September 5th, 2012

Tsuji Nozomi announces her pregnancy with 3rd child

Former Morning Musume member Tsuji Nozomi has announced that she is currently pregnant with her third baby.

According to Tsuji and her husband Sugiura Taiyo’s blogs, she is in the third month of her pregnancy and will give birth in spring next year. Tsuji happily wrote, “I’m looking forward to see the Sugiuras that will be even more lively with the new family member. Everybody, please continue to watch over us, Sugiura family warmly.”

Tsuji gave birth to her first daughter back in November of 2007, and also had her first son in December 2010.

Source & Image: natalie and tokyohive

Takei Emi to star in new drama on NTV “Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo”

It’s been announced that actress Takei Emi (18) will be starring in NTV’s upcoming drama “Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo“, which will start airing in October. This will be the third consecutive starring drama series for Takei after “W no Higeki” (TV Asahi, aired during April ~ June 2012), and “Iki mo Dekinai Natsu” (Fuji TV, currently airing). Reportedly, it will be a heartwarming comedy between father and daughter.

Takei commented, “Though I had played many characters who were burdened with some kind of destiny, this time, I will be playing a role that I have never done before, and that could help me pull out my new self. I hope it will be a drama that cheers up the people who watch it. I can’t wait to play the role!”

As Takei said, her role named ‘Saeki Rei’ is a 19-year-old girl who just moved to Tokyo. She is a cheerful girl, and has a unique positiveness, but anything she does is unprecedented as it goes round and round and gets nowhere. In Tokyo, ‘Rei’ meets her father who left her and her mother 15 years ago. Though she’s repulsed by him at first, looking at her father living a loose life makes her rouse herself. Setting her father’s remarriage as her goal, she makes strenuous efforts in the city of Tokyo.

Other cast members will include, Miura Shohei as ‘Tamagawa Daisuke’ who crushes on ‘Rei’, Higa Manami as unpopular 26-year-old model ‘Serizawa Hanako’, Tsukamoto Takashi as ‘Sakurai Koichi’ who is a single father with a 4-year-old daughter, and Watabe Atsuro as ‘Suzuki Takuya’, the father of ‘Rei.’

It was also revealed that Ban Kazuhiko (“Deka Wanko”, “Kuitan”) will be in charge of the script.

“Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo” is scheduled to begin broadcasting on October 10th (every Wednesday at 10:00 pm).

Source & Image: Oricon and tokyohive

Ueto Aya confirms she’s still in a relationship

On September 5th, actress Ueto Aya was appointed as the official navigator for the upcoming movie ‘Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away‘ and attended a press conference to talk about it charms.

However, the most burning question of the reporters wasn’t related to the movie. After the recent indication of a rumored break-up between her and her rumored husband-to-be, EXILE’s HIRO, they wanted to get some kind of clarification. Knowing that they won’t get any clear confirmation that she’s together with HIRO, they just asked in general whether she’s still in a relationship and to their surprise she replied with a smile, “Yes, thank you.

Of course this still leaves much room for interpretation, but at least she gave them something to keep the story alive.

Back to the movie, ‘Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away’ is going to open this year’s 25th Tokyo International Film Festival on October 20th and Ueto’s job is to make as many people as possible excited for it.

She commented, “It’s so exciting! I’ve seen this show in person, but I think this movie will be just as exciting for those who haven’t seen it yet as well as for those who’ve already seen it. The whole show was filmed from angles that the live audience can’t see and therefore it’s a different experience altogether.” She continued, “It’s very easy to understand and the music creates a modern and antique world. It felt like going to a very stylish café.

Ueto finally appealed to everyone, “I hope everyone will be able to experience the force, the excitement, and lingering emotions when watching this show on screen.

‘Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away’ is slated for a nationwide release on November 9th.

Source: tokyohive

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Japan to buy islands at center of dispute with China for Y2.05 bil


TOKYO — The Japanese government has agreed to buy a group of islands in the East China Sea at the center of a territorial dispute with China, a move likely to irk Beijing, Japanese dailies said Wednesday.

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Is Jin Akanishi heading for disaster?

Another movie delay and leaked photos of his wife with another Johnny’s talent, rumour has it Jin Akanishi’s future is clouded, reports Cyzowoman on September 4.

It has been reported Akanishi’s upcoming movie 47 RONIN was supposed to be released in the US this November, but has since been delayed twice because of financial issues, having to re-shoot scenes with lead actor Keanu Reeves, and technical delays in processing the movie’s 3D effects. At the moment the movie is aiming for a Christmas 2013 release in the US. However, this could mean Japanese fans would have to wait until 2014 before the movie hits Japanese cinemas.

“I’ve heard that the Universal wasn’t happy that there weren’t many scenes with Keanu Reeves in them, which is why they’re re-shooting some scenes. Apparently the new version will feature more of Keanu while a lot of the samurai scenes will be edited out. Rumour has it that this includes Akanishi’s scenes too. He didn’t have many scenes to begin with so everyone’s worried about what to do if he gets edited out completely,” said one entertainment reporter.

