May 7th, 2012

Kis-My-Ft2 ready to slay the charts, your faves, with new DVD

Kis-My-Ft2 will be releasing a live DVD entitled, "Kis-My-MiNT Tour at Tokyo Dome 2012.4.8" on June 20, just a few months after the performance.

The DVD will capture the boys' performance in front of a record-breaking 260,000 people. It includes songs from their first album, "Kis-My-1st" as well as songs from their days as a Johnny's Jr. unit.

A special edition with a CD featuring 5 new tracks from their Jr. days, a 32-page photo book and 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage will also be available for purchase.

The DVD will show a performance specially done just for that night at Tokyo Dome. Fans, don't miss out on this!

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omg can't wait to see this hit the million mark! rumor has it it's already set to surpass Kanjani8's latest DVD! go boys!!

Nakai's ATARU experiences sudden drop in ratings!

TBS's drama "ATARU," which stars SMAP member Nakai Masahiro, has seen a massive drop in ratings in its latest episode. The thirdd episode, which aired on April 29, fell 6% from the previous week, falling to just 10.9%. The statistics were released by Video Research Ltd.

Just a few weeks earlier, the drama topped the rankings of new dramas. Its first episode had an average viewership of 19.9%, making it the most watched debut of the season.

Source 1 & 2
Translation & Reporting - qummydino

the producers should've given the lead to Tamachan instead, he would've saved this drama from floppage IMO!

Lady Gaga's teacup sells for $75,000

A teacup and saucer Lady Gaga used just once has sold for more than $75,000 at auction.

The china, which features Gaga's lipstick print, autograph and the message, "We Pray For Japan," attracted more than 1,300 bids when it went under the hammer in Japan on Sunday.

The "Bad Romance" singer sipped from the cup during a news conference in Tokyo last June, just three months after the March earthquake/tsunami disaster struck on the country's northeastern coast.

The lot reached the final price of $75,137, which will be donated to young Japanese artists who want to study in the U.S.

The natural disaster killed more than 19,000 people.


Tsunku Produced Akihabara Backstage Pass Idol Group To Debut In August

Tsunku produced group from his Akihabara Backstage Pass idol cafe, Bakusute Sotokanda Icchoume, will be debuting next August with an indie single.

The cafe was opened in December 23rd, with 80+ girls chosen from about 1000 applicants. Here's an explanation about the cafe from Tokyohive:

Visitors to the cafe will be issued an employee ID card to the imaginary management company, “Ruaido Geinousha”, a play on words of the word ‘idol’ (aidoru). As ‘producers’, any foods, drinks, or goods purchased in the cafe will earn the customer “Producer Value Points”, which they can then use to support their ‘oshimen‘ out of the cafe’s workers. Aspiring idols working at the cafe will be given booking preference for outside activities if they accrue a high number of points. As customers climb through the ten “Producer Ranks”, they will be able to earn more points and therefore contribute more to these potential idols.

Sources: 1, 2

I've heard Tsunku's cafe is really awesome. And they're not affiliated with Hello!Project in any way, in case anyone was wondering.

Rejected Twitter user takes legal action against Japanese AV star

#teamfollowback is a term many tweeters add to their Twitter profile. This lets people who decide to follow them know that they’ll follow that person back. Japanese porn star Sola Aoi is not a member of #teamfollowback.

A man has apparently taken legal action against the former adult film actress after she ignored requests to follow him on the site.

The 40-something man, who is apparently an education writer and critic, claimed he was trying to get to the bottom of some controversy surrounding the star of Big Tits Zombie and Revenge: A Love Story in China.

The country’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television demanded in April that satellite television channels ban some individuals including Sola, now a mainstream personality in China, from appearing on their networks.

The man tweeted several messages at 28-year-old Sola, who has more than 330,000 followers on Twitter. According to the Tokyo Reporter, the tweets included pleas like, "I am a fan of yours; please follow me," "Please consider following," "How's work? Your English is getting better. Please follow me." Lastly, in English, he wrote, "Please follow me."

