April 22nd, 2012


Prince Hisahito Visiting Chiba-ken's Kamogawa Aquarium, being cute and petting a turtle

Prince Hisahito, third in line of Japan's Chrysanthemum throne visited Chiba-ken's Kamogawa Aquarium with his parents two weeks ago during his school's break. Unlike many Arama-nians, the Prince handled holding a squirming turtle with ease and maturity.


Basically, this is an excuse to post about the Prince. Kay thanks.

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AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality

A commercial showing members of wildly popular all-girl band AKB48 passing bite-sized candies seductively from mouth-to-mouth is under fire in Japan for encouraging homosexuality.

The advertisement, which aired in March, shows the school uniform-clad young women—all in their late teens or early 20s—intimately exchanging the sweet, with the close-up footage slowing as their lips near.

A broadcasting standards watchdog said Friday the majority of the 116 complaints it had received in March about commercials concerning young people related to this advert.

“The commercial may encourage homosexuality,” one of the complaints said, adding “oral flora” was also a concern, according to the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organisation.

“I don’t want to see commercials like this,” said another correspondent, who also complained of a music video by the group “in which girls, including teens, hug each other in their underwear…. It is very distasteful.”

AKB48, one of the world’s highest grossing acts with more than $200 million in CD and DVD sales last year, have become a phenomenon in Japan and other parts of Asia over recent years.

With a total of around 90 all-female performers, ranging in age from early teens to mid-20s, their bubblegum pop and synchronized dancing has proved a huge hit with pre-pubescent girls.

Running the gamut from girl-next-door to sultry temptress, the band also has a substantial male following—many of whom are older—who support a vast merchandising industry.

A spokesman for UHA Mikakuto Co which makes the sweets, said the reaction to the TV ad, which aired for 10 days to March 25, had been mixed.

“We received complaints about the ad, but there are many people who enjoyed it,” said the spokesman, who declined to be named, adding a survey of viewers had ranked it the fourth most popular commercial at the time.

The commercial and a “making of” video, can be seen on the UHA Mikakuto’s website

Source: japantoday

Do you think the CM is promoting homosexuality?

Who cares?

Japan 'no longer a rich country' by 2050

Japan could fall out of the league of developed nations by 2050 as a shrinking and greying population as well as slowing productivity make its economy contract, a think tank has warned.

The 21st Century Public Policy Institute said a dwindling workforce, caused by a chronic low birthrate, will combine with lower savings and shriveling investment to drag the once mighty economy down.

The think tank, linked to Japan’s powerful Keidanren business federation, said the economy will start getting smaller at some point in the 2030s, even if productivity recovers to the average level of the world’s top economies.

Japan’s GDP will fall behind India in 2014 and by 2050 it will lose its economic presence “significantly”, dipping to be only one sixth that of China and the United States and one third that of India, said the report.

Until it was overtaken by China last year, Japan’s economy was the world’s second largest.

In the most pessimistic scenario, the economy will continue contracting because of a worsening fiscal condition, with its GDP shrinking to the point where it is no longer among the the world’s top economies.

The think tank said, however, the future was not necessarily doom and gloom and if policymakers could boost workforce participation by women to the same level as that of Sweden by 2040, Japan could still be the world’s fourth largest economy by mid-century.

Japan sprinted up the league of world economies in the 1970s and 80s, but the bursting of the twin bubbles of stocks and property two decades ago took the wind out of its sails.

Years of anaemic growth and unsuccessful pump priming by successive governments have burdened Japan with public debt equivalent to twice GDP, with analysts warning only higher tax revenues or spending cuts can bridge the gap.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has worked to push through a bill to raise sales tax from the present five percent to 10% by 2015.

But even with this boost, the report warned, the nation’s public debt could swell to nearly 600% of GDP by 2050 without further curative measures.

Japan’s population is already declining thanks to a low birthrate and almost non-existent levels of immigration.

A government report released earlier this year predicted it could shrink to a third of its current size over the next century.

Source: japantoday

Young women interested in how plain-looking 'Black Widow' lured men to their doom

This woman had lovers. They’re dead. Now she has fans. “Kanae girls” have been “conspicuous in the courtroom” throughout the 100-day trial, reports Shukan Bunshun (April 19).

This is surprising, for the defendant, 37-year-old Kanae Kijima, is not considered by media as an attractive person. On April 13, the “Black Widow,” as media dubbed her, was sentenced to death for the murder of three boyfriends off whose money she had been living high. What do the “Kanae girls” see in her?

A role model, is the simple answer. “I’ve been trolling marriage sites for a year without meeting anyone worth meeting,” Shukan Bunshun hears from one fairly typical “Kanae girl,” a woman in her 30s. “I thought I could learn something from her. Also, I wanted to know the psychology of men who could be so utterly taken in.”

Kijima can teach that, if anyone can. Making the most of a decidedly plain appearance, she drew the men, ranging in age from 41 to 80, with her unabashed sexual hunger, and later, when they began pressuring her to pay back the money they had lavished on her, she arranged their deaths by carbon monoxide poisoning to look like suicides, the court ruled.

