September 25th, 2012

Johnny’s vs. Yarakashi’s

YARAKASHI : This term has been taken from the Japanese language. It describes agressive fans who have bad manners on the internet, concerts and threaten lives concerning Johnny’s (A Japan entertainment agency which focuses on males). 
They even plan an attack on a group of JEs, because they like the other group more. They’ll go as far as bringing knives to demonstrate their support.


Rumor: Nino’s thumb was once broken because of a yarakashi. 
Rumor: Yarakashi’s love to insult aiba during concerts because they think he is ‘stupid’.

[Urban Dictionary]

As defined above, Yarakashi are aggressive fans so the agency have made a set of countermeasures to deal with these kind of aggressive behavior. However, rumor has it that countermeasures differs on each Johnny’s talent.

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not really something new, but the rumored reactions to them are quite..interesting.

9 things that make an ‘ikemen’ (hot guy)


Below are nine ikemen characteristics that Japanese women find attractive. They could be considered as tips, and if you are willing to comply with them, they might bring your closer to reaching ikemen zen. And even if you’re not looking to be the next Shun Oguri, it’s at least interesting to know what turns on young Japanese women these days.

【1】 A low voice - (says a teenage girl)

“A low voice sounds mature, so that even if his face isn’t my type, his voice can start my heart racing. A low voice is sexy, definitely attractive, but if you are trying out a new low voice, make sure it is clear. Nothing can be gained from an unclear low voice.”

【2】 The slight smell of fabric softener on his clothes - (says a woman in her 20s)

“If I smell the slight smell of fabric softener when I approach him, it makes me blush.” The smell of fabric softener gives the impression of cleanliness, which is very important in a ikemen. Maybe because of this, many young men use fabric softener these days. Heavy cologne is not necessary, the slight fragrance of a body soap, shampoo, or fabric softener is enough to draw the attention of young women today. 

【3】 Simple clothes that fit shows exquisite taste in fashion - (says a woman in her 20s)

“The most casual clothes can make an ikemen look sharp as long as they fit right.”
Here there is no set rule to go by. In fact, it is better not to cling to a certain way of dress. It also doesn’t do any good to put on airs of good taste. When going clothes shopping it is best for a ikemen to get the advice of friends and sales people to make sure he is getting well fit clothes.

【4】 Round eyes are too cute. More deep-set slender eyes are cool and give the image of sharp intelligence - (says a woman in her 30s)

“A sleepy-eyed look is also sexy and cool. Girls go for the sleepy droopy eyes these days. It would be good to go for that look.”

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Source: kinisoku  via japantoday

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Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa to hold fan meeting in Paris


J-MELO will be hosting a fan meeting with former Morning Musume members Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa in Paris on November 10 from 5pm to 7pm. The girls are both expected to talk with their fans and sing for them.
Tickets are free, so anyone who requests a ticket from September 24 through October 29 will get a spot. However, if there are more requests than tickets, a lottery will be held to choose the lucky fans. People chosen to attend will be notified via e-mail on October 31.
However, one ticket will allow for two additional guests, so three people are allowed to enter per ticket.
Lastly, people who attend may be featured on an episode of J-MELO, since they intend on showing the fan meeting on TV.
Check out J-MELO’s site to apply here

Source: J-MELO Official Site & Tokyohive

NICO Touches the Walls announces new single, “Yume 1-gou”

NICO Touches the Walls has announced that they will be releasing their new single, “Yume 1-gou“, on December 19th!

The band’s 2nd single of the year will be released towards the end of their one-man tour, ‘NICO Touches the Walls TOUR 2012‘, which will kick off on September 27th. It will be available for purchase in both regular (CD-Only) and limited (CD + notebook calendar) editions.

It’s also been announced that NICO Touches the Walls will be holding their annual November 25th event, ‘1125 (Iinico) no Hi Live‘. This year, the band will take the stage at Yokohama BLITZ with GRAPEVINE. Tickets will go on sale starting October 27th.

Stay tuned for more details on NICO Touches the Walls’ upcoming single!


An Exclusive First Look At Forever 21's Hello Kitty Forever Collection

Lovers of all things cute, rejoice! Forever 21 and cult Japanese brand Sanrio have teamed up for a second limited-edition Hello Kitty collection.

Hello Kitty Forever launches Nov. 16, but we were able to snag a few images of the cool collab before everyone else. 4th and Bleeker blogger Alexandra Spencer models the punchy printed duds, which will retail from $5 to $30. There are clothes and accessories, as well as Forever 21's very first home items. Hello Kitty bedding? Yes, please. And if that weren't enough, Japanese designer Onch Movement also created jewelry for the collection.
for those who want to compare it to last year's
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I wanna see the whole collection already
wondering if i will actually buy something lol

Actor Nakamura Yuichi to retire from entertainment industry


On September 25, it was announced that actor Nakamura Yuichi (24), who was previously said to be in recovery , will terminate his contract with Watanabe Entertainment at the end of September.  A public post on the company’s website revealed, “Currently, he has recovered and would be able to make a comeback, but he has decided to pursue a path outside of entertainment, and we respect his wishes, so we will end on these terms.  We will support Nakamura Yuichi in his choices and we want to watch over him.”

After Nakamura won the “Daiikkai D-BOYS Audition (The First D-BOYS Audition)” in July 2004, he appeared in numerous dramas including “Gokusen” and “Kamen Rider Hibiki.”  He also starred in movies ‘Doukyuusei,” “Taiikukan Baby,” “Wangan Midnight THE MOVIE,” and was also active in theater.  In August 2010, he left the D-BOYS stage due to the worsening of chronic hip pains.  In November of last year, he withdrew from D-BOYS and D☆DATE to seek medical attention.

In addition, upon learning about Nakamura’s retirement, D-BOYS and D☆DATE member Seto Koji (24) expressed his state of mind on his blog with, “He has chosen to pursue a path outside of the entertainment industry by his own accord.  I have been supporting him and knowing how difficult it was for Yuichi, it is very regrettable.”  He followed with, “However, we will continue taking the paths in front of us.  I will support Yuichi in all of his decisions now and going forth, and although the situation will be different, I hope we both try our best wherever we are.”

Igarashi Shunji (26) also spoke about Nakamura commenting, “We have spent 8 years together since the age of 17, that is an irreplaceable time in our lives.  We were always aware that we were friends, but rivals. It will never change that we are still friends and rivals even if we are in different situation.“ He also thanked fans and requested, “From here on out, whenever you see Yuichi on the street, definitely smile at him.”

Source and Image: Oricon via tokyohive