After Sola ignored his requests, he took legal action against her, according to the Tokyo Reporter, though it is unclear what the grounds for his claim are. He demanded the deletion of her Twitter account.

Others believed that his legal attack was in retaliation for his rejection, while he’d sent a number of tweets to other politicians and celebrities, with his demands being rebuffed.

His actions caused fury among some of Sola’s fans, who exposed his home address and work background using his blog and Facebook page.

Hell hath no fury like porn fans scorned.


AKB48’s Oshima Yuko expresses her mind about ‘AKB48 27th Single General Election’

On May 6th, AKB48 launched a channel on YouTube, where each member express their views and comments regarding the upcoming ‘AKB48 27th Single General Election‘.

In this short video, member Oshima Yuko mentioned that Maeda Atsuko will not be participating in the general election. She then stated, “People are saying that this is the change of generations. In fact, I also think that AKB48 is going to enter a period of a change of generations.

Oshima also revealed that she considered withdrawing from the elections because she thought she would crush the change of generations if she were to be elected. However, she commented, “By participating in this general election and becoming the center, I would like to rely on this as my last chance.

After this footage was released, fans started to worry thinking that this was a graduation declaration from the idol. Oshima later explained the true meaning behind her statement through her official blog saying, “I said it’s my ‘last chance’ through the appeal comment, but what I wanted to say was that I want to challenge myself to the general election as much as I would if it were my last chance.

Oshima continued, “So, it’s not a graduation declaration. I’m sorry to have confused you. I have to study Japanese more.

Source: tokyohive

Kora Kengo and Yoshitaka Yuriko talk about their upcoming movie “Yokomichi Yonosuke”

On May 6th, the media was invited on the set of the upcoming movie “Yokomichi Yonosuke” in Chiba, where they were able to interview two starring actors Kora Kengo and Yoshitaka Yuriko, as well as director Okita Shuichi.

“Yokomichi Yonosuke” is the live-action adaptation of a novel of the same name by famed author Yoshida Shuichi (“Akunin”, “Parade”). It’s set in the 1980s and depicts the life of the young ‘Yokomichi Yonosuke’ (Kora) who moves from Nagasaki to Tokyo in order to go to college. Yoshitaka plays the role of his girlfriend ‘Yosano Shoko’.

The filming began on March 24th and took them to various places, including Yoshida’s alma mater – the Hosei University, as well as Kawagoe (Saitama), Yokosuka (Kanagawa), Shimoda (Shizuoka), and Tokyo. Between April 12th and 14th, they filmed in Yonosuke’s hometown Nagasaki. Today, the filmed the indoor scene during which Yonosuke visits Shoko’s parents for the very first time. The set was a gorgeous reception room with various trophies, stuffed animals, and a billiard table. Awkwardly they confessed to her parents, “We are going out with each other.

Yoshitaka is playing a lively daughter of a wealthy family and confessed that it’s difficult to play such a role. “Ever since the scenario reading I already tried to say ‘watakushi’ (instead of ‘watashi’) all the time until the start of the filming,” she explained. However, today she fumbled over her words at a different part, when she mispronounced ‘~desu’ as ‘~dasu’ at the end of one sentence, which caused her co-star Kora to burst out in laughter. At the interview she stated, “I thought we almost had this scene, but of course Kora had to start laughing.

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Sources:, Oricon and tokyohive

Nogizaka46 to promote tourism in Oita alongside Sashihara Rino

On May 7th, it was revealed that Nogizaka46 had been appointed as the first ’sightseeing envoy’ of Oita City. They will promote tourism alongside AKB48’s Sashihara Rino, who was selected as Oita’s ’sightseeing ambassador’ last month.

Just like Sashihara, 2 members of Nogizaka46 were born in Oita City. When the group visited mayor Kugimiya Ban to promote their new song in late-April, they requested to also become the ’sightseeing ambassador’. “We would like to promote Oita City also,” they negotiated. However, the mayor explained, “Sashihara-san was just appointed as the ambassador,” and decided to create a ’sightseeing envoy’.

