May 15th, 2012

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Hiroshi Abe and Aya Ueto commemorate "Thermae Romae" hit with stage greeting

On May 13, actors Hiroshi Abe and Aya Ueto, as well as film director Hideki Takeuchi attended a special stage greeting at Tokyo's TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills to commemorate the success of the movie "Thermae Romae", which as of Saturday has earned 2.75 billion yen from 2.17 million admissions.

Commenting on the success of the film, Abe revealed, "I have gotten feedback from friends for this movie more than any other, so I'm as glad as can be." "It's unbelievable. I never thought I would appear in such a grand film, it feels like a dream," added Ueto.

Ueto, who portrays the original character of aspiring manga artist Mami Yamakoshi, tapped into her sex appeal for the role. "Before coming here tonight, (Takeuchi) asked me if it was okay if he talked about my breasts. That's actually what I was expecting him to comment on," revealed Ueto. "Her bra line during the scene where she draws Lucius was the sexiest," obliged Takeuchi, prompting laughter from Ueto. "I had a lot of insecurities but decided to just act and let the director handle everything else," she explained.

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‘Sadako 3D’ movie to be released throughout Asia

On May 12th, the cast of horror film, ‘Sadako 3D‘, attended the first stage greeting in Tokyo.

During this event, it was announced that the movie will be released in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The cast was delighted to hear this good news that even Sadako approached actress Ishihara Satomi and gave her a hug. Responding to Sadako’s unexpected actions, Ishihara exclaimed, “What?! Wah! I’m surprised!

‘Sadako 3D’ is the latest installment of Suzuki Koji’s popular horror series. As this marked Ishihara’s first time starring in a horror film, she commented, “On set, it didn’t feel like we were shooting for a horror film. It was fun. After all the advertisements, I’m very happy to see how well-received ‘Sadako 3D’ was.

The other day, the actress who plays the role of Sadako was revealed to be young actress Hashimoto Ai. During the event, she apologized to the crowd saying,  ”I’m sorry to stand here before everyone sees ‘‘Sadako 3D’.” She then continued, “I only appear in the last 10 minutes, but there will be all different kinds of Sadako, so please look forward to it.

‘Sadako 3D’ will play on over 200 screens in South Korea starting June 14th. Aside from South Korea, it will also be released in Hong Kong and Singapore. Ishihara expressed, “I have friends in Singapore, so I’m happy.

Actors Seto Koji, Yamamoto Yusuke and Tayama Ryosei also attended the event, as well as author Suzuki Koji.

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Source: Tokyohive
Video: MovieCollection
Photos: Oricon and Mantan Web

Sawajiri Erika goes on hiatus due to poor health

On May 15th, it was reported that actress Sawajiri Erika has been on hiatus since early-May due to poor health.

After taking a short break from the acting scene, Sawajiri landed the lead role in the upcoming movie, ‘Helter Skelter‘. She was expected to make her big comeback with this film, but was forced to cancel promotional events due to her poor health.

A person from a movie magazine revealed, “Recently, the day before an interview, Sawajiri-san suddenly called in to cancel. Two months before the movie opens in theaters. It’s a period for promotions, but we were told that replacement interviews are indeterminate. We were troubled…

Others in the film industry say that Sawajiri’s poor health is due to a change in her mind and body. “In her upcoming movie, she’s challenged herself to intense sexual scenes. She’s an actress who becomes absorbed into her roles, so the heroine Ririko wouldn’t leave her body for a long time. She seemed to be down.

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Source: Nikkan Sports 1, 2 and tokyohive
Image: Oricon

Check out the full trailer below...It looks INTENSE...


Meet Lemon: Japan's First Police Cat!

Criminals beware, there is a new crime fighter in town. Say hello to officer Lemon aka the first cat to ever become a police officer in Japan. At the age of two weeks, Lemon has become a great asset in the fight against crime in Kyoto. 

Prior to joining the police force, Lemon was a stray that wandered the streets of Kyoto, Japan. Until one day, Lemon was found and made an honorary member of the Yoro Station. Ever since that day, Lemon has brightened the lives of the people that work at the station.

Just like any other officer, Lemon wears his own uniform when he is on duty. As a true believer of justice, Lemon cannot stand jailbirds -- now you know the truth behind those claw marks on the bodies of prisoners. 

