August 13th, 2012


Arama Sexy Olypmics

So Arama, the Olympics are over, even though we were pretty dead as far as the Olympic hype goes, I thought this is something we could do for fun. But I know there's two things that bring us together, polls and sexy people. Inspired by brucelynn's ONTD Sexy Olympics

Welcome to the Arama Sexy Olympics. Has there been a sexy gymnast that has caught your attention, or are swimmers more your flavour? Let's get the Sexy Olympics (Japan Edition) going with this nominations post.

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I don't expect you to disappoint, Arama ;D
Also it's completely okay to go off topic (think of it as a party post as well, Olympics-wise)

Zombies roam the streets of Shibuya to promote the new ‘Resident Evil’ movie


On August 10th, a large group of undead (Zombies) roamed the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo in order to promote the upcoming movie ‘Resident Evil: Retribution‘ (in Japan: ‘Biohazard V: Retribution‘) starring Milla Jovovich.

The undead marched across the Shibuya Crossing in front of the Shibuya Station and handed leaflets to the passersby that were brave enough to get close to them. Japan is in the middle of summer holidays and so the streets were packed with young people who all took out their mobile phones in order to take a snapshot of the undead. Many people were amazed by the spectacle and murmured that they look very real, while some of the younger passersby even began to cry in fear.

They picked August 10th for the guerrilla event, because ‘810′ can also be read as ‘BIO’ as in ‘Biohazard’. In total the group was made up of 27 ‘voluntary’ undead with very detailed make-up. Together they put a lot of effort into trying to act like a real undead by dragging one foot along and other characteristic movements. After starting their march at the Shibuya Crossing, the group headed down to Shibuya’s underground shopping area ‘Shibuchika’ and to the ‘Shibuya Cine Palace’. In the movie the outbreak of the T-virus also begins in Shibuya, so the undead were very keen about promoting it at their ‘birthplace’.

Singer and actress Nakashima Mika, who already appeared in ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife‘, will also appear in the new ‘Resident Evil’ again. Milla Jovovich, Nakashima and the rest of the cast will attend the world premiere of ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ in Japan on September 3rd.

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Source & Pictures: and tokyohive

Kimura Takuya and Karina to star in “Getsu 9″ drama for the upcoming fall season.


On August 14th, it was announced that SMAP’s Kimura Takuya will be starring in Fuji TV’s new “Getsu 9″ drama for the upcoming fall season.

The drama with the tentative title ‘PRICELESS‘ revolves around a salary man who falls into a life of destitution after being fired from his company. Although it will already be Kimura’s ninth starring role in a “Getsu 9″ drama, it will be the first time for him to play a character living in poverty.

At first everything seems to go well for the protagonist – living a satisfying life as a bachelor and working at the middle management of a major company. He’s also on good terms with his co-workers, but one day he gets wrapped up in an intrigue and ends up getting fired for something he hasn’t done. Before he even realized, he had become a penniless man without a phone and no place to stay. By chance he happens to get acquainted to other poor children at a park and gradually begins to realize that there are many important “priceless” things in life that you can’t buy with money.

‘PRICELESS’ is based on an original script by Furuya Kazunao (‘Ninkyo Helper’, ‘37-sai de Ishani Natta Boku’). It’s said to be a humorous drama with a lovable and cheerful protagonist who never loses his positive attitude despite those tragic turns. His positive attitude even causes the change of his unreliable boss – played by Nakai Kiichi – and one of his female colleagues, an introverted accountant played by Karina.

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Source: Sanspo (1,2) and tokyohive

Arashi’s Masaki Aiba to Hosts a Kid’s Show

Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki will host a kid’s show titled “Aiba Masaki no Debut Kids” that will air this Sept 20th at Fuji TV (7pm, JST, a one-time special show as this is VSA timeslot).

“Aiba Masaki’s no Debut Kids” will focus on children challenging a variety of adult’s task like watching over the house, getting in a bus, etc. The show aims to make the kids’ experience these things that they would eventually do when they grow-up. Aiba  will be the show’s MC and will assist the kids with their so-called debut.

“I really love children,” Aiba said during the “non-stop!” interview, “The show will be about kids overcoming different hurdles and walls that would help them grow-up”, he added.

When asked about his own debut, Aiba recalled a situation when he was still in nursery wherein they have to spend overnight at school. Since Aiba was feeling anxious and could not sleep, he walked from his school to his grandmother’s house, which was near the school. Walking home alone at night, that was Aiba’s own debut.

Furthermore, children are invited to draw a caricature of Aiba that will also serve as the program’s poster. The pdf file can be downloaded on Fuji TV’s official site.