April 29th, 2012


Queen of remakes are desperate for sales, promises free concert if 500,000 album are sold

T-ara's first Japanese studio album "Jewelry box" will be released on June 6th.

T-ara's Japanese first album "Jewelry box" went for pre-sale on April 19th, and took the first and third place on the Japanese website Tower Record's daily sale charts.

T-ara's agency said through a press release, "T-ara's first studio album 'Jewelry box' has received an explosive reaction and even ranked #1 in daily charts. The industry officials predicted it'll sell 300,000 - 400,000 units and we have high expectations for it."

Following, they promised that, "If T-ara's album can sell over 500,000 copies, T-ara will hold a free guerrilla concert in the cities of Korea and Tokyo, Japan."

Meanwhile, T-ara's debut single in Japan last September, "Bo Peep Bo Peep", debuted at #1 on Oricon's Daily and Weekly chart, being the first for any girl Korean girl group.

T-ara's Japanese album will include the Japanese versions of "Bo Peep Bo Peep", "Yayaya", "Roly-Poly", "Lovey-Dovey", and new Japanese songs.

T-ara is currently promoting in Japan and preparing for their concerts being in June. On July 14th, they'll open their official fanclub and plan to meet fans with a new album around then.

Source: dkpopnews
Please, if the Korea official fanclub dont bulk buy, I don't think it can sell 300,000. Such desperate measure...

Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot

While the Internet in general is known for being a bottomless cauldron of hate, nothing quite gets Japanese netizens seething like South Korea.

Case in point: the Japanese Internet is raging over a video of a young South Korean woman eating instant noodles because she has bad table manners.

The video is actually part of a promotional series for Shin Ramyun instant noodles in which members of Korean girl group T-ARA share their favorite home recipes. The clip in question features member Park Ji-yeon, who divulges that she prefers to stick with the orthodox recipe and proceeds to show viewers how to prepare Shin Ramyun according to the directions on the package.

From about 0:50, the video pans to Ji-yeon sitting down to eat her finished meal when suddenly, for reasons unexplained, she removes the lid of the pot with one hand, plunges her chopsticks directly into the pot with the other, lifts up a mass of noodles and plops them down on the overturned lid as if it were a plate before transferring them into her cute little mouth.

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CHI-CHI performs “Karakawanaide!!” on Happy Music


After debuting on April 25th with their debut single “Karakawanaide!!”, Korean girl group CHI-CHI took to the stage and performed their track for the first time on Happy Music.

“Karakawanaide!!” is the Japanese version of their Korean song “Don’t Play Around”, which was released last year.

I honestly think they are not good, and the song doesn't match their looks. I am tired of this Kpop Shit.


Reversing Japan's rising sex aversion may depend on a rebirth of hope

"If young people's aversion to sex continues to increase at the present rate, the situation of Japan's low fertility rate and rapid ageing will rapidly worsen. ... The Japanese economy will lose its vitality even more than now. If this happens, this nation might eventually perish into extinction."

This startling prediction was made by Kunio Kitamura in a book published last year by Media Factory. Dr. Kitamura, an obstetrician and gynecologist who runs his own family planning clinic in Tokyo, is the author of more than a dozen books on reproduction and sexual health. Now, with "Sekkusugirai na Wakamonotachi" ("Young People Averse to Sex"), he has shown that Japanese young people are turning off sex and that this is bound to have dire consequences for the nation.

Let's get right down to the statistical basics.

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Calmando Qual new album: BLACK SHEEP

After years not releasing a new album Calmando Qual finally will release a brand new album with 10 tracks. However only with 8 full songs. the Album contains an Intro and an fading end.

Calmando Qual did start in June 2001, they are still active and since 2010 they joined Starwave Records.
They toured 4 times in Europe 2x in 2006 and 1x in 2007 and 1x in 2009.

The name of the brand new album is [BLACK SHEEP] and will be on sale at June 27, 2012.
It's their 3rd Album.

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SEKAI NO OWARI reveals details on new album, “ENTERTAINMENT”

Rock band SEKAI NO OWARI has revealed the details on their upcoming album, “ENTERTAINMENT“!

This is the band’s first full album after making their major debut last fall. It will contain a total of 16 songs, including their indies singles “Tenshi to Akuma” and “Fantasy“, as well as their major releases “INORI“, “Starlight Parade“, and “Nemuri Hime“.

The jacket cover for this album was done by London’s creative design consultancy Stylorouge. It’s a vivid design that represents the band’s thoughts: “Everything positive and negative in this world is entertainment.” This collaboration was decided after Stylorouge fell in love with SEKAI NO OWARI’s music and art after listening to their 1st album, “EARTH” (released in 2010).

Check out the jacket cover and track list for “ENTERTAINMENT” below!



01. The Entrance
02. Starlight Parade
03. Fantasy
04. illusion
05. Fushichou
06. Tenshi to Akuma
07. Love the warz
08. Never Ending World
09. Seibutsugaku Teki Gensoukyoku
11. yume
12. Kachou Fuugetsu
13. Honoo no Senshi
14. Fight Music
15. Nemuri Hime
16. Fukai Mori

2011.11.22 SEKAI NO OWARI AT NIPPON BUDOKAN!!! [107 minutes]

Credit &Source : Tokyohive ,Natalie

Wow , really love Album 's jacket cover !! XD