Besides keeping the workers happy, Lemon travels with other officers when they are investigating situations that involve suspicious phone calls. Because of Lemon's contribution, the victims feel more at ease. This comes to show you that sometimes the key to taking down crime is to have a cute feline on reserve for any kind of crisis. You are a hero to all cats everywhere, Lemon. Keep up the good work! 

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Mikeneko Holmes anyone?? except that this one wears a uniform! <333

Sources 1, 2

Tokyo Disney Resort Allows Gay Weddings

Since 2007, Disney has allowed gay couples to participate in its Fairy Tale Wedding program in the United States.

Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) has not banned gay weddings, but they did have some restrictions in place. When LGBT rights activist Koyuki Higashi contacted TDR this year to inquire about holding a lesbian wedding there, officials told her that they would allow a ceremony, but would not allow both women to wear wedding dresses. Somebody had to dress as a woman and somebody had to dress as a man (“同性カップルの場合、一方が男性に見える格好で、もう一方が女性に見える格好であること。異性カップルに見えない装いでの結婚式はお断りしてい る”).

Using her Twitter account, Higashi spread the news of this disappointing policy. In response to the negative online PR, the company that manages TDR contacted Disney’s American offices for a clarification of its gay wedding policy. It only took one week for them to reverse their decision and apologize to Higashi. Tokyo Disney will no longer require homosexual couples to dress like like heterosexual couples at its wedding ceremonies.

(Note: Disney may be allowing these ceremonies, but gay marriage is still not legally recognized in Japan. )

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Mr.Children 's 2 Best Albums top the chart with selling over 1.44 million copies !!

As reported earlier ,Popular Rock band  Mr.Children released  2 best albums『Mr.Children 2001-2005 <micro>』 &『Mr.Children 2005-2010 <macro>』 on their debut day 10th May (later than usual) to celebrate their 20th debut anniversary

With one less day ! , both albums can achieve 700k copied sales in first week !! .MACRO  sold  731,589 copies and MICRO sold 715,556 copies !!  staying at No.1 &No.2 consecutively in  weekly chart .Total sales are 1.44 million copies ! ! Also, MACRO has been the biggest first week sales since Arashi 's  All the best (1999-2009) in 2009 !!

This marked the a new record, as they’ve become the first artist more than 20 years into their debut to monopolize 1st and 2nd place. Hotei Tomoyasu had kept the record previously as he achieved 1st and 2nd place on the album ranking with his two best-of albums after 12 years and 11 months since his debut.

Additionally, Mr.Children tied the record with TMN and Porno Graffitti for topping 1st and 2nd place with best-of albums for the second time after their previous best-of albums.

Besides, they can surpass their later Original albums 's first week sales ,HOME [2007] 693,038 copies (total 1,207,417 copies ) &Supermarket fantasy[2008] 707,763 ( total 1,277,906 copies ) ,with one less day !!

For later album SENSE [2010[ ,this mysterious album has no Single ,no Lives on media ,lack of information before releasing and almost zero promotion .. 780k is very big !!

Moreover ,their older 2 best albums which were released in last 11 years (July ,2001) re-entered the TOP10 ! .
『Mr.Children 1992-1995』 (Total sales 2.363 million copies ) soared from No.55 (last week) to No.9 and  Mr.Children 1996-2000』 (Total sales 1.798 million copies ) from No.59 to No.12
Besides, their latest single Inori ~Namida no kidou stay at No.4 on this week

Now , TOP 10 yearly album chart

*1 *,747,145 **1,567 EXILE JAPAN/Solo / EXILE/EXILE ATSUSHI 12/01/01

*2 *,731,589 731,589 Mr.Children 2005-2010<macro> / Mr.Children 12/05/10 << NEW
*3 *,715,556 715,556 Mr.Children 2001-2005<micro> / Mr.Children 12/05/10 << NEW

*4 *,390,481 **3,200 NEWTRAL / Ikimono gakari 12/02/29
*5 *,300,409 **2,375 Kis-My-1st / Kis-My-Ft2 12/03/28
*6 *,275,961 **2,219 Super girls / KARA 11/11/23 (Total :726,556)
*7 *,***,*** ***,*** FUNKY MONKEY BABYS4 / FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 11/12/21
*8 *,246,346 *38,721 YUZU YOU[2006-2011] / ゆず 12/04/25
*9 *,234,924    ****848  BUTTERFLY / L'Arc~en~Ciel 12/02/08
10 *,204,981 ***,970 The beginning / AYAKA 12/02/01
11 *,204,470 **1,593 GIRLS' GENERATION / 少女時代 11/06/01 (Total 846,524)

Wow ~..Congrats to Misuchiru !! Their sales are enormous ! .It's seemly The LEGEND 's domination
They're still really strong and influence in music industry !!
Next week ,there are no rivals . I think Misuchiru will stay at No.1 &2 again  ! !

