July 20th, 2012


Harajuku models AMOYAMO to make singing debut with Tommy-produced mini-album

Popular Harajuku models AMO and AYAMO have confirmed the release date, cover, and track list for their upcoming ‘pre-debut’ mini-album “A☆M☆O☆Y★A★M★O“!

These two charismatic and cute models are well-known in the Harajuku area for their ‘Aomoji-kei’ fashion, their appearance in magazines such as “Zipper“, as well as endorsing area brands like Candy Stripper (for which the girls both model). Under their combination name “AMOYAMO“, these lovely ladies will be making their debut with an indies, ‘pre-debut’ mini-album titled “A☆M☆O☆Y★A★M★O”, which is currently slated for a release on August 1st exclusively through Tower Records. A 36-page photobook is also included with each copy.

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Oh god, is this the era of Harajuku-kei? Won't end well...

Koki Tanaka’s little brother gets first commercial with other Johnny’s Jr. talents

Johnny’s Jr. talents Jyuri Tanaka, Lewis Jesse, Keigo Hagiya, Kentaro Yasui, and Taiga Kyomoto will star in the latest commercial for Baskin Robbins ice cream, reports Nikkan Sports on July 19.

Baskin Robbin’s summer snowman campaign commercial goes on air on July 21, and will show the five talents walking in a parade surrounded by snowmen.

Apart from Kyomoto, this will be the first commercial for the Jr. talents.

“Although I would like to say that the first person I want to see this commercial in my big brother, really it’s my junior high school teacher,” said Tanaka.

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Otsu boy's father accuses 3 students of assault, other crimes


OTSU--The father of a middle school boy who committed suicide last October has filed a criminal complaint with police against three schoolmates who he claims continuously bullied his son.

The complaint, which accused the three students of assault, extortion, intimidation and three other counts, was accepted by Otsu Police Station on Wednesday. The Shiga prefectural police intend to question the three students, as well as obtain statements from other students and graduates of the municipal middle school in Otsu.

The 47-year-old father released comments through his lawyers, saying, "We'd like to have all the facts unearthed to prevent similar suicides."

According to two of the father's lawyers, the remaining three counts were coercion, theft and destruction of property. The act of lodging the complaint "reflects his [the father's] strong will to do everything he can for his son," one of his lawyers said.

The father visited the police Wednesday and spent about 1-1/2 hours describing the bullying his son received from the three students, the lawyers said.

The leader of an investigation team at the Shiga prefectural police's juvenile department created the official document and told the father, "We'll do our best to investigate," according to the lawyers.

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Source: Yomiuri

So, no amicable settlement, I guess? Which is good imho. They need to set an example that bullying is wrong, no matter how it was called.
and honest question here, what's the line between a prank and bullying?


kEEP oN. full version!

V6 NEXT GENERATION aired the A-side V6's highly anticipated 40th single, kEEP oN., tonight. The song is currently being used as the ending song for Inohara Yoshihiko's drama Shin Keishichou Sousa Ikka 9 Gakari. Although its release is on the 8th of next month, the song is currently #1 on Chaku-Uta's ringtone ranking.

V6 is also expected to start promoting the single at the beginning of the month when they make their first appearance on Ichiban Song Show and appear in Ori★Suta magazine that same week.

source 2

completely unexpected from that preview (they switched up the arrangement a little) and i don't know what's going on throughout most of it but i love it.
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NINKI ratings for the week of 23/7~29/7/2012

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Ah...ah...Eito Ranger...Of course! XDDD

And although Mayuyu's NINKI is higher than EXILE, but I have a feeling they'll surpass Mayuyu and grab the no.2 spot. And if Eito and EXILE have it their way like for Ai Deshita and ALL NIGHT LONG, we might be able to see top 2 singles surpassing 250k and 200k each! XD

But really, such a competitive singles week next week. This will be exciting and I can't wait! :)

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Singles sales hit 32 billion yen ($406 million USD), top earnings come from AKB48 and related groups

Oricon published their half-year single, album, music DVD and music Blu-ray Disc sales figures on July 19th. With lots of activity in the singles category and the popularization of Blu-ray Discs, the music industry reported total sales of 156.42 billion yen (approximately $2 billion USD), a slight 1% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This is the first time in 4 years since 2008 that sales have actually increased. The number of sold copies increased by 4.2%, the first increase in 7 years since 2005.

Sales of singles brought in 32.02 billion yen ($406 million USD), a substantial 20% increase compared to last year’s 25.56 billion yen ($323 million USD). This is the biggest earnings recorded for the first half of a year since Oricon started compiling data for market research in 2004.

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Soka boy bullied into taking leap off school

SAITAMA — A 13-year-old boy broke bones in his waist and chest in April after being bullied into jumping off a public junior high school building in Soka, Saitama Prefecture, it was learned Friday.

The board of education believes the boy had been bullied routinely before jumping off the eaves of the second floor in a "test of courage" on April 18.

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Source: Japan Times

Another saddening news but this one is handled a bit better, imo. ....though suspended, only?