May 1st, 2012

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DSP's new boygroup, A-JAX to debut in Japan in August

A-JAX, DSP Media‘s first new boy group in a long while, has revealed their plans for a simultaneous debut in Korea and Japan.

On May 1st, DSP Media revealed, "A-JAX will be the first Korean idol group to debut within Korea and Japan simultaneously, and will follow in the footsteps of sunbae group, SS501."

After debuting in May in Korea, the group will be partnering up with Universal Music to target the Japanese market in August.

DSP Media added, "A-JAX has signed under the equivalent conditions that other Korean male idol groups, who have already established their popularity, have been given, making it an unprecedented event. Thus, they are receiving much attention from Japanese music industry insiders."

The reason for revealing their plans for their Japanese venture on May 1st, was to signify that A-JAX aims to become a group loved in Korea, Japan, as well as other parts of Asia, just like their seniors, SS501.

In related news, A-JAX kicked off their promotional activities with their reality show, ‘Making the Star – DSP Boyz’ on April 24th, and is aiming to make their official debut at the end of May.


inb4 "UGH THEY PROBABLY DON'T EVEN SPEAK JAPANESE" when DSP has had them trained in Japanese…
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Purely For Profit: Poor Avex's Treatment Of Ayumi Hamasaki !!!

Earlier this week, Ayumi Hamasaki revealed that she would have a new single out this summer titled "You & Me". However, the news didn't come in an announcement about a new single, but rather a summer compilation album titled "A SUMMER BEST".

The compilation album comes with 26 tracks and a very high 3,200 Yen ($39.85 USD) price tag. The 2CD+DVD version filled with bonus live footage and the new music video will cost you 4,200 Yen ($52.30 USD). Is the price worth it? With only 1 new song and PV, it doesn't really seem so. While similar artists releasing new singles this summer are selling their new material for around 1,100 Yen ($14.00 USD), you'd have to pay at least 3 times as much to get Ayu's new song.

It seems as though avex is doing all they can to milk money out of the fans of Ayumi Hamasaki. The hope is that the singer's large, loyal fan base will buy the compilation album to own the new song and some previously unreleased concert footage. However, instead of raking in money from fans, they have caused a negative response from people who don't want to go broke just to have Ayu's latest song. In fact, the high price encourages people to illegally obtain the song.

"I won't be buying the album myself since I have all the songs except 'You & Me'. I will have to illegally download that and it's PV when it's out since I really can't justify buying the album for the one song," one netizen stated.

It becomes increasingly difficult to justify buying this compilation album when you consider how often Ayumi Hamasaki comes out with these sort of albums. In the past 5 years alone, the singer has released 9 different compilation albums. Sure, many of those have been remix album, including last year's 4 different "ayu-mi-x 7" remix albums, but do we really need to go out and buy another album that we could easily burn at home? My answer is no.

Of course, an artist with as prolific a career as Ayu's will undoubtedly have best of and compilation albums; it would be a shame if she didn't. These lengthy albums filled with the singer's best will logically cost more than a regular album. But when you're forced to pay a premium price for music you already have just to have one new song, that is an abuse of an artist's fame.

avex, stop trying to make more money using shady methods. Instead, invest in creating music that consumers will want to buy because its so good they couldn't go without it. It's worked for Ayu in the past, and can work again if you let it.

Credit : Jpopasia

Totally agree..Poor AVEX !!

Nakamaru Yuichi gives a Backstage Tour of KAT-TUN's Chain Concert

Kame leads the pre-concert group cheer

Watch the Video here

Nakamaru Yuichi's "Majissuka" corner in Shuichi news show was taken over by co-host Gidou to be able to cover a backstage report on KAT-TUN's Chain concert at the Tokyo Dome. Recorded on Day 3 of the concerts, the fan uchiwas were featured and how Maru was being called fansa-machine by his fans. During the segment, Maru takes the crew to the CO2 and fire effects, the dressing room, the 25 meter moving stage (which was the largest built for a Johnnys concert), and some other behind the scene prep.

During the MC, holding his Majissuka mic, Maru had the whole audience and KAT-TUN members imitate the Shuichi sign. It had Gidou-san generally excited and fanboying over him the entire time. Showing off a bit of his solo, beatbox, & a rare somersault during the concert, Nakamaru had his Shuichi co-hosts impressed with an otherwise different Nakamaru with his idol persona.

credits here, summary by me

Maru's adorable, end of story.


