September 27th, 2012

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Japan Passes Jail-for-Downloaders Anti-Piracy Law

Japan’s legislature has approved a bill revising the nation’s copyright law to add criminal penalties for downloading copyrighted material or backing up content from a DVD. The penalties will come into effect in October.

The Upper House of the Japanese Diet approved the bill by a vote of 221-12, less than a week after the measure cleared the lower house with almost no opposition. Violators risk up to two years in prison or fines up to two million yen (about $25,000).

Opponents of the bill worry it will lead to unnecessary prosecutions because of the way it is written. To face charges, a person must be aware that the material is illegal to download.

“We shouldn’t risk making the general public — including youths — the subject of criminal investigations,” said Upper House member Yuko Mori, as quoted in the Japan Times.

Japanese attorney Toshimitsu Dan told IT Media that even watching a YouTube video could be grounds for arrest “if the viewer is aware that downloading [such material] is illegal.”

Unauthorized uploading and downloading of copyrighted material such as music, movies and video games have been illegal in Japan for years, but until now only uploaders were subject to criminal penalties: up to 10 years in prison or fines as much as 10 million yen ($125,000), according to the Times.


Pretty old bit of news, but I couldn't find it anywhere in arama, so just thought I'd post FYI.

Tsugunaga Momoko attends PR event for ‘The Raid’

On September 26th, Berryz Kobo member Tsugunaga ‘Momochi’ Momoko appeared as a special guest at the PR event for the upcoming release of the Indonesian action movie, ‘The Raid: Redemption‘, which has already become a runaway success amongst action fans around the world. Starring actor Iko Uwais, co-star Yayan Ruhian and director Gareth Evans also attended the event in front of the Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

Momochi greeted the audience in her typical energetic fashion and said, “Here’s everyone’s idol, today as cute as ever, Momochi!  Momochi seems to be very popular as usual.” When talking about the movie, she confessed, “It’s the first time Momochi has seen an action movie.” She was asked whether this all-out action movie was a bit too scary for her and replied with a smile, “Momochi is an idol, so of course it was scary. However, compared to all the nosebleeds Momochi is giving her fans, it was an even match.

Then Yayan Ruhian suddenly appeared on stage and reenacted his role as the villain by kidnapping Momochi in front of everyone. She exclaimed, “Is it because Momochi has been too cute!? Help~!” Fortunately Iko Uwais wasn’t too far away and immediately jumped on the stage to her rescue. After a spectacular showdown between the two, the hero once again defeated the villain. The audience loved this little treat.

Iko Uwais commented, “It’s an honor to be able to showcase such a fight scene in front of everyone in Japan.” Yayan Ruhian added, “All the cheering was amazing.” Director Gareth Evans expressed, “I love Japanese movies and I often visit here to buy DVDs, but I’m glad to be able to come here to promote my own movie this time.

Of course Momochi was delighted about all the attention as well. She stated, “Two people fighting over Momochi makes her feel like a princess. Their strength was overwhelming.

It has recently been announced that in addition to the Hollywood remake, there is going to be a direct sequel by Gareth Evans. Momochi used this chance to appeal to the director for a possible role and said, “Momochi is the cutest and most popular idol in Japan!” The director was tempted and asked her to show him something. Of course this was no problem for Momochi, who showed off her trademark ‘Koyu Beam’ (lit. ‘Pinky Beam’), which even knocked Yayan Ruhian off his feet.

‘The Raid: Redemption’ is scheduled to open in Japan on October 27th.


Detta yo~ More Indonesian movie airing in Japan... Although for me The Raid have lack of story,but this is must-watch film.Is that Momochi taller than Mad Dog?

cute @!

BENI unveils cover and full tracklist for COVERS 2

*recap for anyone who didn't see the last article on Covers 2*

BENI will be releasing a second cover album called COVERS 2 in succession of her first one. Her first COVER album released last year in March has outsold her debut UMJ album Bitter&Sweet becoming her best album to date with more than 180,000 physical copies sold and doing extremely well digitally. If you don't know BENI takes popular songs from male Japanese artists and translates them to English. COVERS 2 will be out November 7 and will come in CD and CD/DVD.

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omg flawless song choices, my excitment has definetly increased!

Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

superfly_force ske48-kiss_datte_hidarikiki hamada_shogo-on_the_road_2011_the_last_weekend

Popular idol group, SKE48 have reached the top spot in the singles chart with their 10th single, "Kiss Datte Hidarikiki", which is their first single to surpass 500k in the first week. Since 2007, the only 2 groups to have surpassed the 500k mark in the first week are Arashi and AKB48. Now SKE48 have joined the rank. This is the group's 6th consecutive no.1 single since their 5th single, "Banzai Venus" (March laat year). As for female groups, AKB48 stand in the first place for most consecutive no.1 singles with 14, Pink Lady at 2nd place with 9, and Onyanko Club at 3rd place with 6, which is now SKE48 tied with. This is a personal record for SKE48 since their 8th single, "Kataomoi Finally" (January this year). They are only the 4th female group to have surpassed 500k in the first week after SPEED, Morning Musume, and AKB48.

In the albums chart, popular vocalist, Superfly has topped the chart with her 4th original album, "Force." This is her 5th consecutive no.1 album including her cover album, "Wildflower & Cover Songs: Complete Best 'TRACK 3'" (September 2010). The only other female acts (solo or group) to have achieved this since their first albums are Amuro Namie, Kuraki Mai, and Utada Hikaru for the last time, 6 years and 3 months ago.

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter, Hamada Shogo has achieved the no.1 spot in the music-DVD and overall DVD charts simultaneously with his live DVD, "ON THE ROAD 2011 "The Last Weekend"". At 59 years and 9 months old, Hamada has updated the record as the oldest artist to have topped the DVD chart previously set by Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi with "30th Anniversary BOX from TSUYOSHI NAGABUCHI PREMIUM" (June 2010), at that time 53 years and 9 months old. This is the first time in 16 years and 7 months for Hamada to top the DVD chart since his video in March 1996, "ROAD OUT "MOVIE"". He has also topped the music-BD chart with 24,123 copies of the Blu-Ray version sold, for a DVD+BD total of 50,928 copies.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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So glad that Superfly managed to grab that no.1 spot. Congrats! XD Good-looking albums chart overall too, even 20th place is 10k+. Any other week, SPYAIR would've been 10th.

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IchigOhchan 1

The Most Popular Class in Japan Right Now ;)

The science of love popular among female students

Ayako Nishidoji / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

OSAKA--It is often said love is not logical. Yet, the "study of love," which attempts to objectively and scientifically analyze romance and teach it as an academic subject, has recently become a hot topic. The popular new field also aims to improve people's communication skills with the opposite sex.

During a "Mate Selection Theories" lecture at Waseda University, Prof. Tomonori Morikawa presents detailed strategies for dating. "When you ask someone out, say, for example, 'Which do you prefer, a French restaurant in Nishi-Azabu or Italian in Daikanyama?' If you only give two positive options, it's hard for the person to say no."

He also explains, "The sensation a couple feels when riding a roller coaster together on a date is due to an increase in tension and heart rate, which tend to be misinterpreted as the 'heart thump' caused by love."

Morikawa began giving his love lectures in 2008, and his class continues to attract many students. This academic year, about 850 students registered for the course. He screened them to select about 240 for the class, which has about 80 percent female students.

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I like the associate professor better. OOT, does anyone has trouble adding pic to LJ posts? Or is it just my lousy connection? :3