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If I'm gonna post the rest Momoedge's articles, might as well not skip this.

well, once the baby is born i think it's a good opportunity for a good PR for Jin.
and I still think Meisa x Kitayama is cute together,

Ex-Johnny’s Jr. Taiyo Ayukawa is back

With roles in stage plays, movies, and now a new blog, former-Johnny’s Jr. and Ya-Ya-yah member Taiyo Ayukawa has made a comeback, reports Cyzowoman on September 4.

Ya-Ya-yah was a Johnny’s Jr. group which released the single “勇気100% / 世界がひとつになるまで (Yuuki 100% / Sekai ga hitotsu ni narumade)” back in 2002. Back then, Hey! Say! JUMP members Kota Yabu and Hikaru Yaotome were Ayukawa’s team mates.

It has been reported Ayukawa’s blog “殿堂入り 鮎川太陽オフィシャルブログ (Dendo-iri Taiyo Ayukawa’s Official Blog)” opened on August 31, and recorded more than 1000 comments on its first day. It even made its debut at No.7 on Ameba Celebrity Blog’s newcomer chart.

The talent had started to fade out after Yabu and Yaotome joined Hey! Say! JUMP in 2007.

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OMG, welcome back Taiyo!!! Good luck!
Though I don't know what's w/ the height issue. HSJ had so much loltastic height difference then and now. Maybe they should have extended members to 12 if only to accomodate Taiyo & Shoon, lol

What’s going on with Junnosuke Taguchi’s relationship with Rena Komine?

Rumor has it KAT-TUN’s Junnosuke Taguchi might be getting married to actress Rena Komine soon, reports Gekiura! Geino Japan.

Cyzowoman has reported the two had been spotted on dates since 2007, and had been caught going on holiday to Hawaii in 2009.

A July issue of weekly gossip magazine Shukan Josei had reported the couple were pretty much living together in Taguchi’s apartment in Tokyo, and have been seen together taking their dog for a walk.

But ever since the first scandals came out about Komine and Taguchi, Komine had been fading from the public eye. By October last year she had even stopped writing in her blog.

It has been reported things started to change for Komine on July 15 this year when she re-launched her blog, and announced she had opened up her own beauty salon ELEMENTS OF FOUR SEASONS. The salon offers organic makeup products, organic foods, and even gives customers the chance to create their own power stone bracelets.

It has been reported Komine’s next move is to start thinking about settling down.

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If it's true, then they've been together for more than 5 years now, that could only mean Junno is happy with her.
but Junno doesn't strike me as someone who'd dare get married early. (REALLY) If he does though, I'm sure KAT-TUN is gonna keep him.
ayaka 2

idol group PASSPO☆ going for a "German Metal" concept

Having tried their hand at Japanese punk and American rock, idol group PASSPO☆ have revealed that their fifth single is to be in the concept of "PASSPO☆ meets German metal".

Titled WING, the single is the third part of the PASSPO☆ Airline trilogy and will be released on October 3rd. It will be available in two editions and will feature the title track, the B-side Dum Dum Freedom and their instrumental counterparts. The "Economy Class" edition will be CD-only, while the "First Class" edition will come with a DVD featuring the PV for WING


Recochoku poll: Favorite Vocaloid songs (with covers)

Recently, Recochoku held a poll, which results were revealed on August 30th, to commemorate Hatsune Miku's 5th birthday which is August 31st. The poll asked users of the site to vote for their favorite Vocaloid song.

As such, the most popular song was Kurousa-P's 'Senbonzakura feat. Hatsune Miku'. A 17 year-old male stated that song is like taking a look scene of the good olden days of the Taisho era - Meiji era. Also that he was attracted to the good quality of the song's tempo and the song lyrics.

In second place was Hachi's 'Matryoshka feat. Hatsune Miku & GUMI'. One 14 year-old female stated that the song raises her spirits with it's high key and cute lyrics. This song has gained many fans due to it's light up-tempo lyrics and rhythm.

In third position was supercell's 'Melt'. A 18 year-old female states that whenever you listen to it, your feelings turn bittersweet, and it gives you energy even on a mental level. This song uses various vocaloids to create its the vocals and many who've said that they could relate to the vibrantly depicted lyrics of a trembling young girl's emotions."

Below is the ranking of the songs with the original version and the different versions sung by humans.

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Senbonzakura: Mafumafu, kalon. (piano ballad ver.), Pokota x 96Neko, Momobako x Aihara Kaorin, Other versions |
Matryoshka: Mi-chan, Soraru x Lon (band arrange), Shuiro, VipTenchou x 96Neko, Other versions |
Melt: ShounenT/Sako Tomohisa (acoustic vers), Wotamin (3M MIX), Gazelle/Yanagi Nagi, halyosy, Other versions |
Ai Kotoba: Usa, Nikoru , ShounenT/Sako Tomohisa (piano ver), DECO*27, Other versions |
Aku no Meshitsukai: ASK (classical ver), Sekihan, Kyounosuke, Stela |

Source translation by me (please excuse my errors) and roomgirl