Have a Thing for Shaved Heads? This Cute Monk Guide May Be Up Your Alley

Available at a bookstore near you! (In Japan, anyway… of course …) “Bibouzu Zukan” (“Beautiful Monk Encyclopedia”) features 41 monks who may change the way you think about robes, shaved heads, and monotonous chanting.

You can read about the monks’ bios and hobbies, and browse their pictures, too. There’s no English version yet, but the translation job should be interesting to whoever does it. If it’s any clue, the subtitle on the cover says: “From good-looking, to healing types, to ‘creamy’ types!”

The author decided to write the book inspired by a memorable encounter with a monk she met on a school trip to a temple while in high school. Apparently he was very handsome and also “transcended gender in a saintly way”. (Whoah… Wait, isn’t that a contradiction?)

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Two Consecutive Month Release for baroque

Shortly after releasing their DVD “Re:First Live IN FUTURE 2012.1.6 Live at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL” on April 25th it was announced that Visual Kei band baroque will be having a two consecutive month release starting this June!
The first single titled “zazafuri ame” will be released on June 20th and the second single “mellow hollow” on July 18th. Both singles will feature only one song and cost 500 Yen each.

Moreover, the band will have a countrywide tour including 8 lives plus their final at Shibuya-AX on July 17th and another live at NHK Hall on November 7th.


cwp cut

Babies born in Japan getting smaller

The weights of newborn babies have been declining for more than three decades as young pregnant women have been getting slimmer, according to the health ministry.

The average weight of baby boys at birth stood at 2,980 grams in 2010, down 61 grams from a decade earlier, while the figure for girls was 2,910, down 45 grams, a recent study by a health ministry research team showed. The two figures for 2010 saw a drop of 250 grams from their peaks in 1980.

Many studies say low weights at birth heighten the risks of babies developing diseases in adulthood. The ministry plans to study the issue.

Noriko Kato, research managing director at the National Institute of Public Health said the trend of newborns getting lighter for such a long period is rare among developed countries.

The health ministry research team found that lighter babies were born from thinner mothers. An increasing number of women are trying to curb their weight increase while pregnant.

That is apparently because of a 30-year-old education initiative that called on women to have smaller babies, as well as young women’s desire to be slim.

Having smaller babies was advocated when the weights of newborns were rising. The idea was to reduce health risks to pregnant women who gained too much weight and to promote easier deliveries.

A national survey in 2010 showed that 30 percent of women in their 20s were categorized as too thin, double the figure three decades earlier.

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By YURI OIWA/ Staff Writer

The Asahi Shimbun
IchigOhchan 1

The long read, involving the cutest & coolest "Otosan"

Otosan, Japan's top dog

Staff writer

Upper House election night, 2010. All over the country people are watching television and waiting to see if there will be an upset as the results from polling stations slowly trickle in.

Suddenly there's a cut to newsreader Shunji Miyagawa in what appears to be a special live broadcast: "In news just to hand," Miyagawa says, "we can confirm that first-time, independent candidate, Jiro Shirato, has secured a seat."

Photos of Shirato and his rival running for a seat in the House of Councilors flash on the screen.

Oh, but wait. That's odd. The Shirato photo is of a snow-white dog ...

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make the mother a dog......that is just hilariously wrong pffft :3

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Harajuku's new meeting place for fashionistas

Special to The Japan Times

Jingumae crossing, where the Gap building once stood as an iconic meeting place in the heart of Tokyo's street-fashion mecca of Harajuku, has finally been resurrected with the opening of the Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku — a "fashion theme park" offering seven floors of womenswear, menswear, accessories and other goods.

"Ever since we opened, every single day we are seeing more and more enthusiastic visitors really enjoying their shopping experience," said Jiro Okubo, the general manager of the plaza project, speaking shortly after its opening on April 18. "As an institution that enjoys this unparalleled location at the center of Japanese fashion culture, we are aiming to be instrumental as the hub that transmits this vibrant scene to the world."

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For more information on Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, visit


oooh, I like that "jungle" cafe. Will this be the next set for Arashi M5 SP? XDD though unlikely, 'coz it's not exclusively shops for male's fashion :3