August 16th, 2012

2nd Gen Audition and Theater for AKB48’s first overseas sister group

In an earlier than expected expansion, JKT48 is looking for more members to fill its roster as second generation members. The South-east Asian sister group of AKB48 has opened auditions, with the initial stage lasting from 13 August to 31 August. Girls aged 13 to 18 are eligible to apply, with the condition that applicants would need to be based in Indonesia, and are open to work in the city of Jakarta. More information can be found on JKT48′s Facebook page, along with the terms and application forms.

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Congratulation Girls :)
Ryuu-bb salute♥

Nagasawa Masami to star in a drama series in Taiwan

Actress Nagasawa Masami will be starring in a drama series in Taiwan. The series is based on popular Japanese manga “Chocolat” and will be broadcast in Taiwan during a golden time slot in the summer of next year. After that, the drama series will be shown in about 10 other Asian countries including Japan, Korea and China.

Nagasawa will be speaking in Mandarin for the entire series. Filming starts at the end of September and will take place for about 4 months in Taiwan. Nagasawa commented on her reason for accepting the offer, stating, “I’m very curious about acting and performing in another language, so by all means, I’m accepting it!” It’s reported that Nagasawa has been practicing Mandarin for every week since spring.

The manga was originally by Kubonouchi Eisaku and is set around a cake shop run by a former gang. Due to various circumstances, the lead character arrives from Japan and the story revolves around the bond she forms with the former gang members, and the former gang boss who eloped with her deceased mother. The lead character is of Chinese descent and grew up in Japan, and thus speaks Mandarin with a Japanese accent.

The series will consists of 13 episodes, each 90 minutes long. Co-starring in the series is popular Taiwanese actor Lan Zhenlong (33). Japanese director Kitamura Toyoharu, who’s been active in Taiwan, will also participate in the drama series.

Regarding her first overseas challenge, Nagasawa commented, “I haven’t yet come to the full realization that I will be making an appearance in a drama series overseas. It will be great if we can create an interesting piece of work and have good teamwork among the staff and co-stars.” The original manga has been translated into many languages and is familiar to readers overseas. About this, she added, “I will be happy if it’s a piece of work that people can enjoy, just like the original manga.”

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Kanjani8′s Okura Tadayoshi Lands his 1st Lead Movie Role

It has been announced that Kanjani8‘s Okura Tadayoshi will play the lead role in “100-kai naku koto (Cry 100 Times)” movie adaptation to be directed by Ryuichi Hiroki.

Model/actress Kiritani Mirei will play the heroine in this tearjerker love story based from Ko Nakamura‘s bestselling novel of the same title. “100-kai naku koto (Cry 100 Times)” have sold 550,000 copies during its run last 2005.

The story revolves around a man who lost a year’s worth of memory after an accident; he then met a woman suffering from ovarian cancer. A story about true love between two people torn between their own pain.

Okura will be the 2nd member from Kanjani8 who gets a movie lead role after Ryo Nishikido (Chonmage Pudding). This will also be Okura’s 3rd movie, he has done a bit role in “Ooku: The Inner Palace” (starring Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari and Kou Shibasaki), and previously with Kanjani8 members in “EIGHT RANGER” (still showing).

Okura and Kiritani were chosen by giving emphasis on “freshness” factor, good looks, and for being enthusiastic with their respective work.

100-kai naku koto (Cry 100 Times)” is similar to Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu (Crying out love, in the center of  the world) (2004) and Hiroki’s own tearjerker romance with “April Bride” (2009). --->in short, the girl will die...

Filming will start by the end of August and the movie will be released next year.


I'm not really into this type of movies, I'm just really happy for Tacchon!!! BTW, Okura Tadayoshi and Kiritani Mirei doesn't have tags. Tnx.

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Cast of ‘Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo’ receive a standing ovation

20120811_kirishima_hashimoto_kamiki_006 20120811_kirishima_hashimoto_kamiki_003

On August 11th, the opening day of the youth drama ‘Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo‘ – starring Kamiki Ryunosuke and Hashimoto Ai – was commemorated with an obligatory stage greeting in Tokyo.

The stage greetings took place after the screening and the cast received a standing ovation from the audience, when they went up on stage. Kamiki was very surprised and Hashimoto couldn’t even hold back her tears of joy anymore witnessing such a spectacle.

Hashimoto wiped her tears and commented, “It’s the first time ever that I experienced such a moment and I was completely overwhelmed. I’ve never been happier in my life.” Kamiki agreed and added, “It’s really rare to receive a standing ovation at a stage greeting.”

