September 8th, 2012

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Akai Ko-en release their pv for Nozokiana

their new single drops September 19.

~ never seen a post of them on here so a short bio, always room for more strong womyn in Jrock~

赤い公園 (Akai Koen; translation = “Red Park”) are four girls aged 18 to 19 who reside in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Their music is a blend of melodic pop and shoegaze accentuated by ferocious hardcore and noise. Guitarist Maisa Tsuno has prodigious song-writing talent and is responsible for all lyrics, composition and arrangement. A perfectionist at heart tempered by a willingness to take risks Tsuno draws on her eclectic influences (eg Boredoms, Radiohead, Jim O’Rourke) to craft gorgeous compositions ranging from deliciously sweet to intensely discordant. 

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Arashi might be this year’s Kohaku music special hosts

Arashi might be picked up to be NHK’s New Year’s Eve music special hosts for the third time, reports Tokyo Sports on September 7.

It has been reported NHK producers are beginning to look for potential hosts for Kohaku Uta Gassen’s red (akagumi) female artist team, and white (shirogumi) male artist team.

“A production team for the show has been finalised, and now they’ve begun discussions about what to do this year.  At this rate, Arashi will probably be asked to be the shirogumi hosts for the third straight year,” said one source from NHK.

Although no one can definitely say this will happen, there is no denying the fact the group attracted TV ratings of over 40% in their past two Kohaku shows.

It has been reported the most likely candidate for the women’s akagumi host this year will be actress Maki Horikita, who has been playing the main character in NHK’s popular drama 梅ちゃん先生 (Ume-chan Sensei).

Source: MomoEdgewood, Tokyo Sports

I love Arashi with all my heart, but Kouhaku just hasn't been the same since the year they started dominating it. :( I'd prefer a medley performance and for them to race back to Johnny's Countdown like Tokio do.

Sawajiri Erika’s “Helter Skelter” to be shown at the London Film Festival

Following record box-office earnings of 2 billion yen (around $25.3 million USD), Helter Skelter is making another breakthrough as it will be showing at the 56th BFI London Film Festival. Director Ninagawa Mika will be in London for the October 12th showing. She will give her greetings before the movie, and will also appear for a teach-in after the showing.

Spearheading the London Film Festival is film critic and programmer Tony Rayns. Rayns was responsible for introducing directors like Kitano Takeshi and Wong Kar Wai to the international audience. Attention will be on director Ninagawa as she makes her appearance on the international stage.

Helter Skelter is showing as a special invited piece from Rayns, under the “DARE pathway” category. This category is a new one started by festival director Clare Stewart for films that’s “in-your-face, up-front and arresting, and will take audiences out of their comfort zone.

Rayns expressed his praise for the film, “The second feature by Mika Ninagawa (daughter of the celebrated theatre director Yukio Ninagawa) lives up to its name. It’s a big, splashy thrill-ride, kinda reminiscent of vintage Ken Russell, which tears into the supermodel/teen-idol industries that make the world of Japanese pop culture go round.

He also remarked that Sawajiri Erika is “Japan’s Kate Moss”. Part of his introduction to the film reads,”Her outer beauty masks the tantrums of a self-hating queen bitch – and the work of a ‘beautician’ whose clinic is under police investigation for its criminal techniques.”

The film is a big hit in Taiwan and will be showing in Hongkong (9/20), Korea and other countries. It seems that Helter Skelter will be continuing to make waves in the film industry.

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Source: Cinema Today and 56th BFI website

Images:Cinema Today via tokyohive

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Fast food service in Japan vs America: 2 videos tell the story

TOKYO — The fast food experience in Japan is much different that it is in America. In Japan, step into any fast food restaurant and you are treated with the kind of service you see in commercials. Polite and attentive staff work in seemingly perfect unison to get customers their meal as quickly as possible, all while maintaining a smile on their face.

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SOURCE: japantoday

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Senkaku owner cuts Ishihara out of deal

The owner of three of the Senkaku Islands has informed Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara that he has agreed to sell them to the central government, sources said.

The owner met Friday with Ishihara, who earlier said he would not be persuaded to drop the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's bid to buy the three islets until he received a face-to-face explanation about the sale. The owner told him an agreement had been reached with the central government and apologized, the sources said.

Earlier in the week, sources said the central government had agreed to purchase the three uninhabited islets in the East China Sea for ¥2.05 billion, a move likely to further strain already tense relations with China.

China has slammed the move and hinted at countermeasures to safeguard its claimed sovereignty over them.

Ownership of the islets has drawn attention since Ishihara's surprise announcement in April that the metropolitan government planned to purchase three of them by the end of the year to protect Japanese territory.

The Senkakus, administered by Japan, are claimed by China, which refers to them as Diaoyu, and by Taiwan, where they go by the name Tiaoyutai.

The central government plans to buy and nationalize Uotsuri, Kitakojima and Minamikojima.

The islet of Taishojima is already owned by the central government. The remaining islet, Kubajima, is owned by a younger sister of the owner of the other three islands and is being leased by the Defense Ministry. The U.S. military uses it as a bombing exercise site.

Ishihara last month sent a team to assess the islets' features and possible appraisal value, but it was not allowed to land.

Source: Japan Times

Dear "Nobody-Actually-Likes-You" Ishihara,

More seriously though, Japan, please be careful. :( Things are getting a little scary.