July 28th, 2012


Arashi Ohno Satoshi's Dominance of Mickey !

Arashi's Ohno Satoshi (31) is appointed as the navigator for NHK's documentary 「Everything is for the sake of Delivering Dreams ~ Walt Disney Trajectory of Creation ~ 」 that is to be broadcasted on August 22, 10pm~11.13pm. In commemoration of Walt Disney's 110th anniversary, the documentary will explore and reveal the secrets behind the origins and processes of Walt's creations. Ohno who flew to USA West Coast, Los Angeles and San Francisco, promised a rich reporting "I got the opportunity to have Mickey all to myself in an empty Disneyland! My apologies but everyone please look forward to the show!"

Walt Disney who established animations and theme parks is known as the creator behind the entertainment of the 20th century. Ohno on the other hand, in addition to his activities as an idol, has demonstrated extraordinary talents in the field of art among his works of painting and three-dimensional constructions, having a remarkably strong interest in the process of creation. This project as reported by Ohno will follow the traces of the great predecessor whose lifetime goal was to deliver dreams to each and every person.

Ohno who visited the land of Walt in LA and San Francisco expressed that "I got to experience firsthand the history before the birth of Mickey and Disneyland, and how great of an entertainer Walt is". From his unique point of view, the show will approach the unknown truth of the creator through the testimonials received by related personnel and the chance of coming into close contact with valuable archives. In the program, plenty famous scenes of Disney movies will also be introduced.

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Kanjani8′s Ryuhei Maruyama dons mohican hairdo for drama

Johnny’s talent Ryuhei Maruyama sports a mohican hairstyle for episode 4 of his drama “Boys On The Run“, Sponichi Annex reports on July 27.

By the way, it is only a wig. But the makeup team did such a good job, Maruyama had said it looks just as real.

“When I looked at myself in the mirror, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen!!”

It has been reported episode 4 of the talent’s drama shows Maruyama’s character in a showdown with his main competition, and in order to show how serious he is, he dons a Robert-De-Niro-in-the-1976-movie-Taxi-Driver mohican hairdo.

“I’m happy I got to do this. Because of the job I do, I’m not able to change my hairstyle this radically, and I’m not the type that tries out really different hairstyles either. I really like this look,” Maruyama said.

Fans too, can expect to be surprised too.

“All the staff were surprised so I think everyone watching the drama will be in for a shock too,” he said.

Episode 4 of “Boys On The Run” goes on air on August 3.

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on the other hand, Ueda has again shaved his hair, not for his drama role here though, but for a movie

Massu promises to make wish come true for world champion athlete if she wins in London

A two-time Olympic gold medalist and nine-time world champion wrestler said she would love to get a hug from Takahisa Masuda from NEWS / Tegomass if she wins again in London, and the Johnny’s talent said he would make it happen, reports MyNavi News.

Saori Yoshida had been a guest on the music show “1番ソングSHOW (Ichiban Song Show)” on July 25 and said she always listens to the song “ぼくらの空 (Bokura no Sora)” by Tegomass before a match.  The athlete had said she listens to the song before going onto the wrestling platform alone, and it motivates her to think, “Yes!  I can spread my wings and fly!”.

It has been reported a special video message was prepared for Yoshida by her favorite member, Massu.

In the video, Masuda had first off said he was happy Yoshida had chosen him over his Tegomass partner Yuya Tegoshi, and then wished her the best in London.

“I hope you can get that gold medal at the Olympics in London.  Good luck.”

Then, when a staff member asked Masuda whether he would make any wish Yoshida had come true if she does win the gold medal, he answered the question with a definite yes.

“I’d love a hug.  I’ll make sure I win,” Yoshida commented after watching the video.

While this might make a number of Tegomass fans jealous, hopefully they will be forgiving this time.  An athlete who is representing her country is getting the support and motivation she needs to get ready for her medal match from Masuda’s singing.  No musician could ask for anything better than that.  So, hopefully Tegomass fans will welcome Yoshida back to Japan with a big smile.

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can any1 tell me from what DVD/ concert is that Bokura no Sora perf clip shown in the vid? Need to d/l it!

IchigOhchan 1

The other side of Sadako (feat. SID)

It’s been revealed that Sadako is starring in the CM for SID’s new album “M&W” scheduled for release on August 1st. SID provided the theme song for the movie “Sadako 3D“, which was just released this summer throughout Asia.