Producer Sato Takahiro praised Hashimoto’s performance. “She’s a brilliant person,” he said. “She really is a genius, yet she still pushes herself to do her best and is always worried about her performance.” Hashimoto began to blush in embarrassment, but Sato continued and she had to fight against her tears again. He reassured her, “Your acting will always resound in people’s hearts.”

Additional to Kamiki, Hashimoto and Sato, the stage greeting was also attended by Ohgo SuzukaHigashide MasahiroShimizu KurumiYamamoto MizukiMatsuoka MayuOchiai MotokiAsaka KodaiMaeno TomoyaSuzuki NobuyukiTaiga, and director Yoshida Daihachi. A couple of fake zombies similar to those in the movie also made a surprise appearance.

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Sorry I posted late. I have heard great reviews and positive feedback from this movie. I wanna see it asap. ;___;

Tanihara Shosuke to become homeless man in new mini drama, ‘Tsugunai’


On August 16th, it was announced that Tanihara Shosuke is going to star in a new mini drama called ‘Tsugunai‘ on NHK BS Premium this fall.

‘Tsugunai’ is a human drama and mystery about a former elite doctor who lost everything and became homeless. It’s not only Tanihara’s first role as a homeless person, but also his first ever starring role in a serial drama in his 20-year-long career.

The story, which is based on a best-selling novel by Yaguchi Atsuko, doesn’t focus on the protagonist’s fall from an elite brain surgeon into poverty, but on his recovery a couple of years later. When he was cared more about his job as a doctor than his own family, he lost his only son to an illness, while his wife committed suicide soon after that. Haunted by guilt, he completely loses his spirit and eventually ends up homeless.

While wandering around the suburbs, he happens to run into the same boy who he saved from a case of sexual abuse 12 years ago. He wants to help this boy, since he seems to be lost in even greater despair than himself, and finds a new reason to live again. However, at the same time a serial murderer begins to target people low on the social ladder and a detective asks him to help in the investigation. Soon he realizes that all clues lead to the boy…

Tanihara stated that he’s very happy to have finally landed his first starring role in a drama serial since his acting debut in 1992. In order to portray a homeless man as authentically as possible, he had to go through a strict diet, avoiding carbohydrates.

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Takahashi Ai attends press conference for musical that ends abruptly due to irrelevant questions


Former Morning Musume. member Takahashi Ai(25) and actress Kanda Sayaka(25) were in Osaka for the musical “Akage no Anne”. The musical is based on best-selling novel series “Anne of Green Gables”, and has Kanda in the role of Anne while Takahashi plays Anne’s friend, Diana.

Takahashi and Kanda were in attendance at a press conference held before the musical show. With recent reports of Takahashi in a romantic relationship with comedian Abe Koji (37) along with Kanda’s mother, singer Matsuda Seiko(50) tying the knot for the third time, a notification was sent out before the press conference warning that only questions relevant to the musical will be entertained and the staff will be on “high-alert” during the press conference.

During the press event, Takahashi and Sayaka talked about how working with the child actors in the musical empowered them. However, the press conference ended abruptly when reporters started asking, “About the boost in pregnancy and birth announcements from former Morning Musume members. …” Staff members intercepted the question and immediately ended the event, while Takahashi and Sayaka could only smile wryly.

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‘Karasu no Oyayubi’ reveals first full trailer

On August 16th, the first full trailer for the upcoming movie ‘Karasu no Oyayubi‘ – starring Abe Hiroshi and Murakami Shoji – was revealed on its official website.

‘Karasu no Oyayubi’ (‘Crow’s Thumb’) is the second big Japanese project by American distributor 20th Century Fox and was directed by Ito Tadafumi. It’s an adaptation of Michio Shusuke’s novel of the same name and revolves around a unique group of five individuals who plan a once-in-a-lifetime coup in order to leave their dark and sorrowful pasts behind them. The five people who end up living together under the same roof are the swindler duo Take (Abe) and Tetsu (Murakami), the two beautiful sisters Yahiro (Ishihara Satomi) and Mahiro (Nounen Rena), along with Yahiro’s boyfriend (Koyanagi Yu).

The two starring actors also attended the press conference which was held today. Murakami commented, “You automatically become cheerful when meeting Abe. He pays so much attention to other people. It’s impossible not to think of him as an extremely cool person. I hope we can continue as ‘Take & Tetsu’ from now on.

Abe received the warm words with a smile and replied humbly, “I don’t think I’m all that great.” He also returned the favor and said, “I’ve never been working with someone like him before. He’s a master when it comes to talking and before you know it you are absorbed into his words. I thought that this is amazing and knew that I could rely on him.” As for the movie itself, he explained, “It’s a drama about human kindness among a group of different individuals. It transports a warm and positive feeling that we all were already able to feel at the set.

