokkaido.

During their period of hiatus, Kuroda Shunsuke received treatment for his lower back pain, which worsened while they were on tour.

According to sources, Kobuchi’s condition is near complete recovery. Currently, the duo are going to voice training, and they have started to hold meetings to prepare for their official comeback.

Cr: Tokyohive

Yep,They will come back !! XD

Top 50 Animated and Live-Action Special-Effects Heroes and Heroines, As Chosen by 130 Million People

Fuji TV aired a special 1 Oku 3 Sen Man-Nin ga Erabu Anime & Tokusatsu Hero & Heroine Best 50 (Top 50 Animated and Live-Action Special-Effects Heroes and Heroines, As Chosen by 130 Million People) program on Thursday evening. The program's title is somewhat exaggerated; Japan's entire population is just under 130 million, and the survey asked 14,000 people. Here are the top 50 heroes and top 50 heroines:

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Kis-My-Ft2 member embroiled in firey mole controversy

Kis-My-Ft2, who has recently hit #1 with their single, "SHE! HER! HER!" on the Oricon charts and dominated half of the Recochoku Chaku-uta top 10 with songs from their new album, is an unstoppable force these days. With the announcement of their new variety show, the boys are being labeled the "second SMAP" and it seems from here on out their exposure will only increase.

One member of the group, Nikaido Takashi, who may play a somewhat subdued position in the group, has recently been the topic of many fan discussions over a certain visual point.

"Frankly, there are questions arising about him having a fake mole. Beneath his eye there is a large "tear-mole" and many say it's a "sexy" or "amorous," charm point it seems like the mole is fake. Several years ago, the mole appeared suddenly, but because it seemed done with his own hands, depending on the day it looked darker or lighter, bigger or smaller, and sometimes it even disappeared. Fans are very bothered by this," said a Johnny's Entertainment reporter.

In photos and videos, sometimes skin is corrected to eliminate blemishes and freckles, and it's possible that the mole could have been erased through those methods, not he himself drawing on or forgetting to draw on his mole. But nonetheless, longtime Kisumai fans have decried the mole as being a "hindrance," and asking "Why would they do such a pointless thing?" Others have said "It doesn't suit him" and the mole is becoming extremely unpopular.

"They're doing it to up his business fortunes," "His face isn't special so they did it to add character," and other speculations have been flying about the reason behind the fake mole. Some are even going as far to say that the mole has been tattooed on recently, but at the end of the day we still do not know the truth behind it.

A "tear mole" (nakibokuro) is said to be a symbol of a person with "heavy emotions, and is tender-hearted" and other JE idols such as Takizawa of Tackey & Tsubasa, Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8 and singer Fukuyama Masaharu also have the "tear-mole." And if one thinks about the amount of popular celebrities with it, it definitely could be something used to up one's charms. One has to wonder if Nikaido's fortunes will follow the same path.

Translation - qummydino

haters are pressed they dont got a sexy nakibokuro tbh!


Music Station ranks in on the best 100 springtime songs

On the April 6th, Music Station aired after taking a break for a couple weeks. This airing of the popular music show was a 3hr special. The guests included Mr.Children, Rihanna, Fukuyama Masaharu, KARA, Kis-My-Ft2, Porno Graffitti and Superfly. The 3hr special consisted mostly of VTR ranking. 'Now, I want to hear!! Springtime songs best 100', is the name given to the ranking.

100. Ikimonogakari - SAKURA /2006
99. Kashiwabara Yoshie - Haru Nanoni / 1983
98. AKB48 - 10nen Zakura / 2009
97. JUN SKY WALKER(S) - START / 1997
96. Matsuura Aya - Momoiro Kataomoi / 2002
95. Ayaka - Hello / 2012
94. Candies - Hohoemigaeshi / 1978
93. Kis-My-Ft2 - Everybody Go / 2011
92. Kikuchi Momoko - Sotsugyou / 1985
91. Fukuyama Masaharu - Utsukushiki Hana / 2006
90. Yuzu - Sakurae / 2010

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If I make a mistake, please feel free to correct me. I really want to do a sakura/cherry blossom appreciation post...

MUSIC STATION 2012.04.06

This week's performances are (in order of broadcast):

SHE! HER! HER! / Kis-My-Ft2
Sasurai no Tabibito / Superfly
We Found Love / Rihanna
Measure / PornoGraffitti
Speed Up / KARA
Around the world / Masaharu Fukuyama
Ikiteru Ikiteku / Masaharu Fukuyama
Inori ~Namida no Kido / Mr.Children


No show next week.
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Check out the details on Mr.Children’s upcoming best-of albums !!!

As we reported back in January, Mr.Children will release two best-of albums: ‘Mr.Children 2001-2005<micro>‘ and ‘Mr.Children 2005-2010<macro>‘ on May 10th.

To follow up, they’ve recently revealed the jacket cover and track list.

‘Mr.Children 2001-2005<micro>’ will contain their singles which have been released over the years from 2001 to 2005, and the singles from 2006 to 2008 will be in ‘Mr.Children 2005-2010<macro>’. Also, both albums will include selected songs from their albums, such as ‘IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD‘, ‘Shifuku no Oto‘, ‘I ♥ U‘, ‘HOME‘, ‘SUPERMARKET FANTASY‘, and ‘SENSE‘, which will all be remastered.

These 2 best-of albums will come in two editions: limited edition with PV collection DVD, and regular edition. Both edition will enclose a 56-page booklet.

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Moreover ,one of new song ,End of the day , in their new triple a-side single is out !!

Wow ,Can't wait for their new single ,DVD & best album !! XD

Source : Tokyohive ,Youtube

Which female idol group will have their big break this year?

Starting from AKB48, various entertainment agencies have given birth to numerous idol groups from Momoiro Clover Z to Fairies.
With this idol group phenomenon in mind, goo decided to ask its users, “Which female idol group will have their big break this year?”
Also for this ranking, all of the idol groups listed below shared their recommended tracks for first time listeners. In addition, the idol group who topped this ranking provided a special thank you message to goo users for voting them into the first place.
Check out who came out on top below!

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I'm rooting for MomoClo, tbh. Not sure SKE48 should be on the list. I don't think they're at 'waiting for their big break' status.

Takaki Yuya B-day Celeb from His Juniors + Shiritsu Bakarea Gakkou Filming


In the shooting of new TBS drama [Shiritsu Bakarea Gakkou], Takaki Yuuya got celebration for his 22nd birthday. Takaki who was surprised, felt very happy when he saw the cake, then he said [Hooray!] while showed his guts pose. Moreover, when Morimoto Shintaro asked Takaki [What present do you want?], Takaki replied [The thought is enough].

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Video: Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou Shooting Johnny’s Jr.
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kinda hurts seeing Shintaro coz he looks so much like Ryutaro, double the fact he works close with HSJ & i'm sure Shintaro, Juri & Taiga will debut. It's Ryu's bday today. Myojo greeted him as well.
anyway, Takaki Yuya looks fineeee...