May 11th, 2012

Ashida Mana and Toyokawa Etsushi to star in new Fuji TV drama

Toyokawa Etsushi and Ashida Mana will be starring in the upcoming Fuji TV drama, ‘Beautiful Rain‘, starting in July.

In the drama, Toyokawa plays the role of Keisuke, a single father who is diagnosed with juvenile Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile, Ashida will take on the role of a 2nd grade student named Miu who supports her father during his times of trial.

This will be Ashida’s first time starring in a Fuji TV drama series since her big break in ‘Marumo no Okite‘. She commented on Toyokawa saying, “He’s an actor I love so I’m already very excited. I want him to teach me many things like a real father.

‘Beautiful Rain’ will be the 8th drama in Fuji TV’s ‘Dramatic Sunday’ timeslot, which started back in October of 2010. After his wife passes away, Keisuke resigns from his job at a major construction company and becomes a craftsman at a metalworking factory to support his only daughter Miu. One day, Keisuke is suddenly diagnosed with juvenile Alzheimer’s disease, changing their lifestyle drastically. Keisuke and Miu face the harsh reality together to overcome it.

The script will be written by Habara Daisuke, who is known for his works in ‘Pacchigi!‘ and ‘Hula Girl‘. The drama will also star Miura Shohei, Denden, Kanie Keizou, and Yasuda Ken.

The last time Toyokawa starred in a Fuji TV drama was 13 years ago in 1999 on ‘Kiken na Kankei‘. Regarding ‘Beautiful Rain’, he stated, “It has the themes of the bond between parent and child, the bond between family, and the bond between regions. In the form of a TV drama, I aim to make this a piece of work that will make the viewers feel those things.

Ashida expressed, “I’m very happy that I get to star in a drama series again.” She continued, “It’s a role I’ve never played before so it’s difficult. But I will do my best.

Fuji TV’s Shikanai Tsugi explained his reason for choosing Toyokawa saying, “Toyokawa-san has kind eyes toward children, and I wanted to see him playing with children.” He also commented on Ashida with, “By having her portray the delicate heart of a daughter who thinks of her father, not as child actor but as an actress, I thought I would be able to see her new charms.

‘Beautiful Rain’ will air every Sunday from 9:00 pm starting in July.

Source & Image: Mantan Web and tokyohive

Arashi named most powerful celebrities in Japan, SMAP are #9

In today's entertainment world, who is the person with the highest degree of familiarity and interest from the public? "Nikkei Entertainment!"'s June edition, which is now on sale, features its fifth annual "Talent Power Ranking."

In its "Talent Power Ranking," public research company Architect investigated "public degree of familiarity (knowing the name and face)" and "degree of interest (wanting to see, wanting to know, wanting to listen)" and calculated their power as talents and finally ranked them. Those included in the list were actors, comedians, musicians, sports figures, announcers, and other celebrities and totaled 1,196 stars.

The ranking's top ten:

2位「Southern All-Stars」(3)
3位「Matsushima Nanako」(42)
4位「Beat Takeshi」(8)
5位「Ayase Haruka」(11)
6位「Fukuyama Masaharu」(1)
7位「Abe Hiroshi」(22)
8位「Akashiya Sanma」(7)
*The number in the parenthesis indicate their rank last year

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omg! congrats perfect boys!! PS. cant wait to see Kisumai top this list soon!! PPS ABC-Z too! waiting!!
tay-symon (me)

SHINee ignites RACIST scandal with anti-Native American performance

Boy band "SHINee" from SM Entertainment has been spotted being RACIST in a new performance in Fukuoka, Japan.

The boys are seen in the beginning being attacked by some supposive Native Americans who are dressed in tacky and stereotypical native outfits. They are then placed in shackles and taken captive by these backup dancers who are mocking the Native American culture. They make calls reminiscint of the time when Native Americans were jokes and ridiculed as barbarians. Onew and the boys then continue to dance with them in a Native-mocking fashion that is both untalented and unattractive and uncouth because of its racist undertones.

