September 19th, 2012

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"Tiger & Bunny" Motorcycle Helmets Offered in Japan

Designed in the motif of the Wild Tiger and Barnaby's hero suits

LaLaBit Market, the e-commerce website operated by Bandai Namco Games, has started accepting pre-orders for Tiger & Bunny motorcycle helmets inspired by the hero suits of the two protagonists of the series, Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. These helmets are one of the commemorative products for the up-coming film Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning-, and suggested by the voice actor of Barnaby, Masakazu Morita himself. Morita even cosplayed as Barnaby for the catalog photos. The price for each helmet is 19,800 yen (about US$250.22). They will be shipped in the middle of December this year.

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ngl, if i were a voice actor, i'd do the same thing & cosplay them (tho it brings back weiss kreuz memories :x)

China works to clamp down on anti-Japan protests

antijapan protests

BEIJING (Reuters) - China moved quickly on Wednesday to snuff out anti-Japan protests after days of angry demonstrations over a territorial dispute forced Japanese businesses to shut their doors and threatened an economic backlash.

Relations between Asia's two biggest economies have faltered badly, hitting their lowest point in decades on Tuesday when China marked the highly charged anniversary of Japan's 1931 occupation of its giant neighbor.

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Kanjani8 to Hosts NHK’s Documentary Show

Three members of Kanjani8, Yokoyama Yu, Murakami Shingo, and Shibutani Subaru will serve as hosts for NHK‘s first kanmuri TV show, titled: “Kanjani8 no Ashita wa docchi da!“. The said show will air for three consecutive weeks starting on Oct 1st.

Yokoyama, Murakami, and Subaru will visit three people who fights their way toward “tomorrow” despite the odds. Murakami will visit a sumo school that has never won any competition and hopes to snag their 1st win. Yokoyama will visit an aspiring female cartoonist from modern Tokiwa cottage. Lastly, Subaru will join a door-to-door fruits salesman under scorching heat who is starting over after a divorce.

“I think its important that even though things don’t go always right, they never give up on their dream,” Yokoyama commented.

“Could you envision your boyfriend sweating from working under the heat and barely holding on?” Subaru asked, “I want the younger generation to feel and relate something from that kind of situation,” he added.

Nobuto Ariyoshi, NHK producer, said that he chose Kanjani8 as the program’s host because of the struggles they faced after they debuted. “After they debuted, there was a time when they have little work and some have done some part-time jobs as well. I think that they can convey real feelings from these situations.”

Kanjani8 no Ashita wa docchi da!” will start airing this Oct 1st, NHK, (22:00, JST)

Sanspo and Oricon Style via jnewseng

Shibutani Subaru is Johnny’s classified weapon for his “mature women” strategy


Kanjani8‘s Shibutani Subaru is being groom as Johnny’s weapon to lure mature women in his attempt to expand his market to finish off Korean Wave.

It is a fact that most Johnny’s fans are centered on younger female population; however, it is a different story with mature women. In lieu to this, Johnny is grooming Subaru to lure mature women to JE fandom. Rumor has it that Subaru is a “mature woman killer” among Johnny’s talents.

According to one entertainment weekly reporter, Subaru has a certain charm that makes people, who aren’t even interested with Johnny’s, fell captive with his singing voice.

A well-informed person said that there is an existing Subaru fan club that requires its members to be at least 45 years old and older. There are already 30,000 members and counting. Moreover, the membership fee is free, but it’s members invest around 1 million Yen/year so women must have enough money and time to spare to be admitted as a member.

The rising new market of mature women is Johnny’s latest target to crush Korean boom with Subaru in the middle of it. Especially with Japanese-Korean relations being in the rough, Johnny is looking at this new market to generate billions of Yen that usually lost with Kpop boom.

The “mature woman” strategy has just started.

Source:  [Johnnys-Watcher] translated by jenewsdaily

Nishikido Ryo Attends Purification Ceremony after a Ghost Scare


Kanjani8‘s Nishikido Ryo is rumored to be freaked-out by a supposed-to-be ghost appearance from Kanjani8′s “EIGHT RANGER” movie. Nishikido has been going around shrines to do a purification ritual and has been carrying charms and amulets for protection.

Apparently, 30 mins and 44 secs after the start of “ER” movie, a male ghost’s reflection was seen on Nishikido (only). After hearing about it, Nishikido reported feeling sickly so he went to shrines for some purification.

“None of the members believe it was a ghost; they were even laughing about it, but Nishikido panicked after hearing about the ghost’s apparition,” a staff shared.

Upon closer inspection and review, a well-informed person said that the male ghost’s looked like one of the movie’s staff that died in a car accident weeks ago. The said staff is in good terms with the members of Kanjani8 and [he] must have wanted to see the movie shooting until the end.

Lastly, after Nishikido attended a purification ceremony, he gave out charms to the staff.

Source: [BUBKA] via [Johnnys-Watcher] translated by jenewsdaily