June 1st, 2012

“Is Sakurai okay?” The reason Arashi fans are worried about Sakurai Sho

This year, Sakurai Sho has once again been chosen to be main newscaster for the 2012 London Olympics. However, lately Arashi fans have been expressing concern since it seems that “Sakurai Sho won’t come out to the public.” 

A fan claims that, “When Aiba or Nino are waving their hands and greeting, Sho always escapes in a car out of sight. It’s never been like that until now.”

Fans who wait to see an idol are of course a big part of an idol’s life. Since Arashi members are especially famous for being kind to their fans who wait to see them, the fans are now beginning to ask, “Is Sakurai okay?” So, what in the world has happened to Sakurai Sho?

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I say it's better if he goes out to the public dressed like this.

Bambi cute

Is Tanaka Rena able to seduce Seto Koji?

In Renai Kentai, NHKs new love comedy drama, is Tanaka Rena playing the successful marketing manager of a major cosmetic company Tsuji Eriko, a self-proclaimed “woman of many romances”. Suddenly confronted with the god of love, who is judging her critically, she starts going for a new target to prove him wrong and begins to seduce her business partner Ogura Tsukasa (Seto Koji). But everything turns out different than expected ...

The love comedy Renai Kentai consists of 4 episodes, that feature 4 different couples in a concluded episode, each 45 minutes long. The first episode stars Tanaka Rena and Seto Koji. The pair of the second episode is Maiko and Saito Takumi, the thirds are Takeda Shinji and Nonami Maho and the fourth episode shows Kimura Tae and Ishihara Yoshizumi. The god of love is played by comedian Hosshan.

Renai Kentai airs sundays, starting 3rd of June on NHK BS Premium at 22:00.

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Source: JDrama and NHK Drama Blog

Kanjani 8 to hold 8th anniversary events and PV preview for “Ai Deshita.”

Kanjani 8’s PV preview for upcoming single “Ai Deshita.” (releasing on June 13th) has been revealed. This is the theme song for Nishikido Ryo’s TBS drama ‘Papadol!‘

On the TOKYO MX’s news program ‘CHECK TIME‘, the preview was revealed along with information on Kanjani 8’s 8th anniversary commemorative events, ’Fan Gratitude CD Special Free Event‘ and ‘8 Festival ~Bokuramo 8cchai, 8cchake Matsuri~‘, in August.
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Yamada Yu to play a model with a special vision in new mystery drama

On May 30, it was announced that model and actress Yamada Yu is going to star in the upcoming NTV mystery drama ‘VISION Koroshi ga Mieru Onna‘. It will be Yamada’s first drama role since her marriage with actor Oguri Shun on March 14.

In the drama, Yamada portrays an unpopular fashion model who suddenly develops the ability to see murder scenes before the murders occur. Together with a temporarily suspended detective, played by Kaneko Nobuaki, they begin to use her unique precognition – her “VISION” – in order to solve various difficult crimes. The original script is written by Iida Jouji (‘NIGHT HEAD’, ‘Gift’, ‘Sasho Taeko – Saigo no Jiken’).

Yamada commented, “When I read the script, I thought that its story development is unlike any other Japanese dramas. I can’t wait to play my character.” She continued, “It’s a starring role, but I don’t want to think too much about it or I will get all worked up. If possible, I’d like to challenge it like any other role.” On the other hand, she knows that she has to exert herself, “I am married, so it feels like I have to work even harder now.

For Kaneko, it was natural to accept the offer, since he’s said to be a huge fan of Iida’s works. “It’s an honor to act in one of his stories,” he said.

Katsumura Masanobu is also going to appear in the drama as the manager of the protagonist’s model agency.

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SUPER☆GiRLS's jackets & tracks for “Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss” + CM

Idol group SUPER☆GiRLS announced last month they are going to release their fifth single, titled “Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss“, this summer. The new single is the CM song for Ito-Yokado’s “Koi☆Mizugi“, and is scheduled to drop on July 4.

Included in the single is a song by members of SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, students of Idol Street.

Limited edition A will contain a DVD that includes the music video, making-of video, and a CM gallery of each of the members. It will also include a handshake event ticket.

Limited edition B will have the same tracks but different DVD content. The DVD included in this version will be a music video and message from the Idol Street Members. Limited edition B will also have a handshake event ticket.</p>

The regular edition will be CD-only and contain the instrumental versions of all tracks.

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EXILE TRIBE annouce first single 『24karats TRIBE OF GOLD』 !!!


new unit from LDH Family EXILE TRIBE ,consisted of Exile , Sandaime J soul brothers and MC Doberman Inc., will release first single  『24karats TRIBE OF GOLD』 on 5th September 2012

As "EXILE TRIBE" means "family" which was raised in the title of the Tour held in 2012 spring,
this work released for the first time is a super luxury collaboration between EXILE and Sandaime J Soul Brothers.

The MC will be DOBERMAN INC, with the strongest lineup assembled!

The most powerful singing & performance in the history of 24karats Series

People who have been pursuing the genuine Real Entertainment will eventually become a "family" and carry on that soul to the younger generation—

That's the theme of this song and its video clip, the Message EXILE wants to convey......

 『24karats TRIBE OF GOLD』 is the theme song of drama GTO ,starring EXILE AKIRA
Check out  song preview below

【Track Details】
24karats TRIBE OF GOLD
24karats TRIBE OF GOLD(Instrumental)
24karats TRIBE OF GOLD(Video Clip)

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They're 19 members right now .I think next single they must held "the election" to select Main member surely ! ,lol
Anyway, Can't wait for the P

Source : LDH

Hilcrhyme's simultaneous releases: DVD & new single

Hilcrhyme is coming off the release of their three Best Of albums only to announce that they will be kicking out both their 4th Live DVD, RISING TOUR 2012, and their 10th single on June 27, 2012. Their single firefly will be their first single in nine months since Personal Color. Track list includes the title song, its karaoke version, and "LIFE IS GOOD".

More details coming soon!

Source: Hilcrhyme official site

Looking forward to the music video for this~