April 26th, 2012


Sadako throws first pitch at pro baseball game

Sadako, the iconic horror character out of Suzuki Koji´s bestseller book series "The Ring" was throwing the first ball for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters vs. Chiba Lotte Marines match on April 25th at Tokyo Dome. Sadako was allowed to make an public appearance because of the upcoming new movie "Sadako 3D" which stars Ichihara Satomi and Seto Koji in the leading roles, that is scheduled to open in theaters on May 12th. This marks the first time in Japanese professional baseball history that a horror character was allowed to throw the first pitch for the Japanese baseball league.

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Backstage pictures are at the official Sadako 3D twitter account
Source: Sponichi News

Emperor, empress express desire to be cremated after they die

The Imperial Household Agency said Thursday that it is considering a request from Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko to have their remains created after they die.

Traditionally, emperors have been interred in mausoleums and empresses in separate tombs nearby.

According to the agency, the emperor, 78, and the empress, 77, expressed a desire to be cremated like ordinary Japanese people and have their ashes interred in the same location. The agency said the imperial couple also wish to minimize the financial impact of their funerals on the public, NHK reported.

The mausoleum for Emperor Showa, who was buried at the Musashino Imperial Mausoleum in Hachioji in 1989, cost 2.6 billion yen. His wife was buried at a nearby spot in 2000.

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Such cute little old people