May 13th, 2012

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Mr.Children celebrates their 20th debut anniversary with 40,000 fans !!

On May 10,2012  is the 20th anniversary for popular rock band Mr.Children since they had released their debut mini album “Everything” on May 10th 1992

To celebrate their 20th year anniversary since their debut.Mr.Children released 2Best album MICRO &MACRO on their anniversary day and  hold concert with 40,000 fans at Kyocera dome Osaka  on the same day

They perform 3hours with 27 song such as very popular songs Innocent world ,Owarinaki Tabi including hit songs from new best album  such as Shirushi ,Kurumi ,youthful days ,Gift ,Houkiboshi ,Esora and etc

Sakurai Kazutoshi (42) (Vocalist &Guitar) said He's really happy and they are recording new song for new album
He surprised fans by singing half new song

The band  held 2 month nationwide 6 Dome tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary with the theme of POPSAURUS 2012. Tour kick off since April and will end up at Nagoya Dome on 5- 6th June .Their tour will pull in a total of 550,000 audience members.

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365 Nichi


End of the Day

and others

Source 1 , 2 ,Natalie & Youtube

Misuchiru ...Omedetou ! ! XD

20th years anniversary on music road prove Mr.Children is really strong and longevity !!
Very very very few artists can have long popularity 
What's keeping Mr.Children's success for long time ?? XD

Their new 2 best albums are rockin'  on Oricon chart right now!!

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Inoue Mao finally has a new TV drama!

Actress Inoue Mao will be starring in a new drama from NTV titled Tokkan Tokubetsu Kokuzei Choushuukan. Based on a novel of the same name, the drama will air Wednesdays from 10pm starting in July. Written by Takadono Madoka, the original work ran in the monthly publication Mystery Magazine. This will be the first drama for Inoue since starring in the NHK asadora Ohisama a year and three months ago.

In Tokkan, Inoue will be playing a tax collector named Suzumiya Miki. Her role will be a complete turn from her good-natured heroine role in Ohisama. Instead, Inoue will be chasing after people who have been deliberately evading their taxes. Working with her on the drama include director Mizuda Nobuo and screenwriter Izumi Yoshihiro. Mizuda recently directed the movie Tsuna Hiichatta!, which stars Inoue, while Izumi worked with her on the drama Anmitsu Hime. Further details of her co-stars and theme song have not been released.

Source: AsianFanatics, Yomuri, Ameblo Blog

The storyline doesn't seem very interesting, so hopefully the co-stars will compensate!

Sho Sakurai To Cover 2012 London Olympics for NTV

It has been decided that Arashi's Sho Sakurai will be NTV's main newscaster for its coverage of the 2012 London Olympics. This is Sakurai's third time to be appointed as the official newscaster, the first time was in Beijing (2008) and in Winter Olympics in Vancouver (2010).

Sakurai started his career as a newscaster for NEWS ZERO last 2006. He is expected to start reporting from the opening on July 27th until it's conclusion on Aug 12th, which he will be expected to report live from London. Sakurai was mainly chosen because he has built a certain camaraderie with other Olympic athletes, such as: such as Kosuke Kitajima (swimming), Ai Fukuhara (table tennis) , and Kyoko Hamaguchi (wrestling). Moreover, Olympic producer Masanori Matsuhara said that, "Sakurai studies documents beforehand, he reports about athletes with respect, and he conveys those reports to the audience in the simplest terms that could be understood."

Sakurai related that he experienced "goosebumps" when he first reported on Beijing Olympics in 2006. "London Olympics would be fiercer, there are lot of athletes in my generation. With this, I really feel honored and I hope that I will be able to convey the athletes' voices to the audience," Sakurai commented after he was chosen.

Source: jpopasia

Johnny Depp comes face-to-face with his Japanese lookalike

Most celebrities are used to seeing their fans adopt their style and try and imitate them in what the old adage would have us believe is the sincerest form of flattery.

But then there are others who will take their love for a celebrity too far by trying to really look like them.

Something Johnny Depp found out as he found himself face-to-face with one of Japan's leading celebrity impersonators as he jetted into the country yesterday.

