April 25th, 2012


Hooters to open 2nd Japan restaurant in Ginza in early June

Hooters Japan will open its second restaurant in Ginza in early June. The company opened at its first location in Tokyo’s Akasakamitsuke in October 2010 after nearly five years of negotiations between Hooters Japan and the company’s head office in Atlanta.

Hooters Japan is currently recruiting 150 Hooters girls for the restaurant which will serve seafood, sandwiches, salads, burgers and spicy chicken wings. American Hooters girls will train the local hires from mid-May.

Prior to the opening of the first restaurant, nearly 400 girls applied for the job and 40 were selected, including 10 foreign girls. One Japanese waitress was selected to represent Hooters Japan at last summer’s Miss Hooters World Contest in Florida.

The second restaurant will be located at Ginza 8-chome, a 3-minute walk from Shimbashi Station. 

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Onitsuka Chihiro reveals jacket cover for album ‘FAMOUS MICROPHONE’

The jacket for Onitsuka Chihiro’s album “FAMOUS MICROPHONE” (to be released on May 30th) has been revealed!

This cover features Onitsuka’s crimson lips for this upcoming album. This cover idea was her very own, and she commented, “I thought, since they’re not even my songs, it’s not right to have my whole body on the cover, right?” and decided to focus on just her lips for the design of this album.

As for the contents of the album, Onitsuka herself selected ten famous songs including one original song, “Bitter Flavor Road”, for a total of eleven songs.

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gorgeous cover imo
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Kubozuka Yosuke aka MANJI LINE to release new album!!

卍 LINE ( MANJI LINE) will be releasing a new album this summer, titled “MUZICAL PHOENIX“!

MANJI LINE’s 4th album is currently scheduled for a release on June 13rd, and will be his first since releasing “卍LINE: 卍LINE Remix2” nearly a year ago. The album will be available in 3 different versions:

Limited Edition Type A [CD w/ DVD + GOODS]
Limited Edition Type B [CD w/ DVD]
Regular Edition [CD]

source, yosuke's twitter

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Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs


Singer-songwriter, NAOTO INTI RAYMI has achieved his first no.1 ranking (single or album) with "Kazauta Caravan," his 3rd full studio album since his major label debut in April 2010. NAOTO is a support member for Mr.Children in their tour such as in the 2009 arena tour and 5-Dome tour, as a chorus and guitar member. NAOTO's previous highest ranking was his 2nd album, "ADVENTURE" which reached 3rd. With this, "Kazauta Caravan" has become his best-selling first week so far.

And in a first Oricon domination ever, popular rock band, Mr.Children have achieved 3 simultaneous no.1 rankings in the singles chart with their 34th single, "Inori ~Namida no Kido/end of the day/pieces", and in the overall DVD and Blu-Ray charts with "Mr.Children STADIUM TOUR 2011 SENSE -in the field-". It has been 3 and a half years since Mr.Children last released a single. In the Blu-Ray chart, the BD sold 41k, totalling to 95k for both DVD+BD.

In single sales, Mr.Children hold 3rd spot for most consecutive no.1 singles behind B'z (46) and KinKi Kids (32), with 30 singles starting from their 5th single, "innocent world" (released in June 1994). In Blu-ray sales, their achievement of 2 consecutive no.1 BDs is the first ever. In music-DVD sales, they are currently the no.1 band with most consecutive no.1 music-DVDs (10), with Arashi in 2nd place (9). This year, Mr.Children are celebrating their 20th anniversary and will be releasing 2 best albums simultaneously on May 10th, "Mr.Children 2001-2005 <micro>" and "Mr.Children 2005-2010 <macro>".

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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Woot Mr.Children! It has been more than 3 years and the market has changed so much but they still manage to sell that much with only one version! XD

Also, good-looking singles chart! LOL at the IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER series taking 5 spots in the top 10. Poor Kalafina and E-Girls though, any other week they would've been in the top 10. Congrats as well to NAOTO INTI RAYMI and Def Tech, though the albums chart is pretty dismal.

