May 23rd, 2012

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Live-Action GTO Remake Confirmed with EXILE Member Akira

The producers of the GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka live-action television series remake confirmed on Wednesday that EXILE band member Akira will star in the series. Akira replaces Takashi Sorimachi as the title character in the remake of the 1998 drama. Both live-action versions are based on Tohru Fujisawa's original school comedy manga about a former gang member who becomes an unorthodox teacher.

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Nagasawa Masami enjoys the summer and Calpis in new CM

On May 22nd, Calpis launched the CM for their new milky lactic-acid drink ‘Calpis Water Zero‘  – starring actress Nagasawa Masami – online.

The name of the new CM is “Poolside” and it fittingly describes the whole concept of the clip in one word. Set at a swimming pool under the clear blue sky, Nagasawa is enjoying the summer and a bottle of Calpis Water Zero. Of course it nonchalantly features both, her trademark smile and her trademark beautiful legs to the fullest. At the end she uses her whole body and some awkward hand movements to express how delicious this zero-calorie drink must be.

Nagasawa had been the 9th generation ‘Calpis Water‘ image character from 2005 until 2008. Now she gets to promote the new ‘Calpis Water Zero’ and it seems like she’s enjoying the new drink.

She commented, “The feeling of it going down your throat is very refreshing. The taste is incredible, too!”

On TV, the new CM will start airing on June 1st.

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source: Tokyohive | Sanpo | YT

Preliminary Results of AKB48 27th Single Election

Aside from sales of AKB48's million-hit single, "Manatsu no Sounds Good!", the girls are more nervous as voting for the AKB48's 27th Single Selection has now officially started.

Each regular and limited edition of their 26th single, "Manatsu no Sounds Good!" contains one voting card. Fans can only get to vote once; moreover, international fans are also qualified to vote.

As of this May 23rd (8PM, JST) the preliminary ranking are:

1) Yuko Oshima (15,093)
2) Kashiwagi Yuki (12,654)
3) Mayu Watanabe (11,329)
4) Rino Sashihara (9,337)
5) Minami Takahashi (8,955)
6) Mariko Shinoda (8,619)
7) Matsui Rena (SKE48) (8,460)
8) Matsui Jurina (SKE48) (7,795)
9) Tomomi Itano (6,595)
10) Miyazawa Sae (6,280)
11) Haruna Kojima
12) Yokoyama Yui
13) Takajo Aki
14) Umeda Ayaka
15) Minami Minegishi
16) Kitahara Rie

Voting will closed on June 5th, 3PM (JST). The results will be revealed live at Nippon Budokan on June 6th and will be broadcast live by Fuji TV.

Source: jpopasia

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Japan Ranks No. 21 of the Happiest Industrialized Countries in the World

An international survey has found that Japan ranks 21st in terms of happiness among 36 industrialized and emerging nations.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released the results on Tuesday of its Better Life Index survey to gauge people's well-being.

The survey covered the OECD's 34 member nations plus Russia and Brazil. The 11 categories include income, education and safety.

Japan is rated the safest country of all, because very few people reported falling victim to crimes.

The country ranks second in education, with high scores for reading and mathematics.

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The happiest country was Austrailia and least happiest was Turkey.

Sources: NKH and OECD

Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

AKB48's sister group, SKE48 have achieved the top spot in the singles chart with their 9th single, "Aishite Raburu!". This is SKE48's 5th consecutive no.1 single since "Banzai Venus" (released in March last year). For female groups, they are now at 4th with the most consecutive no.1 singles following AKB48 (12 consecutive no.1 singles), Pink Lady (9 consecutive no.1 singles), and Onyanko Club (6 consecutive no.1 singles).

For album article, go HERE.