A responsible party of the city commented, “With Sashihara-san, we want them to introduce Oita’s charms to people nationwide.

Source: Sanspo

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NEWS BEST release date is... June, 13th!!

NEWS already announce the release date and tracklist for their BEST ALBUM!

Release Date : June, 13th 2012

First Press Limited Edition (JECN-283)
2857 yen (3000 yen)
with CD bonus
and 28P Booklet

Regular Edition (JECN-285)
2857 yen (3000 yen)
with CD bonus
and 24P Booklet

1. NEWSニッポン
2. 希望~Yell~
3. 紅く燃ゆる太陽
4. チェリッシュ
6. サヤエンドウ
7. 裸足のシンデレラボーイ
8. 星をめざして
9. weeeek
10. 太陽のナミダ
12. Happy Birthday
13. 恋のABO
14. さくらガール
15. Fighting Man

First Press Limited Ediiton DISC 2
1. Love Addiction (Koyama solo)
2. Private Hearts
3. Uri Sarang 
4. 暁 (Masuda solo)
5. Pumpkin
7. HAPPY MUSIC (Shige solo)
8. カカオ
9. シャララタンバリン
10. ごみ箱 (Tegoshi solo)
11. Stars
12. 愛なんて

Regular Edition DISC 2
1. エンドレス・サマー
2. Share
7. Smile Maker
8. Forever
9. バンビーナ
10. きらめきの彼方へ
11. 夢の数だけ愛が生まれる
12. 2人/130000000の奇跡
13. 真冬のナガレボシ
14. チェリッシュ
15. 永遠色の恋

preorder links:
CDJapan | HMV | YesAsia

CDJapan | HMV | YesAsia

Now, where's the new single release date? '__'a

Which female celebrities are getting paid the most per CM?

TV commercials are one of the best ‘popularity barometers’ for celebrities in Japan. However, it’s not just the amount of CM contracts nor the amount of exposure that differentiates a CM Queen (or king) from a ‘normal’ female celebrity, it’s the fee they get paid per CM.

Tabloid ‘Shukan Post‘ once again managed to obtain the top secret list that showed how much celebrities are getting paid per CM contract. Naturally, you have to have a certain degree of popularity and an almost flawless image in order to get corporations to invest that much money into the celebrity to represent their brand.

One female celebrity that plowed through the top ranking by increasing her fee more than threefold is none other than child actress Ashida Mana. Last year she ‘only’ received an estimated fee of 20,000,000 Yen ($250,720 USD) per CM, but as of right now she’s already commanding 65,000,000 Yen ($814,840 USD) per CM.

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Meisa and Jin in debt-induced hell?

Actress Kuroki Meisa and idol Akanishi Jin are currently awaiting the birth of their child. It seems that reality is quite cruel to the unconventional couple, and they are said to be in heavy debt.

“In order to pay the penalty for his canceled tour, Jin borrowed more than a couple hundred million yen. And it seems only Meisa is able to pay back that debt. The only way she can do it is by going nude and doing sex scenes to pay it back with her body.” Said an entertainment management insider.

Johnny’s is known to be a very strict agency amongst the industry and it seems they’ve completely given up on Jin. First his tour was canceled, and his role in the GTO remake is also rescinded. The fees incurred for canceling his tour, which included venue cancellation fees, staff fees, and contract fees, all added up to around 450 million yen. On top of this, because he is withdrawing from GTO, there is an added “trouble-causing” fee that is around 100million yen that he also has to pay. 