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Another single by Arashi!

's "Face Down" hasn't been released yet, but the 5-member group already have a follow-up with "Your Eyes". It has been reported earlier that Arashi's next single "Your Eyes" will be used for Masaki Aiba's drama, "Miki-Neko Holmes no Suiri".

"Your Eyes" will be available in Regular and Limited CD+DVD edition. The DVD will have the PV of "Your Eyes". Moreover, the single is also expected to contain 3 new tracks, which titles are yet to be determined.

"Your Eyes" tackles about "good and evil" and "strength and weaknesses" of humans.

"Your Eyes" will be released on June 6th.

Preview of the song "Your Eyes"

I love it.

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Japan’s first ‘cleavage cafe’ opens in Tokyo, offers shoe shines

TOKYO (TR) – With “girl’s” bars and clubs staffed by adult video actresses taking hold in recent months in Tokyo, it seemed possible that the city’s penchant for perversion had peaked. Yet Yukan Fuji (Apr. 23) happily introduces Japan’s first “cleavage cafe,” which opened last Thursday just outside JR Kanda Station.

Manboo Plus, an outlet within the popular Mamboo chain, bills itself as a specialized version of the ubiquitous cafes typically offering drinks, magazines, and Internet access, with the key difference being the presence of female staff members in low-cut business suits.

“In order to separate ourselves from other shops, we have decided to take the sexy route,” explains a representative from the public relations department.

Arriving customers are greeted by staff members sporting black business jackets, mini skirts, and eye glasses.

“We have about 20 girls on staff,” says a female employee. “The concept is to create an image around the sexy secretary look.”

These gals also administer the cafe’s main draw: a no-charge, shoe shine service. Yukan Fuji’s reporter decides to get his stomps spic and span via the gentle stroking of Aya. The 21-year-old is quite a looker, the reporter enthuses, noting a mini-skirt length of no less than 30 centimeters above the knee and copious amounts of visible skin around the chest area.

“I love talking about anime and manga,” says Aya, a dead-ringer for entertainer Misako Yasuda. “It’s wonderful to have an enjoyable conversation while polishing.”

For one hour of use, Maboo Plus charges customers 400 yen. Yet for a limited time, that fee has been slashed to a mere 100 yen. If you go, as always, tell ‘em Yukan Fuji sent ya!

Tokyo Reporter

A panel of disgruntled ex-employees talk about their experiences in AKB48

There is not one day that goes by without AKB48 being on tv these days. This week’s Shukan Bunshun had 4 ex-AKB members as a panel to talk about their experience as part of the extremely popular girl group.

According to the article, when they first formed, girls had to clean the toilets of their theatre in Akihabara. Once they got popular though, the story changed, “The girls would say that the lunches from the convenience store are too greasy and would not eat them. Back when we first started, we had to share those bentos.” But now, they have lots of rules, like they can’t eat anything Maeda Atsuko had put her hands on.

They even talked about the discrepancies within the group. An ex-research student said that popular members had their luxury apartments’ rent paid for, while she had to take a 2hr train ride just to go to work everyday and she had no salary. An ex-regular member said that she only got 50,000yen a month as salary.

They also rotate costumes within the group, and they’d stink from sweat because of the strong stage lights so their changing rooms always smelled bad. “It was hard putting on costumes when the person before you had strong armpit sweat.”

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Hey!Say!JUMP to Release a Second Album

After two years, the boys of Hey!Say!JUMP are back with a new album. The still untitled album will also include songs from their Hey!Say!7 and Hey!Say!BEST releases; moreover, it will also have a single medley and an orchestra version.

It has been reported that some members of Hey!Say!JUMP have been doing some composing and music arrangements of some songs as well.

Here are the tracklist for Limited [CD+DVD] and Regular [CD] edition:

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The album will be released on June 6th.

credits here

LOL, I knew it. I'm so gonna love if Yuto's gonna make another Dash!!
SNAP is written by Yabu Kota.
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