September 14th, 2012


Miliyah reveals covers, tracklist for new single

Singer-songwriter Kato Miliyah has announced a new single, "LOVERS part II feat. Wakadanna" set for release on October 17. The last time she collaborated with Wakandanna, of reggae group Shonan no Kaze, was 2007's "LALALA." The single comes fresh off the heels of "HEART BEAT," which saw the best first-week sales of Miliyah's career.

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This is a short haired Aoi Yuu post

Aoi Yuu debuts short hair
On September 14th, it was revealed that actress Aoi Yuu has exchanged her trademark long hair with a fresh new short hairdo.

Aoi will be showing off her new hairstyle and explaining the reason for the bold change in the upcoming November issue of the fashion magazine ‘mina‘ (release: September 20th). It’s the second time for her to grace the cover of said magazine since June 2010.

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Aoi Yuu to star in new CM for "Right-On"
On September 14th, it was announced that actress Aoi Yuu was appointed to star in the new CM for the jeans and casual apparel chain store ‘Right-on‘.

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And the winner of Morning Musume's 11th generation audition is...

Oda Sakura!

Oda Sakura
Birthday: 3/12/1999
13 years old
Middle School 2nd year
Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood type: A
From Hello Pro Kenshuusei

sources: here,here and here

This was probably filmed awhile ago, and I wouldn't doubt if Sakura performed at the concert since they had a matching outfit for her and everything (They also haven't filmed the 51st MV. Think she'll be in it?). My only problem is that while she is good, one girl generations bring about unrealistic expectations and the inevitable comparisons to Goto Maki.

Ueto Aya and Exile's Hiro are officially married


On September 14th, actress Ueto Aya is celebrating her 27th birthday, but that almost fades into the background thanks to the announcement she made on the occasion. All the rumors about her and EXILE’s HIRO (43) have finally come to an end as they announced they have registered their marriage on the 14th.

They have yet to work out their plans and the date for their upcoming wedding reception, but there won’t be an official press conference or anything like that later today.

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6 Chinese ships spotted near disputed isles

TOKYO — Six Chinese ships sailed into waters around a disputed archipelago on Friday, with Beijing saying they were there for “law enforcement” around islands Japan nationalized earlier this week.

The move—dubbed “unprecedented” by Tokyo—marked the latest stage in a deteriorating row between Asia’s two biggest economies and came as reports emerged of Japanese nationals being physically attacked in China.

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Aya Ueto announces marriage to HIRO, 2ch would rather discuss her handwriting

Check out the handwritten letter in its full size here!

Some comments, courtesy of 2ch:

It may look like good handwriting but it's actually hard to read

Too long


I feel like it's good but I can't read it

Very good

A lot of people write like this

Grandma's handwriting

Some people's handwriting clearly sucks but is super legible. How does that work?

I want her to write it on my dick

She dropped out of high school, please forgive her.

It's long yet well written

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Namie Amuro's Okinawa 20th Anniversary Show CANCELLED


We decided the cancel of the event "namie amuro 20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA" scheduled to be held outside at a special site in Ginowan Seaside Park in Okinawa on Sunday, September 16.
We took first priority of your safety from the affection of typhoon No. 16 after careful discussion in the "namie amuro 20th
ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA" executive committee meeting.
We are deeply sorry to announce this cancellation to you and please understand this decision from current worst weather situation.
There is no rescheduled concert because of the purpose of this event that the event date is the debut day of 20th anniversary.

Please refer following site to refund the ticket.

the special site of “namie amuro 20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA”

Official Namie Facebook

*cue the crying gifs*

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Remake connoisseurs/QUEENS of k-pop T-ARA releasing new single

T-ara will be releasing a brand new single titled Sexy Love (Japanese ver.) on November 14th! The single will be released in three versions with each one having a different b-side.

Limited Edition A

1. Sexy Love (Japanese Ver.)
2. Bye Bye (Japanese Ver.)
3. Sexy Love (inst)
4. Bye Bye (inst)

1. Sexy Love pv (Japanese ver)
2. Pv making of

Limited edition B

1. Sexy Love (Japanese ver.)
2. 初めてのように (Japanese ver.)
3. Sexy Love (inst)
4. 初めてのように (inst)

1. DAY BY DAY (Japanese ver.)
2. Sexy Love (Japanese ver.) Music Video Dance future ver.

Regular edition

1. Sexy Love (Japanese ver.)
2. Day By Day (Japanese ver.)
3. Sexy Love (inst)
4. Day by Day (inst)


初めてのように is Like the First Time. This single will be amazing!!