At this point, people are just waiting for his retirement announcement. “There is no way he can pay such a hefty fee with an expecting child on the way. Johnny Kitagawa has been lenient towards Jin despite all the troubles that he has caused the agency, but not notifying the agency of his marriage was the last straw and Johnny is extremely angry at his conduct. It was said that Johnny got so angry that he threw a spoon when he heard the news. It wouldn’t be surprising if Jin is let go from J&A once 47 Ronin is released next February…”

Meisa’s career is also in danger because of this. “Right now, she has contracts with 6 companies, but they probably won’t renew her once those contracts are up. And once Jin is chased out of J&A, no TV stations would want to use her in their shows either.” 

At the end, the only thing left for her in the entertainment industry would be nude scenes and sex scenes. She’s probably have to go nude in order to help her husband pay back his debt. “She can probably still put out photobooks and star in movies because J&A has less control over those companies. The companies think that if Meisa goes nude, it’d be a big hit, so they’ll push her towards that direction. Kind of like her drama Jiu, but this time they’ll probably ask her to show more. At the very end, she’ll probably end up doing soft-core porn.”

Both are known to carefree personalities, and with this new rumor about their money troubles, people are already talking about their divorce. These was even a rumor about people offering Meisa to appear nude while pregnant. One must really wonder how long she’ll hold on. 


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FNS Kayousai to broadcast special live at Yoyogi first gymnasiums & artist line up

It’s been announced that this summer, Fuji TV’s ‘FNS Kayousai‘ will hold a special live concert, ‘FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri‘, to mark the 15th year of the festival that first began in 1998 at the Yokohama Arena. The MCs for the festival are well-known stars Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Takashima Aya, and the event will be broadcast live on August 8 from the Yoyogi National First Gymnasium.

Fuji TV invited many wonderful artists last year to the studio, and broadcast 200 songs from their archives under the theme “Nihon wo Yuuki Dzukeru Meikyoku 200 Kyoku” (“200 Popular Songs That Encourage Japan”).

This year, a fabulous spread of generational and genre-specific artists, including AKB48, EXILE, Sakamoto Fuyumi, Suzuki Masayuki, SMAP, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, and Yuzu, will gather at Yoyogi, and a total of 88 summer songs (subject to change) will be performed live in 4 hours.

‘FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri’ will be broadcast at 7PM on August 8 on Fuji TV.

The Artist Line-up:

  • AKB48
  • SKE48
  • Every Little Thing
  • Kato Miliyah
  • Kimaguren
  • Kuraki Mai
  • Golden Bomber
  • Kobukuro
  • Sakamoto Fuyumi
  • Sandaime J Soul Brothers
  • JUJU
  • Suzuki Masayuki
  • Star Flower (Kobayashi Seiran&Tani Kanon)
  • SMAP
  • ZONE
  • Takamiy (Takamizawa Toshihiko)
  • Tanimura Shinji
  • TUBE
  • TRF
  • T.M.Revolution
  • Terada Keiko
  • Tokunaga Hideaki
  • Nishino Kana
  • BENI
  • Makihara Noriyuki
  • Mizuki Nana
  • Yaida Hitomi
  • Yuzu
  • Watase Maki

Guest Musicians:

  • Asakura Daisuke
  • Oshio Kotaro
  • Koike Teppei
  • Komuro Tetsuya
  • Hakase Taro
  • Hanai Yuki

Credit : Tokyohive , FNS ,Cinematoday

No K POP !?
Maybe ,they will do like last year ..No live performance .!!.
famous artists just sit and watch music ranking OTL

Self-Described “Sushidols” are Serving Fans Songs with their Wasabi

It’s hard making it as an idol group in Japan. In this business thousands of girls and boys are struggling to find their niche be it with snaggleteeth, clean towels, or chainsaws.

This time RocketNews would like to present a girl group who have taken a more fishy road to success, by pitching in at their local sushi shop. Every Sunday you can catch up-and-coming Idol Class do a free concert then sell you some octopus after the show, in what they call Sushidols.

A beautiful cross-promotional marriage, Nagoya based spacious sushi restaurant Goichi produced Sushidols to bolster sales, and it seems to be working. At the same time, Idol Class has been building a solid resume of TV and event appearances, culminating in the video of their newest song Hold Onto Your Dream.

