July 10th, 2012

On GACKT, ICONIQ says “I like him very much”

On July 10th, singer ICONIQ attended a press conference for ‘Salon Model Award Japan 2012 (SMAJ)‘ as its ambassador.

ICONIQ was previously reported to be in a relationship with GACKT, who commented, “I’ll ask her in bed next time,during an event for his stage play, ‘MOON SAGA~Yoshitsune Hiden~‘. When asked, “Did he ask you in bed?“, she replied, “Yes~.” With a big smile, ICONIQ confessed her feelings for GACKT saying, “I’ll leave it up to your imagination, but I like him very much.

SMAJ is a hair and beauty entertainment award where a salon model and beautician team up to aim for the best in Japan. Through the salon model’s progress in recognition, it aims to increase people’s interest for hair and beauty while improving the beautician’s techniques. This is SMAJ’s first year handing out the award.

ICONIQ was chosen as the ambassador because she’s been highly recognized as a beauty icon since her debut. Not only is she an artist, but she’s been active in many fields as a respected woman.

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Source & Image: Mantan Web and tokyohive

Fans keep spotting Yuta Tamamori because of his flashy outfits


Fans have been spotting Kis-My-Ft2′s Yuta Tamamori a lot lately, mainly because the pop star wears eye-catching outfits, reports Cyzowoman.

It has been reported Tamamori has been going to a driving school in Tokyo during breaks from work, and gets spotted there by other students.

“I was at school, and noticed a really cool-looking guy with a cute face come in, and it was Tamamori-kun from Kis-My!!  He looked so cool!  But his outfit was so over-the-top that it made everyone take a second look at him,” said one student at the school.

“Tamamori’s at driving school wearing a cowboy hat, white T-shirt, fire engine red cape, and beach sandals,” said another student.

Where most celebrities try to avoid attracting attention in public, Tamamori seems to be doing the opposite.

“Tamamori isn’t the only one, you could say that everyone in Kis-My-Ft2 is like that because they had spent such a long time working towards their debut that they want to be recognized.  Maybe they would rather be surrounded by people who recognize them than to blend in,” said one Johnny’s news reporter.

It has been reported other Kis-My-Ft2 members have previously commented Tamamori has good taste in accessories and knows what the latest fashion trends are.

But some people also question whether his fashion is really trendy, commenting that adorning yourself with a Louis Vuitton scarf and Christian Louboutin shoes does not equal fashion-concious.

In the end though, no matter what Tamamori decides to wear or not, there is no doubt his fans are happy to hear about it.


Bigger babes emerging in entertainment


Women of substantial girth garnering popularity on television is putting a different spotlight on weighty women.

Weekly tabloid Josei Seven (June 28) explains that entertainer Kanako Yanagihara, 26, the comedy trio Morisanchu, and comedians Azusa Babazono (31) and Naomi Watanabe (24) are among the female celebrities gaining increased notoriety.

Watanabe, who rose to fame for her impersonation of Beyoncé Knowles in 2008, has been especially notable in that she takes pride in her bountiful body. She uses her form for humor, says author Naomi Kitahara. “Generally, women think that in order to be loved they need to compete with other women regarding their looks,” says Kitahara. “They are afraid of being unloved. But Watanabe comes across as very honest, open, and liberated. She is not just a cute character. She worked hard in the past and crafted her art as a comedian. The balance she achieved is why she is popular.”

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Idol Group 9nine's Kanae Yoshii Stars in Macross Musical

9nine idol group member Kanae Yoshii will make her stage musical debut in the Macross the Musicalture this October. Yoshii will play a young girl named Sakura Crawford in this musical that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the science-fiction romance anime franchise Macross.

The story is set in 2062, five decades after the Space War I conflict seen in the first Macross story. Macross 29 is the 29th New Macross Class colonization fleet to leave Earth in the aftermath of that devastating war. People who were once scarred by war now live a tranquil, oasis-like existence.

However, the fleet has hardly any military strength due to pacifism, and its economy is on the brink of collapse. Due to the high unemployment rate in the urban areas, a Neo Zentran movement that advocates a renewed military has been gaining steam, especially among the young alien Zentradi.

A "Miss Macross Contest" has been launched as part of the economic recovery plan among Macross 29 citizens. Lives converge at the event when two youths named Ash and Sakura spot Vigo, a young Neo Zentran leader, in the distance.

The musical will run at Tokyo Dome City Hall from October 3 to October 9. Isamu Kayano (Air Gear musical) is directing with assistant Yoshiko Iseki (Rock Musical Bleach, The Prince of Tennis musical, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto) and Chūji Mikasano (Leiji Matsumoto's Stanley no Majo play) is writing the script. Shinnosuke Motoyama (The Prince of Tennis musical) is serving as choreographer, and Hidari (Natsu-iro Kiseki, Fractale) designed the characters.