Hello everyone - and me! Johnny Depp is greeted by his Japanese impersonator as he jetted into Tokyo to promote his new film Dark Shadows
Hello everyone - and me! Johnny Depp is greeted by his Japanese impersonator as he jetted into Tokyo to promote his new film Dark Shadows

Hello everyone - and me! Johnny Depp is greeted by his Japanese impersonator as he jetted into Tokyo to promote his new film Dark Shadows

There to greet him was Ken Shimizu, who has dressed up as Depp complete with goatee beard and trilby hat.

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Source: dailymail

More information is revealed about AKB48's 4th senbatsu elections

Fans could take part in deciding AKB48 27th single senbatsu and coupling members, totalling to 4 groups containing 64 names.
Furthermore, part of 26th single “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” sales will be donated for Touhoku Earthquake through Dareka no Tame ni project.
・AKB48 (Team A: 15 names, Team K: 15 names, Team B: 15 names, Team 4: 16 names, Kenkyuusei: 27 names) Total: 88 names
・SKE48 (Team S: 14 names, Team KII: 16 names, Team E: 13 names, Kenkyuusei: 21 names) Total: 64 names
・NMB48 (Team N: 16 names, Team M: 15 names, Kenkyuusei: 33 names) Total: 64 names
・HKT48 (Team H: 16 names, Kenkyuusei: 5 names) Total: 21 names
Total all 237 names.

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It's so sweet that they're still donating their profits to the relief project.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2012 is here again

Tokyo Idol Festival will be held again in this summer. The venue will be the same as last year, Odaiba Aomi Tokusetsukaijyou / Fuji TV Wangan Studio, but Hot Stage/Main Stage will be moved to the new Zepp DiverCity TOKYO.

Event: Tokyo Idol Festival 2012
Schedule: August 4-5 (2 days), pre-event night on August 3 at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO
Venue: Odaiba Aomi Tekusetsukaijyou / Fuji TV Wangan Studio, Zepp DiverCity TOKYO (Hot Stage)
Ticket: 4800 yen (one day), 8000 yen (two days). Ticket selling on June.

TIF Official Website:
TIF Official Twitter: @TIF_STAFF
TIF Official Facebook:
TIF Producer /  Idoling!!! Producer Official Twitter: @seitakadosawa

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source: 1, 2
My friend went last year to support his friend and told me how amazing it was.
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netizens worried about yamada yu's skinny appearance

Yamada Yu, who married actor Oguri Shun March 13th, recently uploaded several pictures to her web blog of her slender waist, arms and back. But now worries have arisen over her underweight appearance. Although Yamada displayed a beautiful figure in her last Anan shoot, on the internet netizens are speaking out about the photos:

“Her pelvis is sticking out. Is she anorexic?”
“Is it because being skin and bones is okay? Eat properly and exercise, seeing your bones is pathetic.”
“Is this beautiful from a girl’s point of view? She’s skinnier than Ungarzzle, all I can see is that she’s suffering from anorexia.”
“This isn’t a healthy body, and I can’t call it beautiful.”
“I’ll laugh if Oguri cheats on her with a voluptuous woman because of this.”
“If this is whats known as a “beautiful figure”, then it’s no good.”

Although everything seemed fine at Yamada’s wedding press conference, did she go on a diet after she was married? Or did something else happen? Perhaps shes going on a diet for her wedding ceremony.

So, is Yamada Yu suffering from something? Judge for yourself:


I know Japan's models are typically pretty skinny, but I'm guessing from the backlash this apparently is abnormal? Or...?

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"Thermae Romae" to be released in Italy

Tucker Films, the distribution arm of the org that runs the Udine Far East Film Festival, has acquired the Japanese time-travel laffer "Thermae Romae" for distribution in Italy on 50 screens.

Set in ancient Rome and modern-day Japan, pic features a Roman bath architect (Hiroshi Abe) who finds new ideas - and gets a career reboot when he time travels to a Japanese public bath. It was shot in Japan and in Rome's Cinecitta studio with nearly 2,000 local extras.

Pic world preemed in April at the Udine fest, where it got a rapturous reception from the mostly Italian aud and won the My Movie Internet award, decided by online votes on one of Italy major movie sites.

Meanwhile, in Japan, boosted by news of its Italian success, pic has earned nearly $34 million from 2.17 million admissions since its April 28 bow. It has also been picked up for release in Taiwan and Hong Kong.