July 29th, 2012

A Letter from Yamapi for Himself and to HIS Fans

July 28th, Tomohisa Yamashita had his first leg of "ERO-P Tour" in Osaka. During the MC part of the said tour, a letter written by Yamashita was shown on the screen while Yamashita's voice can be heard reading the said letter.

Yamashita shares his thoughts from leaving NEWS, facing the anger of some fans, and not being able to clinch the top spot after going solo.

Here is the translated contents of the letter, translated by A-chan.

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Afterwards, Yamashita went out of the stage, and said, "Everyone of you ,uou believe in me, you've come here today , I thank you from the bottom of my heart. From now onwards ,please continue to watch over me".

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Mr.Children to provide the theme song for Ikuta Toma’s drama ‘Osozaki no Himawari’ !


On September 28th, it was announced that Mr.Children’s new song “Joutouku” will be used as the theme song for the upcoming Fuji TV drama ‘Osozaki no Himawari ~Boku no Jinsei, Renewal~‘.

‘Osozaki no Himawari’ is about a group of seven individuals who are living in the city of Shimanto in the Shimanto River area in prefecture of Kochi (Shikoku). Those seven people are portrayed by Ikuta Toma, Maki Yoko, Kiritani Kenta, Kashii Yuu, Emoto Tasuku, Kimura Fumino, and Kuninaka Ryoko.

“Joutouku” will also be included in Mr.Children’s recently announced new album (untitled) that will be released on November 28th. It’s not yet known what kind of song it is, so we will have to wait for the first episode of the drama on October 23rd to find it out.

Check out song preview below !

Before this official annoucement ,Misuchiru 's vocal Sakurai-san sang Joutouku 's preview in their 20th debut anniversay concert at Kyosera dome Osaka on May 10th

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Koichi Domoto is the best in Johnny’s according to his seniors

Johnny’s senior talent Noriyuki Higashiyama told a popular TV show he thinks Koichi Domoto from KinKi Kids is the biggest perfectionist in Johnny’s, reports Techinsight Japan on July 21.

Higashiyama is currently 45-years-old, and is considered a perfectionist who has followed a strict training regime for the past 20 years.  During a talk on TV show “しゃべくり007 (Shabekuri 007)”, it has been reported Higashiyama said he has kept his body-fat percentage below 10 per cent all these years because he exercises daily.  This includes stretching and 1000 sit-ups every day.

Even so, when asked who he thought was the biggest perfectionist in Johnny’s, Higashiyama had said it would be Koichi, and that the KinKi Kids member was more dedicated to work than himself.

It has been reported Higashiyama said there was one time during the New Year’s Johnny’s concert when he went back to his dressing room thinking everything was alright, when Koichi came knocking at the door to ask him if the two could go through the songs one more time.  Higashiyama also said Koichi’s “SHOCK” stage show was perfect, and admired Koichi for being able to “keep it up for four months on that show, usually your weight drops four or five kilos from doing a show for that long.”

Another Johnny’s talent who had been on the same TV show, TOKIO’s Masahiro Matsuoka also said Koichi was the most professional talent in Johnny’s, and the best junior to him.

It has been reported Koichi has been playing the main role in the stage show “SHOCK” for the past 13 years.  It could be because he was given such an important role at the young age of 21 that he learned about responsibility more than others.

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[Ieiri Leo]Ijiwaru na Kamisama PV

Iijawaru no Kamisama is the B-side to her new single Bless You which will be release 9/12
The song is also being used for her latest CM for Pocky
You can watch it here

If you just wanna listen to the audio instead for some reason
It's found here on YT

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