On top of that, recently Victor Music Arts Inc. has announced their decision to publish Idol Class’s first official release, Beginning Story. To celebrate they will perform a commemorative “debut” concert at Nagoya City Performing Arts Center’s Grand Hall on August 11th.

Meanwhile, you can get a taste of these sushidols via their regularly updated video blogs or by buying one of their made-to-order CDs and DVDs from their website.

So let that be a lesson to all you would be idol groups just starting out. The quickest way to a fan’s heart is through their stomach!

source, video

Nagase and Ayumi to be married?!

As of late, rumors are buzzing that Ayumi Hamasaki and Nagase Tomoya have reconciled their relationship and have gotten back together. Even more, now there is information coming out that the two have already decided to be married, according to Tokyo Sports.

“Since the rumor has gone so far that even conversations like ‘in the case a ceremony is held it would be relayed on Nippon TV’ have managed to spread, it appears that the two’s reconciliation isn’t total nonsense - but the real deal. Even further, as of late a person called “The Don of the Entertainment World” and a higher up in Johnny’s Jimusho have been going out to eat together. It appears the topic of these meetings has all to do with the problem of the two’s marriage.” (Entertainment Insider)

Hamasaki herself recently divorced Australian Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz after only one year of marriage.

“Nagase’s relationship with Aibu Saki also has ended in catastrophe. Because of that, there’s no obstacles between Nagase and Hamasaki. They still have yet to get rid of the tattoos from when they were dating. Apparently, those tattoos were one of the reasons Aibu lost her civility with Nagase.”

(Source: translated by omoxi

I hope they'll get married soon...<33333

Track lists for Flawless band’s upcoming tribute album and live DVD revealed!

It was reported that L’Arc~en~Ciel would be releasing their tribute album “L’Arc-en-Ciel TRIBUTE” and live best DVD, “LIVE TWENITY“ on June 13th. Now, the track lists have been revealed!

For this album, various overseas artists will be covering L’Arc~en~Ciel’s hit songs. These artists include BOYZ II MEN, Clémentine, Daniel Power, Eric Martin, JOHN 5, Maxi Priest, Orianthi, TLC, Vince Neil, ZEBRAHEAD, and Michael Monroe.

Additionally, it was revealed that POLYSICS, SID, Hemenway, and TOTALFAT, who all belong to Ki/oon Music, will be singing the bonus tracks.

Meanwhile, L’Arc~en~Ciel’s live best DVD will contain 20 live clips of the band’s concert from ‘1997 REINCARNATION‘ to their most recent ‘20th L’Anniversary TOUR‘.

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Sources: 1 & 2

omg shaking and crying right now, TLC and SID i can die happy after i buy this >_<
saku ps
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Kobukuro announces best-of album + free live event !!

Kobukuro has announced that they will be releasing their 2nd best-of album, “ALL SINGLES BEST 2“, on September 5th!

The duo was on hiatus from August of last year to this April for Kobuchi Kentaro (Vo, G) was diagnosed with Dystonia and required at least a 6-month recovery period. Kuroda Shunsuke was also receiving treatment for his lower back pain and throat fatigue.

‘ALL SINGLES BEST 2′ will include Kobukuro’s 2007 single “Tsubomi“, collaboration songs with Ayaka, “WINDING ROAD” and “Anata to“, as well as a new version of “Kokoro no Hane“. It will also contain new songs titled “Takibi no You na Uta” and “Koukyoukyoku Dai 5296 Ban“.

The album will be released in 3 different versions: Limited Edition A (CD+DVD), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD), and Regular Edition. Limited Edition A will come with a DVD containing music videos from Kobukuro’s debut song “YELL” to their latest “Ano Taiyou ga, Kono Sekai wo Terashi Tsuzukeru You ni.“. Meanwhile, the DVD for Limited Edition B will be a compilation of the duo’s live footage.

