September 18th, 2012

EXILE nominated for 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards

EXILE has been nominated for ‘Best Asia Act’ for the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards.

The men of EXILE will be going up against China’s Hang Geng, who is reported to be dominating Southeast Asia, Taiwan’s Jolin Tsai, South Korea’s Super Junior, who is a leader in the Hallyu wave throughout the world, and Malaysia’s Yuna, who started out with a strong following from MySpace.

To vote for EXILE, head to MTV’s EMA site. The winner of the ‘Best Asia Act’ will go on to vie for a Worldwide Act nomination. Voting closes on October 14, and results will be revealed during the show in Frankfurt, Germany on November 11.

Vote here.

Source: MTV EMA via tokyohive

Show Luo Cancels Promotional Activities in Japan

Having garnered impressive sales for his previous Japanese single"Magic", Show Luo was placed in a tough dilemma over whether he should cancel his promotional activities in Japan for the release of his first full Japanese album.

Two concerts in Tokyo were scheduled for September 29 & 30 but, had to be cancelled costing him approximately TWD$10,000,000. This is due to the tensions between Japan and China's rift over a fishing island, he found it unfavourable to proceed with promotional activities in Japan. Even his fans have left him many messages expressing their concerns on his safety if he goes.

Source: jpopasia

Ohno Satoshi

Bullied student gets apology / School recognizes problem, but victim asked to leave over 'anxiety'

SENDAI--A private high school in Sendai has apologized to a second-year student who suffered cigarette burns and other bullying by his classmates, but was asked to leave school because his scars might make other students feel "anxiety," according to sources.

According to the victim's mother and the school, a reinvestigation committee set up by the school has determined the boy suffered acts of physical violence inflicted by several students. It added the school should recognize that using a cigarette to leave burns was an act of bullying, and it "defied common sense" to think that leaving 22 burns on the victim's arm was acceptable.

The school admitted it had been "inconsiderate" to ask the bullied student to voluntarily leave before it had fully grasped the extent of the bullying. School officials apologized to him and his family Saturday night.

"We'll carefully instruct our students so such incidents never happen again," the vice principal told The Yomiuri Shimbun.

The victim's mother said the problem had moved a step toward resolution, but criticized the school for being "rather slow" to act on the matter.

The student also said the school seemed to have offered "a token apology."

According to the mother and other sources, the student had been beaten and kicked by three students from November onward and was burned with cigarettes 22 times by another student in May.

The school investigated the case and ordered the four assailants to voluntarily leave school or stay home. It also asked the bullied student to voluntarily leave the school because his scars might "cause anxiety among other students."

His family submitted a report on the offenses to Sendai Higashi Police Station on Aug. 6.

(Sep. 18, 2012)

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun

OP note: Despite the growing awareness of bullying, it seems Japanese school officials have an almost unbearably long way to go.

Japan blamed for damage inflicted by violent Chinese protesters

BEIJING — China on Monday blamed Japan for the damage Japanese companies took from vandals during a weekend of protests in the country.

The "illegal purchase" of the Senkaku Islands "is exerting an increasingly prominent bad impact, and the Japanese side should bear relevant responsibility," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a regular news conference.

Whether tensions will escalate depends on how Japan acts, Hong said.

"China has stated its position to the Japanese side in different forms, and the Chinese people have also expressed their strong indignation" through protests to denounce the nationalization of the islands, he said. The islands are controlled by Japan but claimed by China as the Diaoyu.

Hong's comments underline the Chinese government's tacit approval of the wave of anti-Japanese sentiment, which began Tuesday and rolled across China as scheduled.

Some of the protests Saturday and Sunday included vandalism, looting and arson targeting Japanese factories, stores and restaurants.

Tuesday will mark the 81st anniversary of the 1931 Mukden Incident, also known as the Manchurian Incident, in which the Imperial Japanese Army blew up a Japanese railway in southern Manchuria to give it an excuse for invading northeastern China.


Taiwan demonstrators burn Japanese flag



More than 100 Taiwanese activists burnt a Japanese flag in a protest in downtown Taipei Tuesday, as anger over disputed islands in the East China Sea spilled over from China.

The demonstration outside Taiwan’s parliament took place as a row over the islands—known as Diaoyu in Chinese and Senkaku in Japanese—prompted thousands to hit the streets in major cities on the Chinese mainland.

