July 4th, 2012

MEG 07

Miu Sakamoto reveals previews for new album "I'm yours!" + album cover

As previously reported, Miu Sakamoto is making her comeback this year with her new album "I'm yours!" The album, like her previous two, is produced by The Shanghai Restoration Project and also features a track with urban artist KREVA. Listen to the album preview below!

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aflhasdlfkh, it sounds AMAZING, oh my god. I need to pre-order right nowwww.

By skipping Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft is not doing anything to win over Japanese gamers

The United States was easy. Europe was slightly harder. But Japan has always seemed nearly impenetrable for Microsoft's Xbox gaming platform.

The U.S offered the Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft a home field advantage and it was able to use popular sci-fi shooting game "Halo" and online service Xbox Live to power past Sony. As a result, "first-person shooter" essentially became shorthand for Microsoft's gaming machine.

In Europe, however, Microsoft struggled. Thanks to good games from Sony's European studios and a classy brand image, Sony has long had a stronghold in Europe, with more PS3s being sold there than the U.S. The Xbox could never really compete against Sony or Nintendo's consoles in Japan, either. And last month Microsoft did something that won't exactly help that position: It announced that it will not be attending this year's Tokyo Game Show.

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Suicide of Yellow Cab president a reflection of tough times in talent biz


The suicide last week of the president of the Yellow Cab talent agency is a sign of the turbulent times facing the gravure industry, reports Yukan Fuji (June 30).

Takanori Obenata, 58, was found hanged the afternoon of June 28 at the company’s offices in the Minami Aoyama district of Minato Ward. He discovered hanging from a necktie and vinyl cord in an office toilet by a staff member at approximately 3:20 p.m. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Financial trouble could have been a factor. “He started having money problems about two years ago,” says an acquaintance. “He accumulated a debt of five hundred million yen.”

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stock: コーヒー

Sharp Makes Gundam Haro Robot Vacuums

The Gundam Front Tokyo entertainment complex announced on Thursday that it is collaborating with Japanese electronics maker Sharp to produce Haro robot vacuums. The robot character Haro appears in numerous Gundam anime and video games, and it has become a mascot character for the Gundam franchise and Sunrise anime studio.

The latest edition in the Cocorobo line of robotic vacuum cleaners will be available in green "Haro type" and red "Haro (Char ver.) type" versions. Each unit features a plasmacluster ion generator for air purification and a voice recognition function. The collaboration model vacuum will also use Haro's voice to respond to users.

Gundam Front Tokyo opened on the seventh floor of the of Diver City Tokyo Plaza on Tokyo's Odaiba island next to the newly rebuilt 1/1-scale Gundam statue in April. The complex's features include a collection of plastic models from throughout the franchise's history and a hemispherical dome theater. The Gundam Front Tokyo shop also offers a variety of exclusive souvenirs and promotional items.


I need this in my life!! ;u;

A new NG list from J&A spells headache for production staffs

J&A treat the image of their talents seriously. Amongst the fans, the co-starring NG list is famous but it seems the agency has come up with a new NG list. A friends NG list. Is it a side-effect of the Jin and Meisa shotgun marriage? And what have the people on the list done to have such wrath be casted upon them?

Recently, sources have claimed that J&A has made a friends NG list and gave them to the key tv stations and their production staff. It seemed to have caused a lot of grief amongst the people involved in production and casting of future projects. 

“Until now, all they had to care about was the co-starring NG list, but now there’s another list to worry about. It caused a lot of headache for the people involved. It’s not only that they can’t co-star together, they can’t even go to private events together, which involves casting. They even have to worry about who to invite for end of production parties now.” Said a source.

An agency insider have this to say about the friends NG list, “You can just think of it as a warning against the people who want to use a Johnny’s name to promote themselves. Instead of thinking it as mainly targeting famous people, it’s more like it’s targeting mainly those people who are not as well known but might get press anyway.”

As for the names involved, “I only heard two names off the list. One is Makie Sonoyama, who made press recently for dating the two-timer, Shun Shioya. She got notorious and many tv deals for being a victim of his playboy ways out of the scandal. But in reality, recently she was seen and photographed with V6’s Hiroshi Nagano. It didn’t become a big deal, but that was probably because J&A helped covered it up. Another is the newly married Rie Hasegawa, who has used Johnny’s talents in order to make press for herself before.”



Idol group Party Rockets to make their CD debut in August

It has been revealed that middle school idol group Party Rockets will make their debut with the single “Hatsukoi Rocket” on August 15th.

The Sendai-based idol group, who calls Dorothy Little Happy their seniors, has an average age of just 13.5 years and six members from the unit B♭ (pronounced ‘B Flat’). The girls’ youthful and girlish looks make their rock sound, vocals, and dancing talent the highlight of this idol group.

Party Rockets hope to expand their fanbase outside of Sendai, which has proved to be very possible thus far, as the group has already sold out their birthday live at SHIBUYA BOXX on July 14th. They also plan to attend the gigantic summer idol music festival “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012” this summer.

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Source: video, TH

I really like their style and the song is nice.

FLOWER announces 3rd single, “forget-me-not ~Wasurenagusa~”

Girl group FLOWER has updated their official website with news about a brand new single!

According to their announcement, FLOWER’s third single is titled “forget-me-not ~Wasurenagusa~“, and is scheduled for a release on August 22nd. The title track of the single has been chosen as the new ending theme for the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE“, while the coupling track “Your Gravity” has earned a tie-up as the ending theme to “Guruguru Ninety-Nine“.

Stay tuned for more on FLOWER’s upcoming release!