“M&W” includes the theme song for “Sadako 3D”, “S“, and hit singles “Itsuka“, “Fuyu no Bench“, and “Nokoriga“. Including seven other songs, the album is a collection that describes the various kinds of love existing between a man and a woman. Sadako will show an unexpected side of her in the CM.

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Source: Tokyohive

Less cute than the previous article, but still love the idea :Db

Which Johnny’s group members get along the best with one another?

Artists from management agency Johnny & Associates are known to get along well with one another and often spend time together at work and in private. Of all the Johnny’s groups, goo (NTT Docomo) polled its users to ask which group they think are the closest to one another.

Voting was held from 2012 6/2 – 6/15 and a total of 25,701 people voted.

Check out the results below! In addition, which do you think are the most closely-knitted Johnny’s groups?


<Which Johnny’s groups get along the best with one another?>

01. Arashi – 15897 votes

02. Kanjani8 – 3799 votes

03. TOKIO – 2310 votes

04. SMAP – 897 votes

05. KinKi Kids – 504 votes

06. Hey! Say! JUMP – 443 votes

07. Kis-My-Ft2 – 425 votes

08. V6 – 365 votes

09. Tackey & Tsubasa – 352 votes

10. KAT-TUN – 348 votes

Source: GOO via tokyohive

Arama's poll

Which Johnny's group members get along the best with one another?

Kinki Kids
Hey! Say! Jump
Tackey & Tsubasa

Applicants for AKB48’s Shanghai sister unit SNH48 reach large numbers, causes website to crash

Applications for SNH48, AKB48 overseas sister unit based in Shanghai started officially on July 12th. It was reported on July 26th that the number of applicants exceeded expectations, with thousands of applications being submitted on the first day. The application website was down temporary due to the surge in large number of applicants.

Although the targeted age group is between 16-22 years, talented applicants who fall out of this age group are still invited to apply. The youngest applicant currently is a 9 year old. 16 members will be selected to team “S” in this application cycle and will train in Japan before their official debut.

AKB48 is popular in Shanghai and the auditions has garnered much attention. There are already fan clubs for SNH48 formed on weibo, a version of twitter in China.


Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB48) Spends Earnings On Grandmother's Surgery.

Recently, on the 14th of July, NMB48 captain and ace, Yamamoto Sayaka, celebrated her 19th birthday. On the 16th of July, she had her birthday stage in the NMB48 theater, and a very touching letter from her grandmother was read to her during the event.

In the letter, it was revealed that Yamamoto Sayaka and her siblings had saved up money from their own earnings to pay for their grandmother's eye surgery. Here is a translation of the letter.

Letter from Sayanee’s grandma:

Dear Sayaka,
You were born during the festivals, so every year on the 14th, you would visit me with your whole family and fish out goldfish at temples. It’s very nostalgic to think about.

Now it’s a bit harder to meet everyone again and do the same things. However, seeing as you, your brothers and sister having chosen all your desired paths and giving it your all, despite me missing the good old days, this is something that encourages me to live.

But please take care of yourself so that you are not pushing yourself too much and damaging your health.

This month, I will have surgery with the money that you and your siblings have prepared for me.
My eyes and ears are bad, so I can’t watch the shows that you appear on as much as I would like, but after the surgery I probably can, and I am so excited.

I am happy to be surrounded by such wonderful grandchildren.

Lastly, to the fans who cheer her on and to the members and staff that held this wonderful birthday celebration for her, thank you so much.

Please look over her warmly and take care of her from now on as well.



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Oh no, my guitar is melting.... let's sing.... let's sing... "Jungle gym~" (Takes a bite of the chocolate) It tastes like Sayaka.

Yepp, grandma, that's the granddaughter you're proud of :P



G20 + Nep & Imoto / Bokura no Sekai Full PV

The full PV of the 'Nep & Imoto no Sekai Banzuke' theme song was aired on the latest episode of the show. The song 'Bokura no Sekai' (Our World) is a song created by the American representative JAMIL and is sung by the Neptune comedians, Imoto Ayako and a selection of the shows foreign G20 members. The song features the representatives of America, South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, India, Philippines, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa and Brazil.

The idea of creating a song for the show started when American respresentative/musician JAMIL, mentioned wanting to create a theme song for the show back in march. What started out as a joke turned reality when Neptune member Horiuchi and he continued with the project. The June 29 broadcast showed the G20 members auditioning for the senbatsu of the song and the best twenty got in. The result: a heartwarming song about the world.

The song will be released on august 8 for a special price of only 500 yen.
I love this song so much. The lyrics are so good!