September 22nd, 2012


Tanning is back: "Tsuyome Kuro Gyaru Group" has branched off overseas

'Black Diamond', is a Gyaru Circle for Tsuyome Kuro (dark-skinned) Gyaru on a nationwide scale. They are featured in the October issues of "egg", even "SOUL SISTER" and more. These girls are being showered with attention from everywhere in the media and have begun to expand overseas.

Black Diamond members' English messages: AREINYAN and DEMI

Tsuyome Kuro Gyaru have remarkably decreased in number in recent years, however they are making a comeback all over the country. In July 2012, 'Black Diamond' was formed with hopes of creating another "Tsuyome Kuro Gyaru" boom. This circle has grown into a group with over 100 Kuro Gyaru members in total, from northern Hokkaido, all the way to southern Okinawa, and they aren't only in Japan. To broaden the Japanese Shibuya Gyaru culture overseas, they have established the overseas branch named "black diamond international" worldwide.

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source: 1, translation by honeyhiyo, vid1

Opinion on this Arama?

Kitamura Kazuki to star as a ruthless killer in the Japanese-Indonesian movie ‘KILLERS’

On September 21st, it was announced that actor Kitamura Kazuki is going to star as a ruthless killer in the upcoming Japanese-Indonesian movie ‘KILLERS‘.

‘KILLERS’ is set in Tokyo and Jakarta, focusing on a group of killers who got to know each other through the Internet. Kitamura is playing one of the Japanese killers named ‘Nomura’. He and his fellow Japanese co-star Takanashi Rin had to perfect their English prior to the filming, since this is going to be the main language used throughout the movie.

Kitamura stated, “This movie is aimed towards a global audience and should not only be anticipated by Japanese moviegoers but also by the people abroad. I can’t wait for it to be completed.

The movie is produced by Chiba Yoshinori (‘Cold Fish’, ‘Koi no Tsumi’) and Gareth Evans (‘The Raid: Redemption’). The directors are the highly praised Mo Brothers (Timothy Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel), who made a name for themselves internationally with their splatter fest ‘Macabre‘ (aka ‘Rumah Dara‘).

Filming already began in Tokyo at the end of August and is expected to last until the end of October. Kitamura’s first impression of the script: “To be honest, it depicts a world that is hard to believe and at first I wasn’t able to comprehend what’s going on.

He continued, “When I checked the directors’ profile and their past works, I could see that they have a great talent for creating powerful images. I’m sure that this is going to become a high quality work if it’s them and during our meetings I was also able to understand where they want to go with this movie.”

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Source: Tokyohive, Okezone (Indonesian), Tribunnews (Indonesian)


Never heard about this movie before O.o Takahashi Rin is one of my fav actress. Daniel Mananta is an Executive Producer,Oka Antara as Bayu,Luna Maya,Ray Sahetapy,and Tara Basro join the movie too... Oh my oh my too excited ><.

NYC's Nakayama Yuma to release first solo single "Missing Piece'

Theme song to his drama "Piece", to be released on October 31, 2012. Also includes B-side Mizu no Kaeru Bashou, which will also be used in the drama.

Released under the record label Johnnys Entertainment, the same record label of NYC, NEWS, and Tegomass. if you don't know, HSJ is under J-storm

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well, surprising but then again, not really..

NINKI ratings for the week of 24/9~30/9/2012

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Should be easy number ones for both Yamashita-san and SJJD I think. Also I believe Momoiro Clover is re-releasing their old single. Not sure how fans will lap up for this release.

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Rola meets Carly Rea Jepsen

Rola recently made a parody video of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song “Call Me Maybe”. The video has reached over 2,300,000 views in just a week. Carly even saw the video and tweeted, “Simply adorable! Love your version of ‘Call Me Maybe’. Flying to Japan tonight!”

This was the first time Carly had met Rola. She stated, “I’m so happy we could meet like this after watching your parody video.” Rola replied, “I’m also happy to meet with you. I always listen to your songs and dance around my house.” Rola gave Carly a kimono and sushi keychain as a present to welcome her to Japan.

The girls chatted for a while as Rola gave some recommendations, “You should go to 109! They have a ton of clothes there, and they’re reasonably priced.”

In related news, during one of Carly’s special events in Japan, the audience made another parody video titled “Call Me Maybe by Japanese fans!!”. Check it out below.


3 million hits in one week! Rola's reign just won't let up!

Noriko Sakai to make comeback in December

Three years after she was arrested for drugs, actress-singer Noriko Sakai, 41, will return to showbiz in December.

Sakai, who is popularly known as “Nori-P,” was convicted of drug use in 2009 and received a suspended sentence, which expires at the end of November.

Sakai will return to the stage as the main character in a story about the Sengoku era, Sports Nippon reported.

The last time Sakai appeared in the theater as a main character was back in 1988 when she was the heroine of a musical.

Source: japantoday

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Wanna watch the Harajuku Kawaii fes 2012?

The annual Harajuku Kawii fes will have a live stream this year! It will feature fashions by many popular brands such as angelic pretty, RANDA, Converse and MALKOMALKA. Many popular models will be walking the runway and of course it will feature a slew of guest performers.

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The show will be streamed live on youtube here