As part of the 30th anniversary of Macross, there will be a real-life "Miss Macross 30" contest, and a 1/1-scale, life-size model of a VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie variable fighter (in the intermediate GERWALK mode) is appearing at the "30th Anniversary Macross Super Dimension Exhibition ~Valkyrie de Sasotte!~" event this year.

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mods, arama needs a stageplay/musical/butai tag imo xD


Justin Bieber in Japan to promote album


Teenage Canadian crooner Justin Bieber arrived in Japan Monday night to promote his album “Believe.” Bieber, who was accompanied by Selena Gomez, 19, was greeted by about 600 enthusiastic fans at Narita airport, Sankei Sports reported.

Making his first visit to Japan since May 2011, Bieber told reporters, “I’m glad to have had a chance to come back. The people here are great. I love Japan.”

Meanwhile at home, reports have been speculating as to whether Bieber is heading for a Lohan-esque meltdown after he was stopped for speeding in his Fisker Karma, was reported to be going through a rocky path with on again/off again girlfriend Gomez, flashed his new tattoo on Letterman and then hung up on a radio DJ after inadvertently insulting his late mother.

On Tuesday, Bieber will become the first Western artist to perform in the “Telephone Shocking” section of Fuji TV’s “Waratte Ii Tomo” with host Tamori since the program began in 1982.


AFTERSCHOOL sub-unit ORANGE CARAMEL to debut in Japan

It’s been revealed that AFTERSCHOOL’s sub-unit ORANGE CARAMEL will be making their Japanese debut in September!

ORANGE CARAMEL is comprised of AFTERSCHOOL members Raina, Lizzy, and Nana. Their debut single will be released on September 5th and they will release a cover of girl group Candies‘ 1977 hit song, ”Yasashii Akuma“. As its coupling track, the single will include a Japanese version of “Mahou Shoujo” (“Magical Girl“).

The single will be available in 4 different versions: Music Video Edition (CD+DVD), Live Edition (CD+DVD), Photo Book Edition (CD+Photo Book), and CD Edition (CD-Only).

Check out the track list below, and stay tuned for more details on ORANGE CARAMEL’s Japanese debut!

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Progress report #1: Ishinomaki recovery impresses U.N. team

ISHINOMAKI, Miyagi Pref. — Roughly 100 senior officials from around 30 nations and five international organizations visited a tsunami-hit port in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, last week and praised reconstruction efforts in the city, which suffered the largest death toll in the March 2011 disasters.

"It is being rebuilt, this entire region is being rebuilt and Japan is clearly sending a signal to the world (that) their resilience matters," said Jordan Ryan, director of the bureau for crisis prevention and recovery in the U.N. Development Program.

The comments were made at a panel discussion Wednesday following the officials' visit to Mangokuura port as part of the two-day World Ministerial Conference on Disaster Reduction held in Sendai.

According to Ishinomaki officials, around 3,600 residents — about 2.25 percent of the city's population — were killed or remain unaccounted for. Across the disaster zone, around 19,000 people died or are missing.

The damage in Ishinomaki has been estimated at ¥320 billion, with 33,000 houses destroyed or heavily damaged, while around 2,700 fishing boats, or 85 percent of the fleet, have been written off.

"Seven-meter-high tsunami hit this area. . . . It was disastrous," municipal official Shinetsu Oikawa told the visiting officials at the port. "Totally devastated is how I would describe Ishinomaki in the aftermath of the disaster."

He said the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant crisis has only made the situation worse.

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Source: Japan Times

After bad news yesterday, it's time I post some good news today :P

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Progress report #2: Number of suicides in Japan falls by 11% in Jan.-June

The number of people who committed suicide in Japan between January and June stood at 14,154, down 11.7 percent from a year earlier, the National Police Agency said Monday in a preliminary report.

The figure for the January-June period fell below 15,000 for the first time since 2008, when the agency started to release monthly data. If the trend continues, the number of suicides in the whole year through December could fall below 30,000 for the first time in 15 years.

A Cabinet Office official responsible for suicide prevention said the decline in the number of suicides is likely attributable to "measures such as the enhancement of consultation services" gradually paying off.

"But our goal is not to push the number below 30,000. We hope to decrease the number of people who commit suicide as much as possible," the official said.

Males accounted for 9,920 and women 4,234 of the total.

Source: Mainichi

Hope the number continues to decrease :3

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Nakata Yasutaka wins “creator” award at Change Maker of the Year 2012 event

On July 4th, songwriter and music producer Nakata Yasutaka won the award in the “creator” category at the 2012 “Change Maker of the Year” awards ceremony.