“When our compatriots in the mainland are striving to protect the Diaoyu islands, we people in Taiwan cannot remain silent,” said a spokesman for the small Union Party, the organizer of the protest.

Taiwan, China and Japan all claim the uninhabited islands, which are 400 kilometers from the Okinawan capital of Naha and 200 kilometers from Taiwan.

The Taiwanese protesters called for cooperation with China to get back the disputed islands, which they said were “stolen” by Japan, and blamed the United States for Tokyo.

“The Americans should stop throwing their weight behind Japan, and the Japanese would back away,” said the Union Party spokesman, who declined to give his name.

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou has said Taipei has no intention to work with Beijing, mindful that doing so could hurt the island’s ties with Japan.

Tensions mounted after Japan announced last week it had completed a planned purchase of some of the islands, prompting Taiwan to recall its envoy to Tokyo and triggering mass protests in China.

The islands lie on vital shipping lanes and are believed to be located near potentially rich gas fields.


Kanjani8 holds their first open-air live concert, add Dome dates, to release best album


On September 16th, popular idol group, Kanjani8, held their tour “8EST ~Minna no Omoi wa Dou Nandai? Bokura no Omoi wa Mugendai!!~” at Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium.

The group is holding this nationwide tour in commemoration of the 8th anniversary of their CD debut. The group started the tour at the same venue on the 15th and will continue touring through 10 different cities until the end of December. Member, Murakami Shingo (30), said, “Thankfully, we’ve added some more performances. We will be performing at the Tokyo Dome on November 10th and 11th. We will also be performing at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on December 30th, 31st and January 1st.”

Furthermore, with these additional tour dates added and including their 8th anniversary event this summer, the total number of attendance will be 880,000. Yokoyama Yu (31) expressed his thanks to the fans, “We are naturally a group sticked to the number 8, so I am happy that we’ll be able to perform for 880,000 fans. It seems this is something the staff put some consideration into. I am so grateful.” This will be a personal record for the group, updating their highest attendance previously during their 47-prefecture tour in 2007 of 670,000 attendance.

The group will also be releasing their best album “8EST” on October 17th. Murakami said, “The first press edition’s bonus DVD is packed full of things. It’s really awesome.” (OP: There will be 350 minutes of video footage consisting of 8-sai matsuri digest, Sugohachi event at Kyocera Dome, smiley date for the game losers at 8-sai, PV for a new song, possibly including making-of).

Ajinomoto Stadium was the group’s first open-air concert. Nishikido Ryo (27) smiled, “The breeze feels great~!”. He also commented, "Before debut, we couldn't even get 500 people to come and watch us at Shochiku-za, which has 1,000 capacity. Now I believe what we did wasn't a mistake."

Kanjani8 performed in front of 55,000 fans who were waving their penlights. Fans were also pleased to see the return of the ‘Eight Rangers’ during the comedy corner of the concert, since it has been around two years since they were last seen. They even made it something bigger with stunts like dropping down 25 metres using ropes.
“Performing in natural light was kind of embarrassing,” Shibutani Subaru (30) said.

Yesterday, the group and the 55,000 fans in the stadium also celebrated Yasuda Shota’s 28th birthday.

Watch news clips below!

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Sorry about the vids. Had a little problem with the codes.

Source & translation: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5tokyohive, Sanspo, Hochi Yomiuri, Daily, Nikkan SportsSponichi & momoedgewood

Shinohara Ryoko makes first public appearance after giving birth to 2nd child


On September 18th, actress Shinohara Ryoko appeared at a studio in Tokyo for a public recording for the upcoming ONE PIECE film, ‘ONE PIECE FILM Z‘.

This marked Shinohara’s first public appearance after giving birth to her 2nd child earlier in February. While hiding half of her face with the script, the actress repeatedly said, “I’m embarrassed.” On raising her 2 children, she shared, “It’s fun. I’m exerting myself to it.

As her first time voice acting, Shinohara commented, “I’ve been wanting to voice act. Despite being under pressure, it’s surprisingly fun. If I have the opportunity, I would like to do it again.

The 11th film based on Oda Eiichiro’s popular anime will be the first in the film series to take place in the ‘New World’. It will be produced by Oda Eiichiro, written by broadcast writer Suzuki Osamu, and directed by Nagamine Tatsuya.