Murakami added, “Despite all the pressure, I can say that it’s my best work so far. It even made me think that I should leave Yoshimoto (and become an actor).Yoshimoto Kogyo is a major holding company and agency that employs most of Japan’s most popular comedians.

‘Karasu no Oyayubi’ is scheduled to open in Japan on November 23rd.

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Sashihara Rino to release her second solo single, “Ikuji Nashi Masquerade”


It’s been reported that Sashihara Rino will be releasing her second solo single “Ikuji Nashi Masquerade” sometime in the fall. This song will be used as the theme for the movie “Muse no Kagami, My Pretty Doll” starring Sashihara. Her first solo single “Sore Demo Suki Dayo” was used as the theme song for the original “Muse no Kagami” drama series.

Sashihara gave some comments about her new song, saying, “There are some speaking lines, so please look out for that. It’s a song very appropriate to Muse no Kagami, please come listen to it at the theater too!

Director Fukuda Yuichi also commented, “When the said article about Sashihara came out, I thought to myself, ‘Ahh, this movie wouldn’t be able to be released’. However, Mr. Akimoto and the fans have been assisting it, and I’m very happy that somehow, this movie could get a release. If by any chance, Sashihara gets written up by a magazine again, I think she  might have to move to Jakarta, so please support Sasshi (Sashihara)’s movie!

“Muse no Kagami, My Pretty Doll” opens on September 29th, and “Ikuji Nashi Masquerade” will be available for chaku-uta download on September 26th.

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SHINee to release new Japanese single ‘Dazzling Girl’!


SHINee has just announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new Japanese single, ‘Dazzling Girl‘, later this year!

The single includes two tracks, “Dazzling Girl” and “Run with Me“, and will come in three versions: ‘First Limited Edition A’, ‘First Limited Edition B’, and ‘Normal Edition’.

‘Dazzling Girl’ is set for a October 10th JST release. In the meantime, check out what comes with each edition below.

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Japan to ask international court to settle S Korea isle dispute

Japan’s government plans to ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to settle a dispute with South Korea over a disputed isles group, a report said Thursday.

The move, reported by the Kyodo news agency and attributed to unnamed government sources, could occur as soon as Friday.

It would mark the latest step in a diplomatic spat that erupted after South Korean president Lee Myung-Bak last week visited the islands known in Japan as Takeshima and in Korean as Dokdo, which are claimed by both sides.

A day later, Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba raised the possibility of filing a case in the ICJ.

“We must consider measures to peacefully resolve the dispute based on international law, including filing a suit with the International Court of Justice,” he said.

Two Japanese ministers heightened tensions between the two nations Wednesday by visiting a Tokyo shrine honoring war criminals on the anniversary of Tokyo’s 1945 surrender.

Many Koreans resent Japan’s brutal colonization from 1910 to 1945. Historical disputes continue to mar the relationship, despite close economic ties and shared concerns over North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.

Japan may find it difficult to bring the island issue to the ICJ, which requires an agreement between the disputing parties to take it to court or for one party to sue the other.

South Korea repeatedly rejected proposals by Japan in the 1950s and 60s to let the court rule on the issue of the disputed islands.


Japan protests at S Korea's comments on emperor


Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said Wednesday he had lodged a formal protest over demands by South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak that the emperor apologize for wartime atrocities if he wants to visit.

Gemba said he could not understand why Lee had made the call, which came as the two countries face off over disputed islands in one of the worst diplomatic spats between the uneasy neighbors for several years.

“It is difficult to comprehend why President Lee made remarks like that yesterday,” Gemba told reporters.

Lee on Tuesday said Emperor Akihito would have to say sorry for past excesses if he wanted to go to South Korea.

But the comments appeared to have taken Tokyo by surprise.

“Japan has not raised the issue with the South Korean government about the emperor visiting the country,” Gemba said.

“When we face difficult issues which we need to handle calmly, any remarks or actions that incite nationalism will not benefit the interests of South Korea,” he said, adding Tokyo had lodged a protest through diplomatic routes.


Oricon Ranking for World Class Manga or Anime

In the recently concluded "Cosplay Summit 2012" in Nagoya where 20 countries participated, Oricon conducted a survey to each attendees as to what manga or anime is they deemed as "world class". This is to gauge how much has Japanese pop culture was able to influenced foreign audience, and how popular these manga/anime masterpieces abroad.