In the music-DVD chart, Korean male soloist, Kim Hyun Joong (dormant group SS501 leader) has topped the chart with "FIRST IMPACT", becoming only the 2nd foreign male soloist to have achieved this feat since Michael Jackson's "Michael Jackson VISION" (released in November 2010), a year and 5 months ago. This DVD is a collection of performances at Tokyo Kokusai Forum in November 2011 and at Yokohama Arena in February this year, as well as tour making footage and promotional tour footage. As for works by a solo artist from South Korea, the highest position achieved in the DVD chart previously was by BoA at 3rd spot with "8 Films & more" (released in March 2003), making this the first time for a Korean solo artist to top the chart.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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Congrats to Misuchiru! Maybe another 2 weeks we'll get our first million-selling album since Ikimonogakari BEST! XD

Also congrats to Yuzu for being so consistent, and Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi for sneaking in the top 5! And also Ieiri Leo for surpassing the sales of her first single. But damn, AAA are so close to that no.2 single spot. So damn close! :(

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Some performances from Morning Musume's 2012 Ultra Smart concert

Note that these are not from the graduation concert. A USB was released at an earlier venue containing a full video of the concert on a different date. This is the concert where Aika's graduation was announced.

Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi, Sato Masaki, Kudou Haruka - Suki na Senpai

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These were all the youtube clips I was able to find.

Horikita Maki sex tape?

Horikita Maki is known for her pure, virginal image, but there are rumors that a supernova-grade scandal is about to be exposed that would destroy her innocent image. Allegedly, a man she used to date have been saying that a sex tape is about to be leaked featuring the actress.

“Of course this is going to be bad, A-san, who is about to be released from jail, used to dote on our Marina.”

A bike shop worker who knows this outlaw can’t help but hide his excitement when he made that proclamation. Marina is a name derived from the actress’s name, Maki. This bike shop worker claims that he has known Horikita since she was in her teens.

“A-san loved Marina, but because of a certain event, he was imprisoned. In between that time, Maki became an extremely popular actress. She stopped communicating with him. A-san is really mad about her ignoring his existence so he is preparing a series of claims to be dropped on her.”

It’s a rumor, but that bomb might be the sex tape. As an actress with hardly any rumors, her agency is currently focusing on pushing her more into the limelight now that her friend Kuroki Meisa is preoccupied with a shotgun marriage.

Source: 1, 2


Matsuda Shota refused to work with Toda Erika!

Toda Erika is a very popular young actress, but she is also known to be kind of strong headed.
The most famous alleged feud is during the filming of Code Blue where she supposedly said many mean things about her co-star, Aragaki Yui.

Her attitude is even said to be the reason why she is not in the new Liar Game movie. Erika complained that Shota took too long in make-up even though he’s a guy, along with various other complaints. 

When the offer came for a new Liar Game movie, Shota said he doesn’t want to film it with her. Maybe that’s why they changed the main actress to Tabe Mikako?

Source: 1, 2

I'd like to see Erika in Liar Game again though..

Arashi announce ‘Arashi no Wakuwaku Gakkou 2012′ + dates

On May 23rd, Arashi unveiled dates for ‘Arashi no Wakuwaku Gakkou 2012 ~Mainichi ga Motto Kagayaku 5-tsu no Jyugyou~’, an event in which the members of this group will turn become “teachers” and teach their fans (or “students”) on various subjects. The event was also held last year in Tokyo Dome from June 24 to 26. This year, Arashi will be holding the event at both Tokyo Dome (four days, June 14-17) and Kyocera Dome Osaka (three days, July 14-16).

Check out  further details on this event below.


<Arashi no Wakuwaku Gakkou 2012 ~Mainichi ga Motto Kagayaku 5-tsu no Jyugyou~>

Thursday, June 14 to Sunday, June 17 – Tokyo Dome

Saturday, July 14 to Monday, July 16 – Kyocera Dome Osaka

Price Per Ticket: 4,000 yen



MEG interviewed for her new album "LA JAPONAISE" ( Power Push, April 2012)

MEG has restarted her music career in Japan. LA JAPONAISE, the first album to be released since her return, is a cover album concentrated on anime songs, and with her transfer to the veteran anison label Starchild, her new start has been something of a surprise for fans.

Here at Natalie, we thought the events that took place during her hiatus and the particulars behind her album LA JAPONAISE were worth investigating, so we went to see MEG for an interview. From her activities in France throughout 2010 and 2011 to the intriguing idea behind her next work, we sat down with her for an extensive talk.

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