Shinohara will voice a sexy scientist named Ain who goes head-to-head against Luffy and his gang. Meanwhile, actor Kagawa Teruyuki will voice a quiet, ninja-like navy named Bins.

Since Kagawa’s son is a big fan of ONE PIECE, the actor was fired up during the recording. “There was a lot of sound effects so it was fun. For this occasion, I read the entire manga series. I now understand why Kimura Takuya-kun was so into it, he is knowledgeable like an expert,” he said.



Source & Photos: Oricon & tokyohive

13-year-old Trauden Naomi is 2013 Miss Teen Japan


Thirteen year-old Trauden Naomi from Kyoto beat out twelve other finalists to win the 2013 Miss Teen Japan crown. Trauden is of mixed parentage, with a German father and a Japanese mother. She stands at 166cm (5’5) tall and weighs 48.5kg (107lbs). With her slender, long legs, she looks very much like a grown-up.

Miss Teen Japan is the sister pageant of Miss Universe Japan and is in its second year. Applicants had to be between 13-17 years old, and about 10000 people applied. Trauden won a prize of 500,000 yen and a trip to Hawaii.  On top of that, she will also get the opportunity to appear on TV, magazines and attend various activities as “Japan’s Teen Representative”. The winner last year, Sakaguchi Rikako has been active as a model and recently made her TV debut in Fuji TV’s drama series, “GTO”.

Trauden introduced herself in English and attempted a German tongue-twister during the pageant. She forgot the words of the tongue twister halfway through and got some help from her mom sitting in the audience, invoking much laughter from the rest of the audience. Her hobbies are piano and horse-riding. During the question and answer session, Trauden answered, “I get really nervous, and I want to overcome that.

Trauden burst into tears at the moment her name was announced. When asked about her thoughts on winning, she said “My tears just came flowing out. Thank you.” She added, “Everybody is really cute, I didn’t think I would win. I’m at the edge of my happiness.

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Source + Image: Modelpress & tokyohive

Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke and Arioka Daiki Verbally Abuse by Chinese Locals?

‘s Yamada RyosukeDaiki Arioka, and actress Kawaguchi Haruna, who are in Hong kong to shoot the upcoming Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo~Hong Kong Kowloon Zaiho Satsujin Jiken~ have received some anti-Japanese sentiments from Chinese locals.

Sina News reported that due to the tensions between Sino-Japanese relations over disputed islands, an anti-Japanese sentiment have risen among the locals. In their latest location shoot in North Point Market , some Chinese locals/ traders were reported to have givenYamada and the cast a “finger”, some cursing, and even heard saying that Japanese should not be coming to Hong Kong to shoot.

Chinese and Japanese relations have been strained after Japanese “nationalized” islands of Senkaku that Chinese are claiming as theirs.

Yesterday, the casts of Kindaichi filmed some of the scenes from Shangri-La Hotel in Tsim Tsa Shui to North Point Market. The busy wet market became a bustling film set with some of Hey!Say!JUMP’s fans following Yamada and Daiki.  The crowd thickened around 9 in the morning, but the casts maintained their professionalism and continues to shoot. However, some traders/business owners were not particularly happy with the casts shooting in their area and were heard saying, “You, Japanese people should not shoot here in Chinese soil“. As the traders angers grew, the production crew were forced to call the police for assistance to mediate.

The shooting continues from North Point Market to Regal Hotel to Causeway Bay streets. A large number of Chinese fans were tailing the film crew and even rented some small trucks/pick-up to make it easier to follow the casts.

The shooting continued until dinner time wherein the casts ate their meals inside their vans.

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo~Hong Kong Kowloon Zaiho Satsujin Jiken~ will air this Winter.



Big Bang's Seungri And Anna Kubo Caught Kissing In Hong Kong

Big Bang's Seungri was caught on film outside a bar in Hong Kong receiving a kiss from Japanese model and actress Anna Kubo.

The two are currently costar in the Japanese drama "The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case". They were in Hong Kong together shooting scenes for the show.

According to the Apple Daily, the two were spotted leaving a karaoke bar together, appearing to be drunk. Anna Kubo gave Seungri a kiss and later held each other in their arms.

While some have found the incident to be scandalous, others have emphasized that Anna Kubo was the one coming onto Seungri, not the other way around.

With the idol caught in a sex scandal last week, YG Entertainment was quick to state that there was no scandal. "Nothing amounting to a scandal has occurred," a representative said.


cute @!