This 2 albums 're likely to million in 1 month (maybe next 2weeks) .Wish they can do that !! XD
Go go go..MISUCHIRU !!

Source  : Oricon &2CH & Tokyohive

Act for Japan & Jordin Sparks Want to Send YOU To Japan!

You don’t have emotions -- you have emoji. You’re an obscure anime character every year for Halloween. And most importantly, when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan last year, you immediately wanted to strap on your Undercover Nike kicks (designed by your fashion fav Jun Takahashi, of course) and be part of the first relief mission to the devastated island country.

Does that sound like you?

If so, you have a chance to make those Harajuku dreams come true: the Act for Japan contest has landed!

Here’s the dealio: we’ve partnered with People to People Ambassador Programs, the world leader in global educational travel experiences (for almost 50 years!), to give away one FULL summer travel scholarship to a lucky MTV Act reader. Full-time students ages 13 to 19 are eligible. Picture yourself overseas for two weeks -- from July 1 to 14 -- traveling all over the country from Tokyo to Hiraizumi. So amaze, right?

Oh, did we mention that the winner will be selected by celeb judge Jordin Sparks?! YES, JORDIN SPARKS!!!

Hurry though, you only have until May 18 to enter!

If you want a chance at an expense-paid spot (worth $7,000) in the Spirit of Japan program, all you gots to do is submit a video explaining why YOU are totally bonzai for the Land of the Rising Sun and can’t wait to give back and help the Japanese. Write a haiku, sing karaoke, or make some origami. Get creative, you kamikaze kids! Impress Miss Sparks, who actually joined a People to People program to Europe last summer.

For serious, this is a special opportunity to be a part of the first class of students to return to the region since People to People had to cancel their programs last year due to the tsunami aftermath. People to People plans to send more than 100 students to some of Japan’s hardest hit areas this year to conduct over 3,000 hours of volunteer work. Be part of the action!

Japan has given so much to the world -- samurai movie marathons, sushi, Ken Watanbe, Pokémon, and the FUTON just to name a few -- so this is your CHANCE to truly get hands on in Japan (betta start practicing that peace sign now).


I loled at the target audience XD

Toki Doki Spring &#39;07

Saotome Taichi's 1AM Crisis

Popular theater actor, Saotome Taichi (20), held a press conference on May 15th regarding the recent allegations that he assaulted his girlfriend, model/actress Nishiyama Maki (26), late at night on the 11th outside of his apartment.

The weekly magazine, Josei Jishin, reported that the couple had spent the evening out on a bowling date in Odaiba and when they came home, had a heated argument around 1AM. Nishiyama rushed out of the apartment and was trying to hail a taxi when things apparently got physical. Saotome grabbed her with excessive force and tried to keep her from leaving. A tussle ensued as Nishiyama tried to break away from him. Saotome was heard saying in a raised voice, "I just want to be with you!" to which Nishiyama replied, "You are always like this. It's already over between us."
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Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Tachi's blog, Maki's blog

IDK how I feel about this since it seems kind of staged and straight out of a drama. But this couple needs to learn that violence is not the answer and if you're going to have a fight about breaking up, stay at home...

[EDIT]: I just wanted to emphasize that he DID NOT hit her even though the magazine tried to hint that. From the pictures (in Source 2), it looks like he grabbed her (that was the excessive force part) and she tried to pull away.

[EMERGENCY] Kis-My-Ft2's tour truck catches fire on highway!!

Popular idol group, Kis-My-Ft2's equipment truck caught fire on May 14 while driving up the Chūgoku Expressway in Toyonaka City, Osaka. It took approximately an hour and 20 minutes to put the fire out. According to the fire department, the driver realized there was smoke coming from the truck at 10:40am. The load-carrying area caught fire, and the authorities of Toyonaka City are investigating the damage. The Osaka Monorail, which uses the area above the road, was stopped for an hour, and resumed services at noon.

Kis-My-Ft2 had performed in Hiroshima on the 12th and 13th and the equipment truck was returning to Tokyo at the time of the fire.

Translation - qummydino

these boys are so SMOKIN HOT i'm not surprised something like this happened! feel the Kisumai heat!!!