August 14th, 2012

Two more Morning Musume album songs - "Waratte! YOU" and "Dokkan Capriccio"

Both songs are from the album 13 Colorful Character, which will be released 9/12. Waratte! YOU is sung by the 9th and 10th generation members, and Dokkan Capriccio is a group song.

Waratte! YOU

Dokkan Capriccio

sources: 1 and 2

Kanon's line near the end of Waratte! YOU is <3. Dokkan will probably be better live. All I need now is a preview of Sayumi's solo.

Hilcrhyme Announces New Single "Jigsaw Puzzle"

Hilcrhyme has announced that they will release a new single titled "Jigsaw Puzzle" on September 12th.

The hip-hop duo's 11th single will feature 2 tracks, the title track and the coupling track "Technical".

A limited edition version of the single will be available and includes a DVD with the music video for "Jigsaw Puzzle".

In related news, Hilrhyme will make an appearance at the outdoor event "Ongaku to Higetachi 2012 ~rainbow~" on August 25th.

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OMG ,AKB 's first day album sale hit..600K !!

akb48 comparegf
Popular idol group AKB48's new album 「1830m」,released on Aug 15th, can be sold 625,401 units on the first day !! (It's very big sale)

Comparision with their last album Kamikyokutachi & Koko ni ita koto

akb48 compare

Besides ,this album has initially 1.5 million units shipped exceeding 400k from their last album 「Koko ni ita koto」which was initially  1.1 million units shipped (Total sales :875,213 units)

Comparision with Mr.Children 's best album ..AKB is very huge na~

akb vs chiru

Source : Sanspo ,2ch

1830m can easily surpass Million.. go go go !!

First week is around 800-900k i guess's very big !!

Seriously,now I really would like to know who will get the Gold medal in the end of the year ..Mr.Children or AKB48 ? XD


Shinoda Mariko, Oshima Yuko and Maeda Atsuko hold a fireworks party with AKB48 members

It was revealed on Shinoda Mariko’s blog that she and other AKB48 members recently held a fireworks party. According to the entry, Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko organized the event so that Maeda could fulfill her wish of “wanting to watch the fireworks with everybody for the last time” before her graduation from AKB48. Shinoda also posted many photos of the AKB48 members in yukatas, against the beautiful backdrop of Tokyo Bay.

Oshima seemed to be having fun as she shared a kiss with Minegishi Minami, appeared in her swimsuit and tried to forcibly kiss Kojima Haruna. Shinoda Mariko wrote “There are a lot of funny photos, but for Yuko’s sake, I will exercise some self-restraint. lol.

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I'll miss Acchan

Total sales for Queen Ayu's singles & albums reach 50 million mark

After the 14 years and 4 months since singer Hamasaki Ayumi’s (33) debut in April of 1998, she has established a new record.  The August 20th Oricon Weekly Album Ranking (for August 6th through August 12th) shows the tally of sales from her 110 releases (65 singles and 45 albums) as 50,023,000 copies sold. This is the first time that the total sales of singles and albums have broken the 50 million mark  for a solo artist.

Since the Oricon ranking charts were established in January 1968, the only other artists to break the 50 million mark are B’z (July 13, 1998) and Mr.Children (March 26, 2007).  Hamasaki has thus become the third artist to have achieved this feat, in addition to being the first soloist to do so. The second-ranked solo artist below Hamasaki is Matsutoya Yumi, who has has a total of 38,390,000 sales, while for male solo artists, Fukuyama Masaharu ranks first with 21,633,000 in total copies sold.

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