Here are the results:

1) Dragon Ball Z
3) Doraemon
4) Naruto
5) Pokemon
6) Evangelion
7) Captain Tsubasa
8) Mobile Suit Gundam
10) Astro Boy and Slamdunk


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Online Dating Game Lets You Steal Other People’s Virtual Girlfriends (And Lets Them Steal Yours)

Relationships can be difficult and unstable; even virtual ones. The wizards at Tea Time have taken the dating world online, proving that just because a game doesn't have swords or guns doesn't mean there isn't conflict and war.

Tea Time, the makers of the virtual upskirt and other interactive NSFW technology, have a game that lets you steal other players' digital girlfriends. The game, Netowaku Netoraru Karemachi Kanojo (Rough translation: Network Cuckold, Boy-Anticipating Girlfriends), is an online virtual dating game for the PC. In the game, players design and create virtual girls who they can then pursue and eventually date in the standard dating sim formula. Also, by accessing the "girlfriend server" online, players can download other potential girlfriends that other players have uploaded to pursue and steal.

However, by downloading another virtual girl, the potential girlfriend originally created will automatically be uploaded and virtually thrown to the sharks. Even if a solid exclusive relationship has been established, that doesn't mean that other players won't try to seduce, steal, or just sleep with your virtual girlfriend.

Once again, the developers at Tea Time are either geniuses, or insane. Way too much thought has gone into the customization and complexity of the heroine characters in both visual and AI aspects.

The game is very much an adult game which allows for some fairly "interesting" relationships. Apparently, there is one virtual girlfriend on the servers who has (virtually) slept with dozens of players (she even has over 30 regular "sex buddies"), but will not accept anyone's propositions to be their girlfriend and remains with her original boyfriend/creator. In the game, players can even look at their virtual girlfriend's cell phone (something you really shouldn't do in real life unless you're willing to part ways with some of your teeth) to see if they've been unfaithful, a feature that has turned some players into snarling paranoid watchdogs.

The game can be played offline, but let's be honest, the real (virtual) fun of the game lies in the online features. Just be warned: All's fair in (virtual) love and war…



More details on Maeda Atsuko’s “graduation song” revealed

The details on Maeda Atsuko’s graduation song, “Yume no Kawa“, have finally been revealed!

“Yume no Kawa” will be included in AKB48’s upcoming 27th single, “Gingham Check” (August 29th), which will be released 2 days after Maeda’s graduation. It will be sung by 10 members: Maeda, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Itano Tomomi, Minegishi Minami, Shinoda Mariko, Oshima Yuko, Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu, and Matsui Jurina.

This song holds a message from Maeda to the members and vice versa. “She listened to her phrases over and over, and sang them many times until she was satisfied with it. She’s usually very particular about recording, but it was as if those feelings were even stronger,” a person concerned explained.

Maeda’s last music video as an AKB48 member will be directed by Takahashi Eiki, who has worked on many of the group’s videos in the past. During the scene where Maeda parts ways with the members while riding a small boat, Oshima was unable to control her tears from flowing.

AKB48 will perform “Yume no Kawa” for the very first time on tonight’s (August 17th) episode of TV Asahi’s ‘MUSIC STATION‘.


Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

smap-gift_of_smap nmb48-virginity perfume_3rd_tour_jpn

Popular group, SMAP's 20th original album, "GIFT of SMAP" has reached the top spot in the albums chart. This is SMAP's 2nd consecutive week at no.1 on Oricon chart after grabbing the top spot with single, "Moment" last week. Out of all groups who have been active for more than 20 years in their career, SMAP are the only group besides Southern All Stars and B'z to have topped the singles and albums chart. This is SMAP's 7th consecutive no.1 album since ""SMAP 016 / MIJ" (June 2003), for a total of 13 no.1 albums. It has also been 4 years for their album to surpass 200k in the first week since their 18th original album, "super. modern. artistic. performance" (September 2008).

In the singles chart, AKB48's sister group from Namba (Osaka), NMB48 have achieved their 4th no.1 single (out of 5 singles overall) with "Virginity." They are the no.1 female act (including soloists) to have surpassed 200k in the first week since their debut, "Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo" (July last year) for a total of 5 singles. The first time they surpassed 300k in the first week was with "Junjou U-19" (February this year), for a total of 3 singles so far.

Meanwhile, popular techno-pop unit, Perfume have achieved their 2nd consecutive week at no.1 in the music-DVD and overall DVD charts simultaneously with "Perfume 3rd TOUR「JPN」". For a female group, this is a historic first. For female artists, they are only the 3rd act to achieve this after Utada Hikaru with "BOHEMIAN SUMMER 2000" (December 2000) and Amuro Namie with "namie amuro BEST FICTION TOUR 2008-2009" (September 2009).

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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Congrats to all! :)

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