July 9th, 2012

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Parents urge Clinton to press Japan on child custody

Around 40 Japanese and Japan-based foreign parents who are separated from their children due to divorce or marital disputes marched in downtown Tokyo on Sunday to solicit the help of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in pressing Japan to address the issue of child custody.With Japan yet to fix a schedule for ratifying an international treaty to help settle cross-border child custody disputes, the parents shouted "Stop child abduction" and "Sign the Hague" convention in the busy Ginza shopping district. Clinton is visiting Tokyo to attend an international conference on aid for Afghanistan.
Although the government submitted a bill to endorse the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction in March, parliament is yet to begin deliberations on it due to political struggles over a planned increase in the nation's sales tax rate.
The participants also called on Japan to realize joint child custody and joint parenting instead of its sole custody system. Japanese courts tend to award mothers sole custody after divorce and it is not unusual for children to stop seeing their fathers after their parents break up.

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Source & Credit : Japan Times

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Prayer circle now: Newborn panda moved to incubator after mother stopped carrying it

Ueno Zoo said Saturday it has moved a panda cub born Thursday to an incubator as its mother may be experiencing fatigue.

The male cub was found lying away from his mother, Shin Shin, at around 11:30 p.m. Friday. Staff warmed its body and later returned the baby to Shin Shin, but she did not pick him up and carried on eating bamboo sprouts. The cub weighs about 130 grams.

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Source: Kyodo, Japan Times

Hope this baby survive :'(
Baby panda is in Panda's heaven now T______T

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Men illicitly using GPS smartphone app to find teens for sex

NAGOYA--A social networking app for smartphones using the global positioning system (GPS) to meet and scope out people nearby is being used by men to prey on girls for sex.

In recent months, Aichi prefectural police have arrested two men for paying teenagers for sex after meeting them through the app.

The arrests show that, though the app is convenient for allowing users to find people nearby and chat with them, it can also be used as a tool for illicit means.

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Source: Asahi

There should be a law that restrict GPS usage and access, especially when underage kids is involved......or is there already?

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Top 10 Drama Ratings for the First Half of 2012

Carnation (NHK, Asadora) 25.0% (ep 97)
Umechan Sensei (NHK, Asadora) 22.8% (ep 66)
Aibou 2 Hour SP (TV Asahi) 20.5% (final ep)
ATARU (TBS) 19.9% (ep 1)
Kagi no Kakatta Heya (Fuji TV) 18.3% (ep 1)
Taira no Kiyomori (NHK, Taiga) 17.8% (ep 2)
Strawberry Night (Fuji TV) 16.9% (ep 2)
Lucky Seven (Fuji TV) 16.9% (ep 2)
Nasake no Onna SP (TV Asahi) 16.6%
Doyo Wide Gekijo 35th Anniversary SP (TV Asahi) 16.3%

NOTE: This ranking is by individual episodes, not by series averages.

(Source: Oricon)

AKB48 Producer Yasushi Akimoto To Collaborate With Magazine "Shukan Bunshun"

Shukan Bunshun had published two scandalous articles about two AKB48 members. One was Minami Takahashi's mother arrested for committing a lewd act with an underage boy.

The other one was more recent with Rino Sashihara's ex-boyfriend talking about their past romance and releasing photos. These two stories greatly damaged AKB48's innocent image. AKB48's general producer Yasushi Akimoto has now decided to use AKB48's concert publishing rights to exchange with the publisher. In return, the publisher has to stop writing any stories that might damage the image of AKB48. This exchange has been labeled in the entertainment industry as an "evil reconciliation".

AKB48 already has 8 singles that sold over 1 million copies. They are constantly making money and was one of the highest earning musical acts in the world in 2011. Shukan Bunshun's two published article were damaging to AKB48. Akimoto knows that there will be much more, and even heard that the magazine are holding on to more Rino Sashihara pictures; some that are worse than the ones posted. If Akimoto could not tell the publisher to be quiet about it, then he might as well work with them.

It has been reported that the two parties will reconcile on the terms of AKB48's Tokyo Dome concert in August and Atsuko Maeda's official graduation. The publishing rights of these two events will be given to Shukan Bunshun's publisher Bunshun to print and publish. There were news that AKB48 had already reconciled with other magazine companies including FRIDAY and FLASH, that is why those magazines had dropped writing any news regarding AKB48.

With AKB48's Tokyo Dome concert in August and Maeda's graduation, both news are extremely big and any publisher with information on it will sell very well.