The votes for this award were submitted by approximately 800,000 readers, with awards given to those who are making ground-breaking contributions to their fields, have had outstanding achievement in their respective categories, and are blazing a trail as “change makers”.

Due to circumstances, Nakata himself was not able to attend the ceremony to accept his prize, but in a video he commented, “I don’t think I personally am able to change anything… I want to support people who think they can. When you want to make something you want to make, creating a favorable environment for producing only the things that you want to can be difficult. But when you’ve created that difficult balance, something is born. Giving up on creating the things you want to create means you’ve lost,” he said passionately, expressing his feelings as a producer and musician.

The other two who took home prizes at the event are Komatsu Masami in the management category for his work as the representative director of Music Securities, Inc, and Takai Ken in the researcher category for serving as the director of machinery dedicated to exploring the ocean and programs that research the bio dome on the ocean floor and the Earth’s crust.

Every year since 2010 when the awards ceremony began, three people have been chosen for their hard work. To date, 16 people have been chosen for the management category, 17 people for the creator category, and 16 people for the researcher category as finalists.

source: Tokyohive
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Watanabe Mayu’s “Otona Jelly Beans” DVD to feature talk with ex-AKB48 member Nacchan

On July 9th, it was revealed that AKB48 member Watanabe Mayu’s “Otona Jelly Beans” will feature a talk with Hirajima Natsumi (who left the famous idol group earlier this year) on the DVD that comes with the limited edition version of the single.

As we speculated back in January, Hirajima left the group after pictures she had taken with a boy were leaked onto the internet. Both Watanabe and Hirajima had done activities together as part of Team B and AKB48 unit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, but this video will mark the first time the idols have seen each other since Hirajima withdrew from AKB48.

Mayuyu, who just graduated from high school this spring, and Nacchan, who turned twenty this year, will show in the video how much they’ve both grown up through the joys and sorrows of being an idol. The single will be released on July 25th.


hmm this is really shady. I wonder what does it means? Is she coming back? Is Ogi telling us they still support her?
Also, her new single will feature Nogizaka46. Never heard of such a thing in solo singles...

AKB48 and Johnny's Dominate Japanese Commercials

Nihon Monitor published the report for the highest number of commercials a female celebrity appeared in for the first half of 2012. Without doubt, popular idol group AKB48 dominated the first spot. They took the overall number 1 spot from the "Bashful Prince" professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa.

The number 1 spot belong to three AKB48 members, Tomomi Itano, Mariko Shinoda and Atsuko Maeda. All three girls have 17 different companies that they are endorsing. The second spot was also taken by an AKB48 member, Minami Takahashi with 16 companies. While the 3rd spot are occupied by child actress Mana Ashida and Rino Sashihara who recently transferred to HKT48 from AKB48; both are contracted to 15 companies.

Aya Ueto once dominated this ranking fell to fifth place with 12 companies. While relatively new actress, Ayame Gouriki took 9 commercials and the media are touting her as the next actress to dominate the chart.

On the male celebrity side, Ryo Ishikawa took number 1 spot with 14 companies. All Arashi members made it into the chart. Korean actor Jang Geun Suk made it to number 4 with seven companies. Korean actor Bae Yong Jun entered the chart in 2004. But since then Jang Geun Suk is the only Korean celebrity to make it into this chart.

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Source: Nihon Monitor via jpopasia

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JPN/SK Tensions Rise, Man Rams Truck Through JPN Embassy Gate

Japan has filed a formal diplomatic protest with South Korea after a man rammed his truck against the gate of its embassy in Seoul.

The South Korean driver, who was later detained, reportedly told police he was protesting against Japan's claims to islands controlled by South Korea.

Japan's embassy has been a focal point for protests on long-standing disputes between the two countries.

South Korea has said it regrets the latest incident.

The islands, called Dokdo in Korean and Takeshima in Japanese, are claimed by both but controlled by South Korea.

The man, believed to be in his 60s, damaged the gate of the embassy but did not hurt anyone.

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Source: bbc

that is just straight up

Kim Hyun Joong #1 on Oricon weekly sales chart

1. “HEAT” – Kim Hyun Joong : 7/4 (183,478)

2. “LOVE CHASE” – Yamashita Tomohisa : 7/4 (118,981)

3. “One • Two • Three/The Matenrou Show” – Morning Musume : 7/4 (100,598)

4. “Puripuri♥SUMMER Kiss” – SUPER☆GiRLS : 7/4 (71,736)

5. “One day” – 2PM + 2AM ‘Oneday’ – 7/4 (54,734)

Check out the full rank chart at source

wow, that is an impressive first week sales for a Korean idol..

