May 4th, 2012

Mitsui Aika to graduate from Morning Musume this month

8th generation member Mitsui Aika has decided to graduate alongside current leader Niigaki Risa at Morning Musume's Budokan concert on May 18th. Though her foot injury sustained in May 2011 has mostly healed, there is the possibility of further damage if she continues her activities in the group as she used to. She will not leave Hello! Project altogether and Mitsui and the staff are currently considering other options for her there.

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Source: Hello! Project official site.

Full translations of the official statements to come if I have time, or if someone doesn't get to it before me. Done!

NMB48 Releases Full PVs for Shirogumi and Akagumi 4th Single B-sides.

NMB48 has released the PVs for the B-sides of their upcoming single Nagiichi due for release on May 9th next week.

The PVs for the Shirogumi song, Saigo no Catharsis, and the Akagumi song, Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan nara can be seen below.

1. Saigo no Catharsis (Shirogumi)
Member line-up:
Team N: Kishino Rika, Kinoshita Haruna, Kotani Riho, Kondo Rina, Shinohara Kanna, Jonishi Kei, Fukumoto Aina, Yamamoto Sayaka
Team M: Kodakari Yuuka, Jo Eriko, Murakami Ayaka, Yagura Fuuko

2. Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan nara (Akagumi)
Member line-up:
Team N: Ogawasara Mayu, Kadowaki Kanako, Shiroma Miru, Yamaguchi Yuuki, Yamada Nana, Yoshida Akari, Watanabe Miyuki
Team M: Kinoshita Momoka, Tanigawa Airi, Hikawa Ayame, Shimada Rena, Yogi Keira

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Woww what did I just see? ahahhaha.
Loving both PVs!!
Akagumi PV was the most adorable thing ever!!!
While Shirogumi PV was interesting...ANDROID DANCE lol...really nice dance!! <3
And Sayanee....I...can't...breathe.

*EDIT: Sorry I have some problem emb-ing. so there are the links*
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Which Idol Group is expected to get their #1 Weekly first?

A survey (1000 samples) conducted by Oricon this time about which idol group is more likely to win a #1 weekly before the others (out of the ones who haven't won #1 weekly yet, of course).

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cr: oricon

keep in mind that this was posted one day before nogizaka46's release!! it seems that they're headed for the #1 weekly but can't underestimate sasshi (+ originally her sales would've been higher but they disqualified one edition from counting on oricon which could've given a boost of at least 12k)

Erika Sawajiri's special drama sees huge ratings

Sawajiri Erika's latest special drama, "Akujo ni Tsuite" (TBS) aired recently on April 30 and saw ratings of 14.7% in Kanto and 16.4% in Kansai. The high ratings were released by Video Research Ltd. on May 1.

The drama has been causing a stir lately after Matsui Kazuo, the wife of actor Funakoshi Eiichiro, went on a rant about her husband, who played Sawajiri Erika's lover in the drama. She said, "Is Erika the reason my husband has left our home?!" and "The love scene between my husband and Erika... just imagining it makes me so angry I'm getting dizzy! No! No!" Her blog comments caused a lot of turmoil on the Internet.

But after the airing of the drama, she updated her blog saying it was just a joke to get more attention for the drama and for its ratings.

Also, Yahoo! Japan released their quick-rising keyword search ranking for May 2, with "Akujo ni Tsuite ratings" dominating the chart.

The drama saw huge ratings due to its explosive cast and love scenes.

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saku ps
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Music Station SP 2012.05.04 Live

2 hours special episode

Guests : Arashi ,Mr.Children ,Yuzu ,Aiko ,Perfume

As we know earlier, Music Station conducted poll “The song you want to hear from the guests” via their website

In this 2-Hour special  episode ,Guest will perform the song chosen by the fans and their songs

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Really like their result & Matsu Jun 's new hairstyle >0< hee hee
And you ?

Credit : Music station & I Youku & Youtube