September 28th, 2012


Young people spending less time socializing

Youngsters are spending less time socializing in person, apparently due in part to the spread of various communications tools such as smartphones, according to the latest survey by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry.

The ministry conducts the survey every five years to try to figure out how people spend their waking hours.

According to the survey, conducted in October 2011 and covering 200,000 people aged 10 and older, time devoted to socializing fell across all age groups, with the tendency especially noticeable among young people.

Those aged 15 to 19 said they engage other people face to face for an average of 21 minutes a day, seven minutes less than in the previous survey in 2006, while those aged 20 to 24 spend 36 minutes, four minutes less.

Compared with the survey 10 years ago, the average time spent socializing decreased by 12 minutes for the 15-19 age group and 16 minutes for the 20-24 group.

SOURCE: Japan Times

Could the bizarre 'bagel head' look be Japan's most extreme beauty trend yet?

Bagel heads: John (left), Marin (centre) and Scorpion (right) pose after having saline injected into their foreheads to create the bizarre body modfication

The extraordinary look, which is created by injecting saline into the forehead, then pressing in the centre of the swollen area with a thumb, is a hit on the country's underground body modification scene.

The dramatic results of the two-hour treatment last just 16-24 hours, after which the saline is absorbed by the body and the forehead reduces back to its normal size.

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SMAP treat fans to their most expensive concert yet


The sets built for SMAP’s Tokyo concerts in Tokyo Dome are their most expensive yet, according to production staff, reports Chunichi Sports and Sports Hochi on September 27.

It has been reported the group had started the Tokyo leg of their GIFT of SMAP tour on September 26, where they performed more than 30 songs for 55,000 fans.

“Concerts bring out the best of SMAP.  Thank you so much for all of your love,” Goro Inagaki said.

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あらま!they didn't friending meme

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Horikita Maki to star in new CM for ‘Morinaga Aloe Yogurt’

Actress Horikita Maki has been appointed as the new image character for Morinaga Milk’s long-selling yogurt line ‘Morinaga Aloe Yogurt‘, which has been on sale since 1994. The new CM starring the actress, titled ‘Purun-Purun Beauty’, will air October 1st.

Horikita has had a very successful year with her starring role in the popular morning drama ‘Umechan Sensei‘ (NHK) and her recurring role in the hit movie ‘ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi ‘64‘ (international title: ‘Always: Sunset on Third Street 3‘). Morinaga explained that her healthy and fresh character, her bright smile, and her vibrant, beautiful complexion perfectly match with the image of ‘Morinaga Aloe Yogurt’. She is also a great choice for appealing to the yogurt’s main target group: women in their twenties.

Together with the up-tempo background song, the CM makes you believe that the yogurt can lift up your mood and give you a young, fresh complexion just like hers. It’s said that this was the first time that Horikita acted according to a melody rather than a script.

In the CM she describes the yogurt as something she can rely on when she needs something simple to eat while she is busy with a drama. When asked to reveal her skincare secrets, she replied, “I don’t really have a secret. All I do is try to keep it perfectly moist all the time. Recently I also got into aroma candles and my favorite aroma is jasmine. It really calms you down.

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Only★Star’s “I’d Like to Date” Artist Ranking 2012

9/28 issue Oricon’s Only Star [オリ★スタ] magazine surveyed 500 women as to which artists do they like to date. Fukuyama Masaharu won the top spot for the 2nd consecutive year, and here are the rest of TOP 10.

1) Fukuyama Masaharu – “Erotic, refreshing, and unpretentious” (age 23 from Kanagawa)

2) Sho Sakurai (Arashi) – “He will surely be able to spruce-up a perfect date plan since he is smart.” (age 22 from Nara) - “[Sakurai] comes across being serious and cute, an irresistible combination.” (age 27 from Tokyo)

3) Masaki Aiba (Arashi) – Rank is unchanged from last year, there were lot of responders who are nature lovers and loves to go to zoo and park for a date and Aiba is just perfect for those places. “It will be a delight if you can see that your date is also enjoying himself,” (age 20 from Mie)

4) Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) – “Because he is handsome and nice.” (age 22 from Kumamoto) - “I would like to see a beautiful night view with him,” (age 20 from Chiba)

5) Domoto Tsuyoshi (KinKi Kids) – “It would be nice to date someone laid-back and will bring me to no-frills places.”  (age 25 from Osaka) - “I want to guide and tour him in our local.” (age 28 from Nara)

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