August 28th, 2012


AKB48’s Takahashi Minami to make her solo debut!

During the second day of AKB48’s 3-day concert at Tokyo Dome, it was announced that Takahashi Minami, who is one of the founding members of the group, will finally be making her solo debut!

As the first song for the encore, Takahashi and Maeda Atsuko performed their duet song “Omoide no Hotondo” together, and while they were holding each other crying, Maeda told Takahashi, “There is a video for you from Akimoto-Sensei.” Then, Universal Music’s chief operating officer, Max Hole appeared on the screen, and said that they are welcoming Takahashi as a solo singer.

It’s known that debuting as a solo singer was one of Takahashi’s dreams, thus the venue was full of “Minami call”.  Takahashi couldn’t help but sob  as she said, “I was able to make my dream come true. Thank you very much to you all.

The details on her solo debut are unknown at this moment.


Kabuki actor Ichikawa Somegoro transported to the hospital due to a fall during performance

On the night of August 27th, Kabuki actor Ichikawa Somegoro (39) fell from the stage about 3 meters down, during his performance at the National Theatre of Japan in Tokyo, and was transported to a hospital by an ambulance. According to the parties concerned, he is conscious and the injuries are not life-threatening.

The performance for the day was to celebrate Ichikawa’s father and Kabuki actor Matsumoto Koshiro’s 70th birthday, however, because of this accident, the performance was discontinued.

According to Shochiku Co., Ltd., Ichikawa was found to have contusion on the right side of his head and body. The performance for the 28th will thus be postponed, and Ichikawa’s appearance at Shinbashi Enbujo, where he was scheduled to perform next month, will be cancelled as well.

Matsumoto Koshiro commented, “I am terribly sorry for making everybody worried. I feel relieved that his injury is not as serious as I thought.”

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AKB48 member's double tooth triggers a fad for fangs

Twenty-two-year-old Sana Hashimoto is a bit young for dentures, but that didn't stop the Tokyo college student from making a trip to the dentist for Japan's latest fashion fad--an artificial, crooked tooth.

Unlike Western countries, Japan has never looked down on "yaeba," or a snaggletooth, instead finding a less-than-perfect smile cute and endearing.

Now, thanks to the popularity of celebrities sporting a double tooth, this natural quirk has turned into a cosmetic craze. Over the past few years, women of all ages have been flocking to dental clinics to have an artificial tooth attached.

"Like false eyelashes, a crooked tooth is part of a new fad," said Hashimoto, who had a false tooth attached in June.

"I know it's better to have straight teeth, but it's boring to see everyone with them. So I decided to express my individuality with a fang."

One of the girls behind the craze is Tomomi Itano, a member of the all-girl idol group AKB48 whose prominent canine is a distinctive part of her look. As Itano, 21, started appearing on TV shows and in magazines, fans began clamoring for the same look.

Itano's snaggletooth smile isn't the only face of the new fad.

In his book "Yaeba Girl," published last winter by Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc., Yasutaka Maekawa discusses celebrities with a double tooth and the historical background of Japan's embrace of crooked teeth.

And Sky Perfect JSAT Corp., a pay satellite broadcaster, now airs a 30-minute program called "Yaeba Girls Connection."

Japan's fang fad has also drawn the attention of foreign media. The New York Times quoted a popular beauty blog writer as saying "In Japan, in fact, crooked teeth are actually endearing, and it shows that a girl is not perfect. And, in a way, men find that more approachable than someone who is too overly perfect."

Dental Salon Plaisir, a dental clinic in Tokyo's posh Ginza district, says inquiries started coming in about two years ago about attaching a double tooth.

At its busiest, the clinic performs about 30 of the procedures a month, eight times the number four years ago, when it began offering the service.

Plaisir uses an artificial tooth made mainly of ceramics that is attached to a real tooth with glue, an hour-long procedure.

One that a user can detach by herself costs 30,000 yen ($385).

An artificial tooth that does not come off even during meals costs 49,000 yen.

More than 80 percent of the clients receiving the procedure at Plaisir are women in their 20s. But some are in their 40s, who say they want to have the youthful look that a double tooth imparts.