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Source: japantoday

Which career path suits Maeda Atsuko?

Recently Maeda Atsuko's graduation announcement from AKB48 has been big news, and many are curious about what career path she will take when she officially graduates. So Goo ranking recently had a poll, 'Singer, actress, etc...which suits Maeda Atsuko?'

1. Idol (9605 votes)
2. Actress (2697 votes)
3. Talent (2419 votes)
4. Singer (1084 votes)
5. Other (4396 votes)


Which do you think Maeda should pursue post-graduation?

Inoue Waka to marry director Iizuka Ken

According to the Sankei Sports newspaper, talento Inoue Waka (31) is getting married on her next birthday, May 13th. Her husband will be 33-year-old movie director Iizuka Ken (“SAI-REN,” “Summer Nude”), who recently worked on the live-action television and movie adaptations of “Arakawa Under the Bridge.”

The two first met in March of last year during the filming of “Arakawa Under the Bridge.” Their relationship was said to be purely professional at the time, but they met again during a group meal in May after filming was completed and started dating soon after that.

Iizuka also cast Inoue in his stage play “FUNNY BUNNY,” which is currently running until the end of this month.

The Sankei Sports newspaper says that Inoue’s agency has confirmed that she is getting married. It is said that she plans on continuing with her show business career.

Sankei Sports and tokyograph

Wanna One Energetic

Oh Wonbin to release 1st Japanese full length album "Time to..." in May

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

FNC Entertainment's solo artist Oh Wonbin is set to reveal his first solo album as soon as next month.

Next to the title track "Don't Cry", the album features songs such as "to the Star", "Mignight Blue" and "My Way" from Wonbin's first Japanese single "to the Star"; as well as "2go", "Good for You", "Ready to be my...", "Love Song" and "Always" from his 2nd mini album "Good for You". The title track of the singer's first mini album "C'mon Girl", was also included.

The album, titled "Time to...", will be released in Japan on May 21st and includes 12 tracks. More info surrounding the release is set to be revealed closer to the release date.

Will you be anticipating this singer's next release?

01. C'mon Girl
02. Don’t cry
03. 2go
04. good for you
05. Ready to be my...
06. Love song
07. Wherever
08. Say goodbye
09. to the star
10. Midnight Blue
11. my way
12. Always

Sources: ohwonbin and Koreaboo

Yay Wonbin is doing things! XD

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'Pretty Rhythm' fashion show sets Guinness World Record

The Pretty Girls Dream Challenge 2012 fashion event held March 30 in Yokohama set a Guinness World Record for most people modeling on a catwalk in a fashion show.

A total of 1,274 people, including about 200 professional child models and elementary schoolgirls from across the country, took to the catwalk set up at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center. The figure surpassed the previous world record of 1,243, which was set at a New York fashion event in July 2011.

The two-hour event was organized by T-ARTS Co., a subsidiary of Japan's leading toymaker, Tomy Co., with the help of fashion brands including Roni, Earthmagic, Chubbygang and Prism Stone.

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Karaoke request ranking for the first half of 2012 revealed !!

Daiichi Kosho ,a karaoke system company, have recently revealed their "Karaoke request ranking for first half of 2012  "
The results were taken from the songs people most sung on Daiichi Kosho’s ‘DAM series’ Karaoke system (from January 1st to June 17th)
Besides ,the company conducted a survey of the top 20 overall most popular artists "Most karaoke request artist ranking"

== Most Karaoke request artist ranking TOP 20 for first half year ==





5.Hamasaki Ayumi

6.Koda Kumi

7.Ikimono gakari

8.Nishino Kana

9.L'arc~ en ~ciel

10.Kitajima Saburo

11.Misora Hibari
12.Itsuki Hiroshi
13.Fukuyama Masaharu
15.Ishihara Yujirou
18.Porno Graffitti
20.Shonan no kaze

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Source : DKK

Congrats to them !!

Oh  Mr.Children Arashi AKB48 EXILE dominate chart again
Not surprised..Now ,they 're TOP4 ..congrats!! XD

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performs a surprise live at SHIBUYA 109

On April 21st, singer and model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (19) held a surprise live in front of SHIBUYA 109, the shopping central of Tokyo.

On this day, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu made her bold appearance in front of this department store (also known as “Gyaru’s Sacred Ground” by the locals) and attracted a large audience in time for her performance of her new song “CANDY CANDY”.

This live performance was part of promotional event for Glico’s mint tablet ‘BREO’ as their image character. She also revealed that this was her first time to perform at SHIBUYA 109 and stated, “It was a lot of fun. I’m glad a lot of people stopped their tracks to watch my performance,” and expressed her experience with this surprise live. On this day, SHIBUYA 109 had posted a gigantic poster of this singer on their building. Regarding this, she said, “It was strange to see myself. It was like, ‘Wow, there I am!’ kind of thing,” and laughed along with this comment.