September 16th, 2012

A Big Change for Ikuta Toma in “Nou Otoko”

Last Sept 13th, Ikuta Toma attended the press conference for the shooting completion of his upcoming movie, “Nou Otoko“. Director Tomiyuki Takimoto attended the conference and announced that the movie will hit the cinemas on Feb 9th next year.

Based from a novel of the same title, “Nou Otoko” follows the story of a human killing machine void of any human emotions. The said novel won the 46th Edogawa Rampo prize for Mystery Novels back in 2000.

Ikuta Toma, who plays the titular role of a dark hero known to commit murder in the name of justice, said that playing the role of “brain man” has been a huge risk. “I put my soul into this character,” Ikuta said and even admitted that he became socially withdrawn a month before the shooting to get closer to his character. “I think that this role really change my perspective as an actor,” he added.

One of the movie’s highlight is Ikuta’s fight scene with the detective played by Yosuke Eguchi, it has been reported that the scene took 27 hours without sleep or rest. “I thought I was gonna die,” Ikuta said.

“Nou Otoko” will hit the cinemas next year, Feb 9th.

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Here comes killer Toma ( I really couldn't find the movie preview video)
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[who wore it better] AKB48 VS BERRYZ KOBO

AKB48 wore white bikinis and layed down in a circle formation for the cover of their single Manatsu no Sounds Good! Berryz did the same for their upcoming 2013 Calender.

who wore it better!!
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Who wore it better

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