Kiritani Mirei and others join the cast of the upcoming ‘GTO’ special

On September 18th, it was announced that actress Kiritani Mirei will be appearring in the upcoming two-hour drama special of ‘GTO‘ (Fuji TV).
Kiritani is going to portray a young woman named ‘Fujisaki Shinomi’, who is a caretaker at the ‘Smile Duck’ orphanage and a possible former girlfriend of ‘Onizuka Eikichi’. She commented, “I’m happy to be able to participate in the hottest drama of this hot summer!!”
‘GTO’ is based on a popular manga of the same name by Fujisawa Toru and already the second drama live-action adaptation after the classic that aired in 1998. The remake starring EXILE’s AKIRA recorded an average rating of 13.2% over a total of 11 episodes.
As reported, the special will revolve around the impending closure of the ‘Smile Duck’ orphanage and the fight against the corrupt politicians involved in this case. With the addition of a new love interest, we can expect a love fight between ‘Shinomi’ and ‘Fuyutsuki Azusa’ (Takimoto Miori) over ‘Onizuka’.
Other new additions to the cast include Masu Takashi as a member of the National Diet who is striving to get children out of the orphanage and back to their parents, Hayama Shono as the handsome student ‘Wakui Mayu’, and Kurokawa Mei as ‘Ageha’. More details about their characters can be found in the previous article.
Fuji TV is going to air the ‘GTO’ special at 9:00 pm on October 2


has/is anyone watching this j-drama, I like Akira as GTO but the moral of the day/plot just kept getting cheezier so I dropped it after episode 6, gonna watch for Kiritani tho

can she get her own tag already ;-;
Eowyn and Faramir; OTP

Nationalists converge on Shin-Okubo's Koreatown

Kuchikomi Sep. 18, 2012 - 06:33AM JST ( 93 )


Sandwiched between two major streets running parallel, the “Shin-Okubo Koreatown” in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district is home to dozens of Korean-style restaurants and retail shops proffering goods that range from Korean cosmetics to items appealing to fans of “Hanryu” dramas.

Shukan Kinyobi (Sept 14) reports that on Aug 25, a large demonstration of rightists—who are upset over South Korea’s territorial claims to Takeshima island (referred to as Dokdo in Korean)—marched through the neighborhood. The demonstration, whose organizers had tabbed “The Citizens’ Great March to Subjugate South Korea,” consisted of an estimated 500 demonstrators, many of who waved the militaristic “kyokujitsuki” (rising-sun flag), and who chanted such slogans as “Kankokujin wa kaere” (South Koreans go home) and “Chosenjin wa dete yuke!” (Koreans get out).

Things got even nastier after the march ended, when the marchers broke off into smaller groups of around 10 and moved from the main drag to the neighborhood’s many small lanes, where they confronted shopkeepers with even more hostile remarks, such as “Chon-ko wa karere” (Go home, you Korean bastard”) or “We’ll kill you.” They also intimidated compatriots they encountered with veiled warnings like “If you’re a Japanese, then don’t come to this area.”

“It’s very aggravating,” a worker of a street stall selling confections is quoted as saying. “Some young visitors from South Korea got harangued by the protesters. Since that day, the number our customers has tapered off.”

“It appears that the Zaitokukai (short for Zainichi Tokken wo Yurusanai Shimin no Kai or group opposed to special rights for Koreans in Japan) thinks it can build momentum for its movement by harping on the Takeshima and Senkaku issues,” says journalist Koichi Yasuda, who authored a book titled “Pursuing the ‘darkness’ of Internet patriots, the Zaitokukai” (Kodansha), about the noisy group that has been boosting its membership through skillful use of the Internet.

“While I don’t see any signs yet that they are increasing their influence, they still bear watching,” Yasuda adds. “As far as they are concerned, discriminating against the ‘zainichi’ (Koreans in Japan) is everything, and they aren’t terribly concerned about what will become of the disputed territories in the future. But they can use the timing of the dispute as a pretext for pushing their own agenda.”

Some rightists also provoked clashes in the Chinese enclave adjacent to the north exit of JR Ikebukuro station, resulting in police being summoned.

When such run-ins occur, however, Shukan Kinyobi notes that it has been rare for Japan’s mainstream media to devote much coverage. And even those who are confronted by the rightists tend to refrain from seeking sympathy from society, perhaps out of fears that any negative publicity will drive away their customers.

