May 19th, 2012


Rola for Brigitte + her new song

Rola: Just a Little bit

while she will sing for Brigitte which probably might end up as a B-side?!?
her debut song will be Memories, the theme song for Pokemon’s 15th anniversary film, ‘Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie: Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo

only details so far =(
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I want more details on this!!! and a PV for this!!
though this has been out for some time, so probably old news for some
샤이니 -> FIVE

Tim Burton sits down for a talk with Sato Takeru

While doing PR for his new movie "Dark Shadow", director Tim Burton sat down with the actor Sato Takeru for a crosstalk.

(Takeru is of course speaking in Japanese while Tim Burton answers in English (with Japanese subtitles) which makes it easy to understand even if you can't understand Japanese. I've translated what Takeru says below the clip)

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source: WBondemand
translation: me

RAW LIFE by Podo

podo: Raw life mini album Now on sale!

Funny story.... This band used to be called "pedo" until they discovered it's English meaning. Now Podo
The singer and guitarist of podo met in high school in 2000 and formed a band caled pedo. In 2002, the new bassist joined and they started to play as a trio around Kumamoto. In March of 2007, they thankfully changed their name from pedo to podo and the band moved to Tokyo in 2009 to start playing more seriously.


support the group: raw life on iTunes

not bad........ i really like it actually XD

a NEW performance of Shine

~pic from free live in Nagoya

Ieiri leo performs on Music Fair 5/19
with  Kotaro Oshio(Violinist), backup vocalist, and a guy on the guitar

embedding is disable so watch it HERE ON YOUTUBE

or on her fb fanpage HERE


Ieiri leo on Happy Music

on  her fb fanpage HERE

i like the audience from nagoya XD
also the perf. was good but i didn't like the backup vocalist...........