May 14th, 2012

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EXILE perform new song ! !+Mr.Children 's songs cover!!

On latest Exile Damashii ,EXILE performs new song " Ao sora no hoshi no you ni"

Besides, EXILE cover Mr.Children 's song on the show

TAKAHIRO performs Mr.Children 's popular song SIGN (2004)
This song is ranked No.1 drama theme song ranking on the show

SIGN is the theme song of Drama "Orange Days" (2004) ,starring Tsumabuki Satoshi & Shibasaki Kou
This song won Japan Record Awards in 2004

Besides last week  ATSUSHI coverd Kuruma no Naka de Kakurete Kiss wo Shiyou

Original by Mr.Children

Very surprised that ATSUSHI coverd Kuruma no Naka de Kakurete Kiss wo Shiyou.
This song is not Single and not popular .It is from Mr.Children 's million selling album Kind of Love in 1992 before gaining huge popularity

Source : 1 2 3 & Youtube

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Odagiri Joe’s drama ‘Kazoku no Uta’ to be discontinued due to low rate

It has been reported the Fuji TV will bring Odagiri Joe’s drama ‘Kazoku no Uta‘ to an end on June 3rd with the 8th episode.

The drama began airing on April 15th, and the first episode marked an average viewer rating of 6.1% in the Kanto area. It has continued to receive low viewer ratings — the second episode garnered 3.6% and third 3.4%.

Last month, the CEO of Fuji TV, Toyoda Kou held a press conference and stated “We would like to do our best to get more support from viewer with adjustments.” However, the viewer rate of 4th episode (on May 6th) was lowest number 3.1%. The series drama usually have around 10 episodes, but they will cut the episode and bring to an end at 8th episode.

‘Kazoku no Uta’ tells a story about a former rock star (Odagiri Joe) who suddenly finds out about the existence of his 3 daughters. They had elaborated on a plan to receive high audience ratings with making an appear guest artists at every episode such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

According to Fuji TV, it is still undecided the schedule to air from Jun 10th at 9:00 pm on Sunday. From July, new drama ‘Beautiful Rain‘ which stars Toyokawa Etsushi and Ashida Mana is scheduled to air.


well,that's unfortunate :/

DSP looking to take legal action against magazine

A Japanese magazine recently took a close-up of the inside of Goo Hara’s skirt and used it as their cover picture. As a result, DSP Media is looking into what legal options it may take against the magazine.

On May 14, Goo’s agency, DSP Media, said, "The magazine is a popular Japanese adult magazine and they took a picture of the inside of Goo’s skirt. They report on celebrities and maliciously release edited and suggestive pictures of them."

"We are currently checking how the magazine reports did on our entertainers and we are also considering taking legal action against the magazine, with Japanese DSP Media and Universal Music."

The picture was taken when Goo attended the ’2011 Best Dressed Awards,’ which was held in November in Japan.

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Japanese magazine publishes Goo Hara's upskirt photo

(or without mosaic)

Kara member, Goo Hara‘s panty shot on a particular Japanese Magazine has become a big controversy online. Apparently, this Japanese magazine publisher intentionally enlarged the exposed area, drawing more attention to it.

On May 13th, the cover of the magazine surfaced on an online community board. The image featured Goo Hara sitting on a stool in a dress. The controversial matter, however, is the fact that the area between her legs were enlarged by the publisher, to draw more attention to it.

Netizens became furious at the immature act and commented, “What was the purpose for doing this?“, “What was the point of enlarging the area?‘, and “This is very immature“.

Kara is currently scheduled to hold a concert on the 16th at Yoyogi Stadium and Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

source: akp + naver

hey, we all know it's her thigh right?
blonde massu

Naohito Fujiki to Release Mini-Album on His 40th Birthday

Versatile actor and singer, Naohito Fujiki, will be celebrating his upcoming 40th birthday by releasing a mini-album. The said mini-album is aptly titled, "Forty (卌)", which will have six songs and a special DVD. "Forty" will be released on July 4th.

Aside from Fujiki's mini-album, he will also kicked-off his birthday with "Naohito Fujiki Live Tour Version 10.0~ROCK'N'ROLL!" on July 19th.

Here are dates and venue of Naohito Fujiki Live Tour Version 10.0~ROCK'N'ROLL!:

July 19th - Kawaguchi Lilian Main Hall (Saitama)
July 22nd- Aichiken Art Theater, Large Hall (Nagoya)
Aug 4th - Sendai Civic Auditorium (Miyagi, Sendai)
Aug 11th - Fukuoka International Congress Center (Fukuoka)
Aug 12th - Kurashiki Museum (Okayama)
Aug 17th - Orix Theater (Osaka)
Sept 1st - Shibuya Public Hall (Tokyo)
Sept 2nd - Shibuya PUblic Hall (Tokyo)


I didn't know that he can sing
btw, he's still freakin' hot in 40

Arashi reveals track list for upcoming single “Your Eyes”
The track list of Arashi’s new single “Your Eyes” has been revealed. This marks the 39th single for the group and will be released on June 6th.

Last week, their 38th single “Face Down” which is being used as the theme song for Ohno Satoshi’s drama “Kagi no Kakatta Heya” was released, and this upcoming 39th single will be the theme song for Aiba Masaki’s drama “Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri“.

The single will come in 2 editions, the limited edition which will include a DVD and a regular edition (CD only). The limited edition will also come with a 16 page lyric booklet.

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Super Junior Considering Creating Japanese Subunit

Super Junior has been in Japan holding their "Super Show 4" concerts in Tokyo. During a press conference before the show, the group revealed they are thinking about forming a Japanese subunit.

"We never stayed in Japan to promote and it’s not like we had official promotions in Japan, either. But we think because of K-Pop’s overall popularity, we gained a lot of fan support. In order to return the love, we are also thinking about unit groups in Japan," the group stated.

In addition, the group also commented on comparisons to TVXQ's popularity in Japan.

"We think we benefited a lot from Hallyu’s recent popularity. Many people compare our popularity to TVXQ’s, but we really have a long way to go. TVXQ’s fandom is beyond imagination. TVXQ first started with small scale concerts with only 500 seats when they first came to Japan. They worked extremely hard to work their way up and achieved the results they did," the said.

Although remaining modest in front of the press, Super Junior's popularity in Japan has become undeniable as their latest Japanese single "Opera" climbed to the top of the Oricon Daily Singles chart. The single has sold over 150,000 copies in 6 days.


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SHINee Appear on Japanese Talk Show

The 5 young men of SHINee appeared on Asahi talk show "Oha Asa" on May 14 to discuss their 1st Japanese arena tour, the Japanese release of "Sherlock" and the accompanying choreography for the title track. Check out the interview to see some behind the scenes footage of their Osaka stop and be sure to give their new Japanese release a listen on May 16th.

lol @ that little girl's misspelled Onew sign and the snsd cosplayers. why didn't they let Key speak more- he barely needs a translator. and Taeminie...that shirt...

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Micchan, Micchan2

Free Live at Yoyogi Park on 5/16 will be streamed live!

It was reported earlier that NICO will hold a free live at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage on the release day of their new single "Natsu no Daisankakkei."  There will be a priority area for those who purchase the single or digital version.  Today, they revealed that the concert will be streamed live on Ustream . Do catch it if you can!

When: May 16 at 18:30

Sources: + OHP

Well, that's the gist, but if  I missed anything, feel free to make corrections.


Official website just updated broadcast starts 11 o'clock.  Check the ustream website for the local time.