September 4th, 2012

Arashi’s Sho Sakurai Ignored Fans Overseas, a Case of “Misunderstood Idol”

Yet another Sho Sakurai rumor about his treatment to fans…

Arashi‘s Sho Sakurai was heavily-praised for his hosting skills with the recently concluded “24 hr TV“; however, he received some backlash from international fans whom he reportedly ignored when he shot “Nazodi”.

Sho Sakurai and Keiko Kitagawa were in Singapore last July to shoot for the movie version of their hit drama, “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de” or simply “Nazodi”. It has been reported that while Kitagawa was being very friendly to fans who visited the set, Sakurai was the complete opposite. Despite Sakurai’s statement about he wishing for Singaporean fans to watch the movie, his actions didn’t reflect his statements. Aside from always wearing a cap and keeping his head down, he also uses other people as “shield” to hide from prying eyes of the fans. There was also a strict policy not to take any pictures of Sakurai, and he was also being closely watch and guarded by staffs from Johnny’s.

One insider defended Sakurai’s sulky mood. He claimed that even though camera’s are strictly prohibited, there are those who couldn’t resist taking pictures and there was even someone who was able to filmed the shooting process and uploaded it on a site. Though the officials were able to take down the said video, Sakurai gained a reputation abroad (according to a news program) as a “misunderstood idol who rejects fan service”.

Even though idols have the right not to do any fan service, especially to those who committed prohibited acts and who can’t follow simple rules, Sakurai seems the odd one out since the rest of his co-stars has been friendly. Due to this, he is viewed negatively by those who misunderstand him.

Despite all this negative write-ups about Sakurai, there are still those who are willing to understand his situation. Not only he is shooting “Nazodi”, he still has commitments for 24 hr TV, NEWS ZERO where he has to make preparations for his coverage of the London Olympics, and his regular programs involving Arashi. Taking his full-packed schedule into consideration, it can’t be helped if his mood have taken the worse.

Now that 24 hr TV and London Olympics is over, we can only hope that Sakurai will have the much needed peace of mind and rest.

Source: Cyzo Woman via jenewsdaily

Johnny to Aiba: “Study More!”

So much for Aiba-sensei…

Rumor has it that Arashi‘s Aiba Masaki has been called by the head office to study. “It is said that strict orders was given for [Aiba] to study social studies. The management also ordered him to read newspapers and books orally and there will be no exceptions, ” a well-informed person said.

“I often heard that Aiba doesn’t even know the name of the Japan’s Prime Minister,” an insider shared.

Apparently, the era wherein idols who know nothing but sing and dance is over. Idols like that of Aiba’s caliber should be knowledgeable enough, if not intelligent, to performed other duties like hosting, joining a quiz show, etc. Sho Sakurai is a very good example, aside from having a University degree, he is also a newscaster, and is well-regarded in the industry.

Arashi is a national idol, foolishness/stupidity cannot be tolerated,” the insider added.

However, despite the office order for him to study or read newspapers, Aiba hardly reads anything except for manga and he would rather watch TV for news than read them. “When the office found-out that Aiba ignored their order, he received a stern warning so he started reading Sports Newspapers,” according to one informant.

Finally, Aiba have realized how stupid he is and have started studying in hopes that the baka stigma will be removed from him.

Source: TokyoSports via Johnnys-Watcher and jnewseng


38,000 girls apply to join Shanghai sister group of AKB48

Relations may be strained between Japan and China at the political level over the Senkaku islands, but in the field of arts and entertainment, it’s a very different story.

Chinese media reported Tuesday that approximately 38,000 girls from all over China have applied to become the first 16 members of SNH48, the sister group of mega-popular Japanese idol group AKB48. Applications began in early July and ended on Aug 30, Xinhua news agency reported.

A spokesman for SNH48’s office in Shanghai said that on the first day of applications, the official website crashed because too many people were trying to access it.

The spokesman said that interviews will be held this month in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai to whittle the number down to 1,000 who will audition for the 16 available places by November. They will then hold their first live performance in December.

AKB48 already has sister groups called JKT48 (in Jakarta) and TPE48 (in Taipei).

Yasushi Akimoto, who created AKB48, said last month he was starting a “study abroad” program for his girls. Some of them will be sent abroad to spend a few months with their counterparts in Jakarta, Taipei and Shanghai.


But there hasn't been news TPE48 though.