Yoko Kashiyama, director of Plaisir, stresses the cosmetic procedure is safe.

"I don't strongly recommend it because it affects tooth alignment," Kashiyama said. "But I feel compelled to continue with the cosmetic procedure when I hear a client telling us with a smile that she will have a more positive outlook on life."

But an association of dental hygienists in Tokyo expressed concern about the practice.

"It makes it harder to brush your teeth and you could have to have your real tooth whittled away to unglue a false tooth," said Chiaki Yamada, an association member. "It's too risky for a fashion."

I will never understand this trend...


Maeda Atsuko graduates with a smile, surprises fans outside the venue


On August 27th, Maeda Atsuko (21) appeared at the AKB48 Theater in Akihabara as a member for the final time, officially graduating from the group.

Maeda joined AKB48 as a first generation member when she was 14-years-old, and has led the group as its “immovable ace” since then.

At Maeda’s graduation performance, 28 members said their farewells to Maeda. Maeda then said toward the members, “I know we all have been through some tough times over the past 7 years. There was a time when all of us said nothing but that we wanted to quit. However, the reason why we were able to overcome the hardships is that we had each other, and we pursued one dream together.”

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Source: Tokyohive 1 and 2, Mantan Web 1 and 2

To Avoid Inconvenience to Junnosuke Taguchi, Rena Komine Quietly Opens a Salon

Actress Rena Komine, who has been reported to be in relationship with KAT-TUN‘s Junnosuke Taguchi, has reportedly open a salon called “ELEMENTS OF FOUR SEASONS” in Tokyo. Komine will serve as the salon’s manager and this is her way of walking her “own path” from Taguchi.

Komine and Taguchi association have started back in 2005 when the two have met on the set of “3 nen B-gumi Kinpachi sensei”. Though both of them didn’t admit or deny any romantic relationship, the paparazzi pics taken last 2009 from their trip from Hawaii have solidified all claims.


Last July 2012, Womens Weekly reported that the two are now semi-cohabitating. Taguchi’s car can be seen outside of Komine’s apartment and they are often seen by neighbors walking-out the dog and so.

After their association was revealed last 2009, Taguchi suffered a setback with his career. Komine’s career have also suffered and she even ceased her blog activities.


Until recently, Komine had started blogging again, mainly to advertise her business. Her salon reportedly boats organic products and celebrity clients like Seiko Yamamoto (wrestler), Maki Aizawa (actress), and Yuri Ebihara (model/actress) have visited her salon. (Her latest blog entry has ARATA as her latest client).

Since Komine hasn’t been able to work as an actress since 2007, she’s now working as a manager of her own store. This move is also being rumored as the actress way of retiring from the show business. However, some says that it is not full retirement, if Komine would be offered any acting job, she’ll be glad to accept.

Johnny’s & Associates are reportedly keeping a tight watch with Komine’s activities, as long as she’s not making her relationship with Taguchi public, they won’t mind their relationship. Since Taguchi is an idol, one wrong move from Komine and it might cause an inconvenience to Taguchi’s own career.

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Ahhh...the price of dating someone as hot as Junno, or shall I say, the price of dating someone from Johnny's!


The Gazette's new album is out . . . but if you illegally download it you're the same as a murderer

The Gazette's guitarist Aoi is yet again causing trouble on twitter. The new album division was released recently with the limited edition costing over 6000 JPY. (If you're in the EU/UK you can get it for £10) However instead of celebrating the release with fans, Aoi instead took to twitter and acted like a mature 30 year old ranted about illegal downloading.

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First time posting so I hope its ok, I'm so glad he's allowed a twitter lol


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Flag ripped off Japan envoy's car in Beijing


An assailant has snapped the flag off the car of Japan's envoy to Beijing, amid high tension between the nations.

Japanese officials said two cars forced ambassador Uichiro Niwa's vehicle to stop before a man jumped out and snapped off the flag.

The embassy lodged a complaint, and China's foreign ministry was later quoted expressing "deep regret".

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Because doing these things would TOTALLY help your case China *pro-activists...c'mon, seriously? -_-'''