Additionally Kobukuro will be holding a free live event called ‘FAN’S MADE LIVE‘ on September 9th at Banpaku Kinen Park East Square in Osaka. Although this is considered a free live, there will be a participation fee of 1,000 yen, which will cover the park and facility fees.

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Credit : Tokyohive

Glad that finally , they come back
Can't wait for their new best album !! XD


Fujigaya Taisuke lands first lead role in a Golden Time drama, flawless princess joins his side

Kis-My-Ft2’s Fujigaya Taisuke will be the main character for the new drama “Beginners!”, that will air on TBS every Thursday at 9 pm (golden time) this summer. The heroine will be actress Goriki Ayame. Kis-My-Ft2’s Kitayama Hiromitsu will also be part of the cast.

The drama is set in an elite police school with strict rules such as no dating, no mobile phones, no personal conversations between students. Fujigaya’s character is a former biker with a strong sense of justice that aims to become a policeman.

Fujigaya’s comment: “I want to make this drama a lively, passionate work. I want to become everyone’s policeman hero. I will keep on running without stopping.”

Kitayama's comment: "I want to act so that something remains in the hearts of the viewers."

Source via (summary/translation by [info]loveandcoffee, reposted with her blessing)

another theme song for Kisumai y/y?
cwp cut

Expats Say Goodbye to Gaijin Card

This summer marks the end of an era for foreigners residing in Japan. Starting July 9, the 60-year-old “certificate of alien registration” — the credit-card sized i.d. informally known as “the gaijin card” — will go the way of yakiimo carts, weekly Astroboy broadcasts, and uniformed men punching train tickets.

New residents will instead be given a “residence card” similar to the ones Japanese citizens carry, except for a special marking designating the holder’s nationality. It’s part of a series of amendments to Japanese immigration law designed to create a simpler system for the government, and a way for foreigners to feel, well, slightly less alien.

One main change: foreign residents and Japanese nationals can sign up with the government under the same resident registration system, rather than filing under separate categories, as currently required. That means foreigners generally can handle more of their bureaucratic needs only with their local municipal office, reducing the need to deal with immigration authorities. The new law is also designed to make life easier for Japanese with non-Japanese spouses. The entire family can be registered in one system, and the foreign spouse can be listed as the head of the family. Under current law, those families have to register under two different systems.

Another significant change: longer stay periods on certain visas. Some specialized workers, like engineers, can stay for up to five years instead of the current three; students can stay for up to four years and three months, up from the current maximum of two years and three months. Re-entry permits are being extended to five years from the current three years.

According to the Immigration Bureau of Japan, the new system will better track “the residency of foreign nationals residing in Japan for the mid-to long-term with resident status, and ensure greater convenience for those foreign nationals.”

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The Wall Street Journal | Japan

Get your tickets now! Kisumai members hitting the stage in new play!

Stage play, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gekitsuiouhen angel of battlefield" is set to start in August of this year. It was recently announced that new cast will include Kis-My-Ft2 members Yokoo Wataru and Nikaido Takashi.

The play is based on the 1982 book series "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" which saw its first volume sell approximately 15,000,000 copies within the first five years of release. The story revolves around the war between the Galactic Empire and the Free Planet Alliance and the two commanders who lead the story.

The stage version of the story first volume debuted in January 2011 and nearly 18,000 people came to see it at the Tokyo Aoyama Gekijou. Various other editions were performed, and the latest, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes Dainisho Jiyuu Wakusei Doumei-hen" showed from April 14 to the 22 at the Tokyo International Forum. The summer will see the next edition, "Gekitsuiouhen angel of battlefield." Nakagawa Akinori and members of Kis-My-Ft2, Yokoo Wataru and Nikaido Takashi, will star in the play. Fans can see the boys from August 3 (Friday) to the 12 (Sunday) at the Tennnozu Galaxy Theater.

Translation - qummydino

omg! is there anything these perfect and sexy boys can't do?!?! so happy and proud