The Rise of The Female Wotas

Since the very beginning of idol genre decades ago, it was largely the following formula, guys support female idols and girls support Johnny`s.This was not a hard rule as girls in small packs have always supported the female branch , some decades more than others.
Today these tribes of female wotas are growing at a strong pace again, so get out your glow sticks, your idol colors and take a journey into the female wota world of female idol genre.

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source: 1, 2

More on Taiwanese rock band debut

TOUMING MAGAZINE, the shocking alternative rock band from Taiwan, whose straight-forward and edgy sounds shape an unique character in local music scene. Initially emerging as the reminiscence of NUMBER GIRL in Taiwan, they have evolved more than this given title. During the debut Japan tour in 2011, a great number of fans having expected a long time were charmed by the overwhelming power of live performance, also humorous MC as an unexpected bonus onstage.
Yet already being one of the well-known and influential indie bands in Taiwan, the band is still growing up to make a further breakthrough not only in Japan but in Asia.

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*cover photo by Kotori Kawashima
The band will make their grand debut in Japan with the release of their debut single Touming Magazine FOREVER on July 18.
The band will start their "TOUMING MAGAZINE" RELEASE TOUR the 28 of July. for more info. on tour dates GO HERE


2. ノラネコ
3. ビールが待ってる
4. 萬華の宇宙
[Japan Bonus Tracks]
5. come together, tomorrow night

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It sounds good to me

SCANDAL Talks About Rumors During their "Shin Domoto Kyoudai" Guesting

Last July 7th, pop-rock group SCANDAL were guest in KinKi Kids variety show "Shin Domoto Kyoudai". The all-girl group were wearing their "Taiyou Scandalous" outfit and talks about different rumors among themselves. After introductions and explaining how they ended with the name "SCANDAL", the girls talked about different rumors that they are in love with each other.

In the end, Rina was the one who got into the hot seat. Rina, who was the last one to joined the group, have mixed feelings about each member. She was excited to join the band because she have always admired Haruna, but she's also into Mami. Rina thought that Mami was so cool being the lead guitarist and she always gets excited every time Mami would come closer when she's playing the drums. However, when it comes to Tomomi, Rina has nothing but "friendly" feelings toward her.

The girls also answered other issues, like: (1)the girls have actually been in "Shin Domoto Kyoudai" four years ago as part of the audience; (2)they aspire to be "gourmet food" reporters with Tomomi taking on the challenge; and (3) the girls are actually Akihabara-Otakus.

Furthermore, SCANDAL performed "Genkai Lovers" with Terada Keiko of SHOW-YA and the entire Domoto Brothers band.

To see more of SCANDAL's performance, see here:


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu holds successful live in Paris for “JAPAN EXPO”

During the “HARAJUKU KAWAii!!!!” events held at the French convention “JAPAN EXPO” on July 7th and 8th, pop singer and fashion model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performed live in front of thousands of her European fans.

Kyary’s performance at the J.E. LIVE HOUSE on the first day attracted approximately 8,000 people, while her performance the second day on the main stage brought in around 5,000 more fans. This means that 13,000 fans came to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in person, setting a record for the most guests during live performances at JAPAN EXPO in 2012.

Naturally, it seems as if the pop sensation was nervous about performing in France for the first time. The venue was teeming with French people dressed in authentic Harajuku-style fashion, as well as Kyary fans who traveled from as far as England and Italy to see her. During her first performance on the 7th, the crowd – eager to see Kyary in person for the very first time – chanted the singer’s name for a full fifteen minutes before she made her way onto the stage, overflowing with enthusiasm.

When the curtain was finally raised at 5:00 PM, the song “Pamyu Pamyu Revolution” began to play and the audience shrieked with joy as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu finally appeared. Kyary sported her signature long pigtails and the same geometric blue dress she wore at the MTV VMAJ event, which has become one of her favorite outfits.

“Bonjour! Ça va! I’m Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!” she introduced herself in simple French before singing her hit songs “CANDY CANDY“, “PONPONPON“, “Tsukema Tsukeru” and more for her overseas fans. During the MC segments, she showed the audience how to dance along to her songs aided by an interpreter. The fans had no trouble with this, and even sang out loud with Kyary in Japanese as she performed five of her hits.


fall in my heart

Hasegawa Jun is Five Months Pregnant

Model Hasegawa Jun (26) announced on July 10 through her agency by fax that she has entered 5 months into her pregnancy. Delighted with joy she stated "I'm filled with happiness to be blessed with a new life inside of me".

Hasegawa married in June last year with an ordinary man living in Hawaii. Entering into her one year marriage anniversary, this long-awaited announcement was finally made. "It was a dream to create my own family, I'm looking forward to it very much." She also demonstrated her sense of responsibility as a mother by expressing "Until the day we meet, I want to protect this precious life with all I've got."

She also declared "I would like to continue to work while being a mother at the same time", stating her desire on being a working mother in the future.