June 29th, 2012

Taisuke Fujigaya (Kis-My-Ft2) in his first drama series lead role

Kis-My-Ft2 member Taisuke Fujigaya and his upcoming drama co-stars came together to promote “Beginners” in Yokohama on June 27, reports Nikkan Sports, Sankei Sports, and Daily Sports Online.

The drama is set in a police boarding school.  The place is full of loser students, but every week they grow stronger and grow as people.  It is Fujigaya’s first go at a drama series lead role.

“[My character is] stupid and lame, but there’s a lot of coming-of-age drama and ambition in it,” Fujigaya said.

It has been reported one of the police instructor characters gives Fujigaya’s character a hard time, and there is a scene where Fujigaya gets slapped in the face for causing trouble.

“I think my parents are going to be surprised when they see it,” he said.

But the Johnny’s talent said it was also something funny to watch.

“I get beaten up every time so I hope the fans enjoy looking out for it,” he said.

Fujigaya’s co-stars also include his fellow Kis-My-Ft2 member Hiromitsu Kitayama and actress Ayame Gouriki.

“A lot of the cast are the same age so it was easy to become a team,” Fujigaya said.

It has been reported during the press conference, a cake was brought out to celebrate Fujigaya’s 25th birthday, which was on June 25.

“Beginners” goes on air from July 12.

Source: momoedgewood

Kanjani8′s Ryuhei Maruyama beats former pro boxer at boxing game

Kanjani8′s Ryuhei Maruyama and his drama co-stars started punching sand bags in front of the press on June 28 to see which of them was a better boxer, reports Daily Sports Online and Walker plus news.

Maruyama plays a virgin learning to box in his upcoming drama series “Boys On The Run“, which is based on the manga series of the same name.  Other cast members include KAT-TUN’s Tatsuya Ueda, Akina Minami, Eriko Sato, and Takanori Jinnai.

“We’re working on a drama during a particularly tough time (with the Olympics starting in July), but I think this story is just as entertaining.  I just watched through the first episode and it’s like watching something that has so many things packed into it.  Try watching even the first episode please,” Maruyama said.

It has been reported during their promotional press conference in Tokyo on Thursday, a punching machine was brought out to see how good the actors were at boxing.  Special guest and former WBC bantamweight boxing champion Yasuei Yakushiji set the first record, throwing 195 punches in 30 seconds.  KAT-TUN’s Ueda scored 172 punches, while Maruyama scored 269 punches.

“I’m sorry, while watching you guys I got an idea about what works best,” he said.

Another question thrown at the cast was about which actress they found most attractive.

“I’d choose Shiho-san (played by Sato).  She has a kind of older-woman seductiveness, she’s open-minded.  She’s the best female character who says the right thing and it sticks in your mind, so I think that makes her a very amazing lady,” Maruyama said.

“The one lady who I can really trust as a trainer is Hana-san (played by Airi Taira), but then the ladies next to me (Minami and Sato) are really pretty too…  They’re all too beautiful that I couldn’t choose,” Ueda said.

“What are you, some pure-hearted teen idol!” Maruyama said in response to Ueda’s comment.

“Boys On The Run” begins on July 6.

Source: momoedgewood

Super Junior announces their 4th Japanese single “Sexy, Free & Single”

South Korean pop group Super Junior has announced on their official website they will be releasing their fourth Japanese single. “Sexy, Free & Single” will release on August 22nd.

The song is the Japanese version of a song that will release on the group’s 6th Korean album “Sexy, Free & Single”. As the title suggests, the song is a sexy dance track. The coupling song is a ballad called “Our Love” and will also be released in Japanese. It was previously performed at Super Junior’s ‘SUPER SHOW4 LIVE in Tokyo‘.

The limited edition will include the music video and off-shot of “Sexy, Free & Single”. The first pressed copies of the limited edition will have an additional memorial clip of “Way“, which they performed at their ‘SUPER SHOW4 in TOKYO’. The CD-only version will include the Korean version of the title track as well.

For their fan club members, Super Junior will release an “E.L.F. Japan” version, which will be released with 10 random jacket covers, a photo book, and a special slip case.