The video has already garnered 3 dislikes and it's becoming a major controversy on places like Twitter where one user said, "SHINee bein racist as fuck what else is new" and "u think after korea recognized their racism when i made my first editorial they change? no they just find another culture to degrade"
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source - Tay Symone (ifuaskedmeto), Video One and Two and My Twitter

SMH at this... didnt Korea get the message the first time around???? Japan don't need this racism
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Cool brazziere, like literally XD

A bra with built-in ice packs, a wind chime and a sprig of mint that was unveiled in Japan on Wednesday is promising to keep women cool this summer.

In a nearly-naked publicity stunt, underwear firm Triumph Japan had models parading around showing off its "Super Cool Bra", featuring what appears to be a pair of small fish tanks encompassing the breasts.

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Well, the feature is interesting. But it could use a better design, imo :3


Vanilla Beans to release their first photo book

Idol group Vanilla Beans will be releasing their first photo book, ‘Gekkan Neo Vanilla Beans‘, on June 26th.

The girls are now in the 5th year of their career, and they challenged themselves to many new things for this new photo book. It holds the theme of “beautiful legs”, and it will feature Risa and Rena’s very first sexy shots.

Pre-orders for ‘Gekkan Neo Vanilla Beans’ will be available through TOWER RECORDS ONLINE and other online vendors starting May 11th. The special edition will come in a hard cover case, and it will include 10 additional pictures and a making-of DVD. The photo book will also be released in an e-book version.

Prior to the photo book’s release, Vanilla Beans will hold their 4th one-man live, ‘Hokuou no Kaze‘, at WWW in Tokyo.


NINKI ratings for the week of 14/5~20/5/2012

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Looks like another 48 domination next week. And FTISLAND got no.1 in the NINKI, but I have a feeling that either one of Mr.Children's albums will snatch the no.1 spot again in their 2nd week. :)

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Anti-Sakurai Sho media preparing to drop a 'bomb' on fans

A weekly publication is currently planning to trap Sakurai Sho, who graduated from Keio University's economics department, is a newscaster for Nihon TV's NEWS ZERO and is known for being the most intelligent Johnny's member, by collecting scandalous information.

While many magazines post gossip about Johnny's Entertainment, a certain magazine have "bombs" ready about the star.

"It's (the magazine) 'Shuukan Josei.' They are publishing material from the past that betrays the fresh image that Sakurai shows to the public. For example, they published a story about him spitting on paparazzi and smashing fans' cell phones. This was a magazine that used to be on good terms with Johnny's Entertainment, but now it's soley operating to attack Johnny's head-on," said one reporter.

From the 90s, Johnny's used its considerable clout to stop its celebrities from being used for promotional purposes in different media. Nowadays, only certain media like NHK's Kouhaku Gassen are approved for its idols to appear. In the heyday of weekly publications, because gossip flowed freely throughout the media, it was difficult for Johnny's to put a stop to it.

"The natural enemies of Johnny's Entertainment, like 'Focus' and 'Bishou' went out of business, and Johnny's became especially strong. But 'Shuukan Josei' is continuously running negative reports on Johnny's, and because its celebrity section has become basically a Johnny's section, it's become quite an issue. Recently they did a story on Ninomiya Kazunari smoking, accompanied by a photo, which made some fans' feeling toward the singer dubious," said the reporter.

After infiltrating the location of the movie he's working on, they posted the photo in a major spot of the magazine. They collected data without contacting Johnny's, and this technique is certainly antagonizing to Johnny's Entertainment.

"Also, just before Golden Week, 'Shuukan Josei' recruited a very skilled reporter from a photo magazine. This person has quite a bit of unreleased Johnny's gossip, so it's safe to say that the magazine is becoming strong in the area of Johnny's scandals."

From here on out, the battle between Johnny's Entertainment and weekly publications will become white-hot. Is the day that Sakurai Sho's scandals explode in public near? With this day coming, it seems sleepless nights will be continuing both fans and Sakurai himself.

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omg!!! i wonder what it is?