May 5th, 2012

Hey! Say! Jump Kicks off their Concert Tour

On May 3, Hey! Say! Jump kicked off the start of their 7 days consecutive concert at the Yokohama Arena.

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*performed new songs from the album which include songs written by Yamada, Yabu, Hikaru, and Keito
*Yamada joined JUMP Band by playing the SAXOPHONE to which he played a little solo and closed Magic Power with his solo as well
*Yuma, Sexy Zone, Bakaleya6 tagged along the concerts
*ZIP newscaster fanboying over Yuto and his muscles during the drum interlude (LOL, she played Yuto's mom in RnM)

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Oh shit, Boku Wa Vampire actually sounds cool. Yeah?

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Fudanjuku to stream concert & first ever Lyrics Senbatsu Election!

To celebrate their first nationwide tour, cross-dressing idol group Fudanjuku will be live streaming their concert on NicoNico Douga on May 5th at 17:00 JST (4:00 AM EST).

The group will also be releasing their latest single, “Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji“, on May 23rd. To commemorate its release, they will also be holding the first ever “Fudanjuku presents Kashi Senbatsu ‘Fu’senkyo” (Lyrics Selection ‘Fu’-lection). Producer Hanawa composed a new song for the competition, and each of the members has been tasked with writing their own original lyrics.

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Everyone should take this chance to check out this unique project that’s said to be a first for the idol world!

Fudanjuku - Ranbu TOUR2012 -Niji- on NicoNico Douga

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Exile's Akira Replaces Akanishi on GTO Remake

The Nikkan Sports newspaper reported on Saturday that 30-year-old EXILE band member Akira has been informally named as 27-year-old actor/singer Jin Akanishi's replacement for the GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka live-action television series remake. The newspaper's source said that original creator Tohru Fujisawa strongly advocated for an actor similar to the wild persona of the story's title character.

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Two-timing Shun Shioya reportedly proposed to one of his celebrity girlfriends

Actor Shun Shioya, 29, who hit headlines for cheating last week, has reportedly asked one of his girlfriends to marry him.

Shioya caused a stir after it was discovered that he was dating model Ai Tominaga, 29, and celebrity chef Makie Sonoyama at the same time, Sports Nippon reported. Tominaga, whom he had been dating since March, appeared on TV in late April and said, “It’s unforgivable to discuss marriage with two women at the same time.”

Sonoyama reportedly read about his two-timing in a gossip rag first, and Tominaga then found out later through an acquaintance.

What had not been revealed at the time, however, was that Shioya had allegedly proposed to Tominaga on April 16 after the pair were seen dining together at a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo’s Suginami Ward, Sports Nippon said.

Sonoyama and Tominaga are reportedly friends and have spoken about Shioya’s deception. Tominaga told reporters she had been hurt initially, but then added “I’m okay now. I’ve had enough of love.”

Source: japantoday

SCANDAL to release new single, “Taiyou Scandalous”

It’s been revealed that SCANDAL will be releasing their new single, “Taiyou Scandalous“, on July 11th!

Back in March, SCANDAL released their album, “SCANDAL SHOW“, and held their first concert at Nippon Budokan. This new single will be produced by ORANGE RANGE’s NAOTO, and it’s described as a rock number that is perfect for the summer. The collaboration was decided after the girls of SCANDAL and NAOTO appeared in an event together.

Regarding the new song, NAOTO commented, “I made the song while envisioning the girls surpassing the image of girl bands up to now. We were ‘Ikenai Taiyou’, but the girls who aren’t within that compass of imagination, are ‘Scandalous Taiyou’. In order to make it a song that will represent this summer, I made it an exciting song.

Stay tuned for more details on SCANDAL’s upcoming single!

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Japan's women are increasingly taking the future into their own hands

Sara Blakely's story is inspirational. The 41-year-old Floridian began her working life as a door-to-door fax-machine salesperson. Then one day she looked in the mirror — but not at her face.

She realized that she needed underwear that didn't show lines and held in her wobbly bits. This led to her investing a few thousand dollars and launching, in 2000, her Spanx brand of undergarments. Fast forward 12 years and her business is worth $1 billion.

This is not just a story about securing, if you will, your bottom line. It is a template for female entrepreneurship. Women don't need empowering; they empower themselves with their insight into human needs and their perseverance in fulfilling them. The Blakely example came to mind when considering a new — at least in name — model of business ventures for women in Japan. Called puchi kigyō, where "puchi" stands for the French petit, this therefore translates as "small startups."

Japanese corporations and established businesses have traditionally not welcomed women into their upper echelons. The corporate culture here is decidedly male and clubby, although some companies are making great efforts to change this. Long hours that include after-work schmoozing, requirements that place company loyalty over family commitment, and the dominance of the old-boy government-industry network stand as de facto barriers to female advancement.

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Ashida Mana throws the opening pitch at the Koshien Stadium

On May 5th, popular child actress Ashida Mana had the honor of throwing the opening pitch between the Hanshin Tigers and the Yomiuri Giants at the Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo.

The pumped up Mana appeared in a cute pink uniform and was guided to the mound by Hanshin’s mascot. Of course she was allowed to throw from a shorter distance than from the pitcher’s mound and she threw a nice yet short straight ball with all her strength. It ended up rolling into the catcher’s mitt rather than flying, but that didn’t stop the audience from giving the charming young actress a nice round of applause.

After the important mission, she commented, “I was nervous. The big stadium, it was so exciting. I’m glad I was able to throw straightforward.

You can check out her performance below!

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The mystique of the Japanese male idol

After a 22-year streak of sending pop fans into a frenzy, Japanese "boy" band SMAP debuted their newest single this past week, "Upside-down Sky," which rocketed to the top of the charts immediately. It's not the band's first time there, either - it's actually its 24th time hitting the No. 1 slot, and its second time this year.

Maybe SMAP sounds more to you like the sound of a bug hitting a windshield than the name of a band, but these guys have nailed the boy band formula in a way that few American bands ever have. With 19 studio albums and 45 singles, they are just as successful as a New Kids on the Block or Backstreet Boys, but they have something more: longevity.

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