When the Shin-Okubo Merchants’ Association was approached by Shukan Kinyobi for a comment, it declined on the grounds that “We haven’t grasped the details.” The Shinjuku branch of the Zainichi Korean Association replied, “There’s nothing to discuss.” The Chinese in Ikebukuro were also reluctant to speak to reporters.

A staff member at one Korean firm in Shin-Okubo confided to the magazine, “The South Korean embassy here sent out a warning advisory to Korean businesses and groups to the effect that from Aug 25, we should not approach demonstrators or make inflammatory remarks. ‘Refrain from any activities that would put your safety at risk,’ it advised.

“If trouble were to break out, nothing good would come from it, as far as we’re concerned,” he added.

As long as this country has no statute against hate crimes, Shukan Kinyobi opines, this kind of ethnic and racial discrimination will remain out of control. Sixty-seven years since the end of the Pacific War, the issue of “territorial disputes” is being used as a new pretext to abet what are long-term trends.
OP note: Nationalism is a force in Japan as well, we can't just pin it on South Korea and China. Google Toru Hashimoto, the mayor of Osaka. His rapid political rise is making a lot of people uncomfortable. A couple of politicians have compared his tactics to Hitler. And of course, the governor of Tokyo,Ishihara, who I am sure is loving these protests.

Covers&Preview for Model Girls Debut

Model Girls is a new female unit from agency Oscar Promotion and is made up of eight ladies averaging a height of 175cm (5 ft 9). It’s been announced that the group will debut on October 24th with single “ROCK STAR”.

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 Limited Edition

1.[Disc 1] ROCK STAR
2.[Disc 1] TIGER LILIY
3.[Disc 1] LET ME LET ME LET ME(仮)
4.[Disc 2] 「ROCK STAR」Music Clip
5.[Disc 2] モデル体操映像

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2. Tiger lily

ROCKSTAR preview


sOurceS: BillboardJpn

outfits are ugly, but overall nice cover
and i'm surprisingly  liking the songs<3

KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya to Appear in Final Episode of Dragon Seneindan

KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya will appear in the final episode of Dragon Seneindan starring Kanjani8‘s Yasuda Shota where KAT-TUN provided the show’s theme song, “Fumetsu no Scrum“.

The said episode will feature a blond Kamenashi with blue skin who will play as the mysterious President who suddenly appears as Yasuda&co. combats a dragon that appeared in Tokyo Tower.

Kamenashi’s appearance for his drama guesting has erased all traces of an idol. “I enjoy the make-up effects, it’s something that I don’t usually experience,” Kamenashi commented.

The final episode of “Dragon Seneindan” will air this Sept 25th 12:55 am (JST) on TBS.

credits here and Nikkan Sports

lmao Kame, whats up w/ the blue? this is weirder than Bem the monster. gonna watch out for this as I luv fandom crossovers

KAT-TUN’s single Fumetsu no Scrum tops Weekly Charts

Released on September 12th, KAT-TUN’s 19th single “Fumetsu no Scrum” has sold 157K copies on its first week, topping 9/24 weekly sales chart. This is also their 19th consecutive single to top charts since their debut single “Real Face” released on March, 2006.

“Fumetsu no Scrum” is the theme song of Yasuda Shota’s dorama “Dragon Seinendan” (TBS/MBS). First press edition also includes the PV of the song “BLACK OR WHITE” from KOKI TANAKA.

credits here

I hope they get to sing a new theme song for Kame's movie next

Junichi Okada’s movie starts in Japan

V6′s Junichi Okada and the cast of his new movie 天地明察 (Tenchimeisatsu) visited a movie theatre in Tokyo to celebrate its premiere on September 15, reports Sankei Sports.

Johnny’s talents Okada and Kanjani8′s Yu Yokoyama took part in an event in the Marunouchi Picadilly 1, Tokyo, on Saturday.

One of the movie’s actors and Japanese kabuki performer Somegoro Ichikawa was absent from the event due to an injury during one of his own stage shows. The actor had left a letter apologising for his absence, to which Okada said he hoped Ichikawa would get better soon.

“I hope he can recover as soon as possible, and we can see him dancing gracefully on stage again,” he said.

The star watching apparatus used in the movie was also on special display on Saturday.

credits here and here