August 5th, 2012

Gallup Poll reveals S. Korea doesn't like Japan

Nothing brings a nation together like a common enemy and the Olympics give us an excuse to degrade every other country on the planet world without it seeming xenophobic.

It was in the midst of this festive atmosphere that Gallup Korea published their annual poll showing the country’s opinion of the rest of the world. The results? South Korea hates Japan even more than North Korea and loves America the most.

What is different about this year’s results is how much Korea seems to hate Japan: whereas 19.1% of South Koreans polled said they hold a unfavorable view of runner-up country China, a whopping 44.1% of respondents answered the same of Japan. While K-pop tops Japanese music charts and young Japanese women dream of bagging a Korean boy, nearly half of Korea is telling Japan to shove off.

Of course, the timing of the research was far from ideal: 1,500 male and female Korean adults were polled over 16 days from July 14 to July 29 — a month after right-wing Japanese activist Nobuyuki Suzuki enraged the entire country by setting up a sign reaffirming Japan’s claim disputed islands and denouncing comfort women as prostitutes next to a comfort women memorial statue in Seoul.

Here are the 2012 results compared with 2002 in parenthesis (translated from Japanese):

■ South Korea’s Top 5 Least Favorite Countries
1. Japan – 44.1% (33.4% in 2002)
2. China – 19.1% (4.6%)
3. North Korea – 11.7% (17.3%)
4. America – 4.8% (18%)
5. Iraq – 0.7% (0.7%)

■ South Korea’s Top 5 Favorite Countries
1. America – 21.5% (16.5% in 2002)
2. Australia – 19% (12.5%)
3. Switzerland – 8% (8.8%)
4. Canada – 7.4% (6.6%)
5. England – 5.1% (3%)

A step forward for America in the eyes of South Koreans but a step back for Japan…we here at RocketNews24 wonder why we just can’t all get along gangnam style.

Source: KRNews  via japantoday

Dance production Burn the Floor will feature Tackey & Tsubasa’s Tsubasa Imai as their guest dancer

Dance production Burn the Floor will feature Tackey & Tsubasa’s Tsubasa Imai as their guest dancer on the Japan shows, it was announced on July 30, reports Sankei Sports.

It has been reported Tsubasa’s dancing talent has been recognized by many since he was a Johnny’s Jr. talent, and over the years the talent himself has taken the extra step to go to Spain and New York to learn more about the art. Tsubasa is currently starring in the Johnny’s stage production of PLAYZONE in Tokyo.

On the show’s website, Tsubasa has released his comment.

“I feel extremely happy and deeply grateful for the chance to jump into a worldwide production like Burn the Floor. I hope to give it everything I have so that I’ll not only live up to their expectations, but also use it as an opportunity to discover something new about myself.”

Burn the Floor will be performed at the Tokyu Theatre Orb in Shibuya, Tokyo, from December 5 to 9. Tickets go on sale from September 15.

so happy for this flawless man, there's a reason he's not winning the Fug Olympics 


Ishihara: “Western Judo = Animals Fighting”

Tokyo’s dear leader Shintaro Ishihara’s latest discriminatory outburst has been to insult international judo, saying it resembles “beasts brawling” and that the sport was ruined as soon as the Westerners became involved.

The 79-year-old mayor of Tokyo complained about barbarian judoka at a recent civic meeting, probably annoyed at all the humiliating losses they have been handing to Japanese judo practitioners lately:

“The judo of westerners is like animals fighting, with its internationalisation judo has really lost something.

In Brazil they eat chocolate and vinegared rice, but you couldn’t call it sushi. Judo ended up that.”

Whilst Ishihara has a long history of making discriminatory remarks about just about anyone (including the wretches who elected him 3 times) who is not a pure-blooded Japanese over the age of 60, the fact he is still making them even after Tokyo launched a bid for the 2020 Olympic games has attracted some comment – it is hard to see international judo authorities and the Olympic organisers taking his remarks well.

Amongst Japanese online the remarks have attracted a mixture of disgust and support: HERE

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Ishihara is so dumb dumb dumb. Why do people continue to vote for him.
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Artist 's total sales by year Ranking on Music station 2012.10.05 !!


on October 5th ,Music Station  was a 3hr special !! .The guest line-up are Arashi, AKB48, Fukuyama Masaharu,Porno Graffitti ,Sexy Zone,Superfly and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

This 3hrs SP episodes 've just revealed the ranking of 「Artist 's Total sales by debut year」. The Top 5  best selling artist from each debut year  were ranked  !!  ( Year 1980 ,1982 ,1987,1990 ,1992,1995,1998 ,1999, 2006, 2007,2011)

Who is no.1 of same year debut?

Check out the ranking  below !!

Collapse )

Source : Music Station

Why they don't do the ranking of year 1991 [SMAP ,Zard ,Spitz] or 1994 [GLAY ,L'arc] !!???