Regular Edition
< CD >
1. Sexy, Free & Single
2. Our Love
3. Sexy, Free & Single -Korean ver.-


Limited Edition
< CD >
1. Sexy, Free & Single
2. Our Love

< DVD >
1. Sexy, Free & Single -Music Video-
2. Sexy, Free & Single -Music Video- [Korean Ver.]
3. Making Clip
4. Way – SUPER SHO4 in TOKYO ver. -[Memorial Clip] (First Press Only)

Source: Official Website & tokyohive

Koda Kumi Provides Theme Song to Anime "Total Eclipse"

Popular Japanese singer Koda Kumi has announced that she will be performing the opening theme song to upcoming TV anime "Total Eclipse", titled "Go to the top". The song is composed and arranged by CLARABELL(RzC), while its lyrics is written by Koda Kumi herself.
A CD release of the song is not officially announced yet.

"Total Eclipse" will premiere in Japan on July 1st. The preview has been uploaded on its official Youtube channel.


Kyary Pamyu Pmayu and MAN WITH A MISSION to Attend Japan Expo in France

Harajuku star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and wolf-ish rock group MAN WITH A MISSION are just some of the performers expected to attend the Japan-Expo in Paris,France.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will graced the "HARAJUKU KAWAII" event with idol group Momoiro Clover Z. The event is expected to mobilized around 15,000 attendees. Aside from Kyary' s performance, she will also do a fashion show with other invited Japanese models.

Furthermore, Jrock groups like MAN WITH A MISSION, DaizyStripper, Anli Pollicino, and FLOW will be performing for J.E. Live event.

The Japan-Expo will happened on July 5th to 8th at Paris-Nord Villepente Exhibition Center.

Here is a short video message from MAN WITH A MISSION


Amuro Namie to make a special stop in Singapore

Celebrating 20 years in the music industry is not an easy task and singer Amuro Namie is doing all sorts of things to celebrate her 20th anniversary. Her new album “Uncontrolled” will be released this month and for the first time in 20 years she will make a stop in Singapore, adding onto her world tour that includes Hong Kong and Taiwan.

After her stop in Hong Kong, Namie will go to Singapore where she will participate in an exclusive meet and greet, and autograph sessions with her fans. To attend, fans in Singapore must do their part in pre-ordering her album available from June 27th to July 4th, as only those who pre-order will receive an exclusive poster and a ‘lucky draw coupon’ for a chance to attend the event held on July 6th.

As it is a closed event, time, date, and venue will not be disclosed publicly. The contest ends July 4th and winners will be notified July 5th.

Source: Universal Music Singapore Regional’s Facebook & tokyohive

NINKI ratings for the week of 2/7~8/7/2012

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Yamapi will have to fend off 2 Korean acts...It will be interesting! And Che'Nelle should do well in the chart, but I have a feeling that Namie will keep her no.1 spot.

Also, I won't be around to post both NINKI and weekly Oricon charts next week, so if anyone wants to step up, please do! I'll be back on the net after one week. See ya!

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inocchi ~body wave~

V6 announces new single "kEEP oN."

v6 profile

V6's next single "kEEP oN." is set to be released on August 8th. The lead track will used as the theme song for V6 member, Yoshihiko Inohara's Popular Police Drama, "SHIN ・KEISHICHOU SOUSA IKKA 9-GAKKARI" on TV Asahi. There will be 3 versions: Limited Edition "kEEP oN" version; Limited Edition "Kiipon" version; and a Regular Edition.


"kEEP oN" is written by corin who also wrote the lyrics for V6's previously released songs "Sexy.Honey.Bunny!" and "POISON PEACH".

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V6 Official Site

Yay new single!~

The Cast of "Dream Boys 2012"

KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya will be playing the lead role for "Dream Boys 2012" for the 7th time since 2005. The first Dream Boys production in 2004 was headlined by Takizawa Hideaki and has been passed on to Kamenashi ever since. Joining the cast are Hey!Say!JUMP's Yaotome Hikaru, and Kis-My-Ft2's Yuta Tamamori, Miyata Toshiya, and Senga Kento.

In the recent press conference held at Chiyoda, Tokyo, Kamenashi's co-stars can't help but rave and admire their senior's flying acrobatic stunt last year. In the said stunt, Kamenashi was hoisted 5 meters up in the air where he will bungee jump and spins around to get himself back up. The said stunt was taught to him by a coach from a Chinese Acrobatic Troupe that caused him to lost about 5 kilos in weight.

The annual high-flying Johnny's Musical tells the story of dreams, friendship, frustrations and rivalry. It has been also reported Tamamori Yuta will be playing the boxing champ this time.

"Dream Boys" 2012 will run from Sept 3rd to 29th at Imperial Theater in Tokyo.

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I was hoping Tego or Uchi to be casted. or for Yabu Kota to reunite with Kame.
but me likes more Kame x Tama rabu rabu moments.