June 12th, 2012


Single fathers unite to voice their concerns about benefits in Japan

A group of dads and their small kids gathered around for a step-by-step demonstration of how to make perfect French toast. Then they got busy cracking eggs and beating them, cutting the bread into small squares that they dipped in the egg and then dropped into a hot skillet to watch sizzle as a buttery scent wafted through the room. Finally, they sliced up some banana and strawberry and topped the whole thing off with whipped cream. Voila!

"In 'Kramer versus Kramer,' (a film about a man who is suddenly thrust into single fatherhood) Dustin Hoffman can't make French toast," said Tomoyuki Katayama, the event's organizer. "But then he learns how and does it beautifully at the end."

That little anecdote sheds light on the events that led 41-year-old Katayama to the Gender Equality Center in Nishinomiya city in Hyogo Prefecture on a Saturday morning in mid-January. He was there to help local dads bond with their kids over French toast, to give a talk on the state of single fatherhood in Japan and offer his thoughts on the way forward, as he recently had in a bunch of other cities.

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Toma Ikuta to play an unfeeling killer in “Nou Otoko”

On Monday it was announced that Toma Ikuta will be starring in a movie adaptation of Urio Shudo’s 2000 Edogawa Rampo Award-winning novel Nou Otoko (literally “Brain Man”).

In his first “dark hero” role, Ikuta will be playing a mysterious unfeeling killing machine named Ichiro Suzuki who commits murders in the name of justice.

His character possesses an unusually high intelligence and prodigious memory, but is also completely incapable of feeling human emotion.

The role will reportedly be physically demanding, involving intense action scenes. Ikuta has been training in various martial arts for about 6 months in preparation for filming, including the Filipino martial art Kali and Bruce Lee’s hybrid system, Jeet Kune Do.

The story is set in a suburban city in the wake of indiscriminate serial bombings. Yosuke Eguchi (44) will play Chaya, a police detective who discovers Suzuki in the hideout of the bomber, a salaryman named Midorikawa. Yasuko Matsuyuki (39) will play a neurosurgeon tasked with evaluating Suzuki.

“Nou Otoko” is slated for release in February 2013.


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National Police Agency Reports on Suicides, Sexual Assaults, and More

A government report says that nearly 70 percent of Japanese women who were assaulted last year did not tell anyone about the crime.

The white paper on crime victims released on Tuesday includes data from more than 1,700 women who took part in a survey in 2011 on victims of sexual violence.

The paper says of 134 women who reported they were sexually assaulted, 68 percent did not consult anyone after the attack. When allowed to give multiple reasons, 46 percent said it was because they were ashamed, while 22 percent said they did not want to recall the experience.

Of the 28 percent who said they talked about the attack, 19 percent told friends, and 10 percent spoke to family members.
Only 4 percent said they notified the police.

The white paper stresses that police and medical institutions need to work together more closely so that victims can be provided with the necessary medical and legal help and information.

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Sources: NHK, Japan Today, NPA
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Keisuke Kuwata to release greatest hits album

Former Southern All-Stars leader Keisuke Kuwata, 56, will release a compilation album next month.

Collected on the double-CD album are 30 singles Kuwata released as a solo artist. Also included is a rare treat for fans in the form of a Christmas song he performed with Yumi Matsutoya, 58. The song, titled “Kissin’ Christmas” (Not because it’s Christmas), was performed on TV in 1986 and 1987 but was never officially released on CD until now.

Kuwata’s compilation album, titled “I Love You - Now and Forever,” is to be released on July 18.


Masaki Aiba and Ninomiya Kazunari Get Bombarded with Questions About Marriage and Kids

In the upcoming episode of “Himitsu no Arashi-chan” (Arashi Share House) on June 14th, one of Arashi’s variety programs; Aiba Masaki and Ninomiya Kazunari find themselves being bombarded with questions about marriage and kids by three new housewives.

The guests are actresses’ Suzanne and Megumi Yasu, and competitive eater Gal Sone. All three have gotten married last year and clearly exuded the aura of happy marriages during their guesting.

During the chit-chat, the wives turned the tables by asking Aiba and Ninomiya barrage of questions. Questions like, “What is Aiba’s ideal marriage partner?”, ‘Will Nino let his son enter Johnny’s Entertainment?”, and “What are their views on marriage?” Ninomiya and Aiba were simply bewildered and at loss for answers.

Find out their answers by watching “Himitsu no Arashi-chan” every Thursday on TBS at 10PM.

Source: jpopasia

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2nd Trailer of "Kirishima, Bukattsu Yamerutte yo" released feat. Takahashi Yu's 'Hi wa mata Noboru'

Based on the novel of the same title by 22-year old author Asai Ryo that won the the Shosetsu Subaru New Writers Award in 2009. 
The story takes place in a prefectural high school where a hierarchy among the students has been established, consisting of an “upper” group that can interact freely and a “lower” group who are treated as nonexistent. One day, the hierarchy is upset when Kirishima, the Captain of the Volleyball Club, suddenly quits and crosses the “boundary” creating a ripple effect among his schoolmates participating in different clubs. 

The movie focuses on the relationship of the clumsy hero, Maeda (Kamiki Ryunosuke) of the Film Club, between his classmates in a real multi-layered approach giving the film a new sense of youth. Other cast members include Hashimoto Ai, Ohgo Suzuka, Higashide Masahiro, Shimizu Kurumi, Matsuoka Mayu, Yamamoto Mizuki, Ochiai Motoki and Taiga.

The film is written and directed by Yoshida Daihachi ("Funuke domo, Kanashimi no Ai wo Misero", "Permanent Nobara") and co-written by actor-voice actor Kiyasu Kohei (Nylon 100℃ theater troupe). Takahashi Yu has written the movie's theme song entitled "Hi wa Mata Noboru".

The movie will be released in theaters on August 11, 2012. A special screening and Q&A session will be held on July 3rd on Waseda University where the Alumni Asai Ryo has written the novel.  

Check out the trailer below:

source: Official SiteYahoo!Movies | Youtube | Natalie | Cinra.net | Eiga.com | Asahi.com |

the movie looks really nice and cute~ and the theme song sounds awesome!
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