October 4th, 2012

Over 20 Artists Contributed To The Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Tribute Album


Square Enix brought an eclectic group of artists ranging from Daishi Dance to Spanova to celebrate Final Fantasy’s 25th birthday. They are creating Final Fantasy Tribute – Thanks – an album with 25 songs some of which are brand new.

This is the list of artists contributing to the Final Fantasy Tribute – Thanks – project:

Tokyo Sky Paradise Orchestra



Kenmochi Hidefumi

Daishi Dance

Kuri Koda Quartet


Sword of the Far East


So many tears



Calla Soiled


Ally Band




Goodluck Heiwa


mudy on the sakuban


Open Reel Ensemble

25th Anniversary Fan-chestra

Square Enix will release the album on December 5 for 3,000 yen.($38).


Final Fantasy Fans Pick Knight As The Most "Attractive" Job, Summoner Is #6


Square Enix asked Final Fantasy fans a silly question – which job in the Final Fantasy series would get the most attention from the opposite sex. Knight, according to attendees, topped the list with 20% of the votes. White Mage was #2 locking in 15% of the votes with Thief following in third place. Here’s a breakdown of the chart in English.

Knight – 20%
White Mage – 15%
Thief – 7.5%
Dragoon – 7.5%
Bard – 7.5%
Ninja – 7.5%
Summoner – 5%
Paladin – 5%
Dark Knight  – 5%
Dancer – 5%
Onion Knight – 5%
Airship Engineer – 5%
Freelancer – 5%

Missing from the list: Calculator, Time Mage, and Juggler (these guys are pretty useful too!). and Black Mage (OP's opinion xD)


Nomura teases Kingdom Hearts II HD


Square Enix announced high-definition versions of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories for PlayStation 3 via Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix at the Tokyo Game Show last month. But what about Kingdom Hearts II? Famitsu interviewed series director Tetsuya Nomura this week and inquired the same.

“Is there gonna be a high-definition version of Kingdom Hearts II later?” asked Famitsu.

“It’d be unusual if there wasn’t,” Nomura replied with a smile.

Nomura also shared new details on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. Sora and the other character models for Kingdom Hearts have been replaced with character models from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. And play operation is closer to Kingdom Hearts II. Regarding the Theater Mode, 70 percent are mainly old scenes made to be new cutscenes with voice.

“I’m happy to be restarting this title,” said Nomura. Or, literally, “If this title becomes a restart, I’m happy.”

Other details include:

  • The screen ratio and gauge placement have also been revised.
  • Nomura thought of doing a full remake for 358/2 Days (our source wrote Re: Chain of Memories, but I think that’s a typo), but since it was too late to start work on a new title, it was done in the form of Theater mode.
  • The series so far has been scattered on various hardware, by the time new fans came to know Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II was already out.
  • “I figured since there were people who had a hard time keeping up with the sequels, we had to start from the beginning with Kingdom Hearts HD,” said Nomura.
  • “I also thought that familiar fans might make new discoveries seeing everything in chronological order with the sequels side by side.”

reiwa aya
  • baboona

Alisa Mizuki to play villain in "Yokai Ningen Bem" live action film!

Actress Alisa Mizuki will take on the role of the villain in the live action movie "Yokai Ningen Bem", it was announced.

Mizuki's character, a humanoid monster, will play a key role in the story. A fan of the original anime series, Mizuki, who underwent three hours a day of special makeup and performed intense high-wire stunts for the role, commented, "It was a great experience, I had a lot fun."

The actress, who filmed her scenes during the summer, said of the three hour-long makeup sessions, "It was my first time getting this type of special effects makeup done."

The film features many high-wire action stunts, including intense battle scenes between Mizuki's character and Bem (Kazuya Kamenashi), Bela (Anne) and Bero (Fuku Suzuki).

"All this CGI and special effects makeup has me feeling very rejuvenated. I think the introduction of new characters, including mine, will make for a very fun and entertaining movie," said Mizuki.

When asked about his first experience working with Mizuki, Kamenashi said, "I was nervous, but a very good kind of nervous." "The impression she gave off and her aura were exactly what you'd expect. I learned a lot from working with her," he continued. "She's very personable and easy to talk to, we [the cast and crew] had a great time on set. Her Yokai form is both glum and beautiful."

"Yokai Ningen Bem" is the movie adaption of the drama series which aired last fall on Nihon TV. Mizuki's character is described as a woman whose involvement in a particular event triggers her transformation into a Yokai, which is done through the intermediary of plants. With her anger and hatred fueling her newfound abilities, she vows revenge on everyone involved.

The film, which also stars Hashinosuke Nakamura and Michitaka Tsutsui, opens nationwide on December 15.

source: Oricon
translation: baboona

Impeccable casting choice <3

Naka Riisa has no interest in NEWS’ Masuda Takahisa?


On October 2nd, actress Naka Riisa (22) attended “Resident~5nin no Kenshui” (TBS/Oct 18th/9PM) press conference in Yokohama.

NEWS’ Masuda Takahisa (26), Hayashi Kento (21), Omasa Aya (21) and Ishibashi Anna (20) are also part of the cast, playing doctors who train in emergency field of medicine. Production based the drama on genuine research from relationships between physicians “Doctors rarely have the opportunity to meet with opposite sex people outside work”.

“But this time you have 2 good looking guys”, Masuda said promoting both male actors, to which Naka-san replied with a cold “Ehhh?”. Apparently she couldn’t care less about idol’s appearance.

Source: [Daily Sports] translated by jenewsdaily

Fujita Runa withdraws from NMB48


NMB48’s Fujita Runa (Team M) pulled out of her activities on October 3rd, and as of today, has decided to withdraw from her group.

NMB48’s official blog stated the reason for her withdraw was because her lower back had been hurting her, and the activities were painful for her to carry out. Fujita stated, “I’ve been having problems with my back, and I’ve been going to the hospital, but it hasn’t healed completely yet. I’m sad to cause more worry and trouble for everyone, so I have decided to withdraw from my NMB48 activities. I hope that my back heals properly now and I also want to take my high school exams, so I’ll work hard at studying too.

Fujita passed NMB48’s 2nd generation audition in April 2011 and joined NMB48. On January 2012, she was chosen to become a regular member of the group’s new team, Team M.

Source & Image: natalie and tokyohive

NMB48’s Ota Riona to graduate from group


It’s been revealed that NMB48 Team M member Ota Riona will be graduating from the group to focus on her studies.

Through NMB48’s official website, Ota commented that she faced difficulties after moving to Osaka upon entering high school. She explained, “I did my best by myself, so there were times I was troubled about managing it along with my studies. I started thinking about graduating since 3 months ago.

She continued, “My dream is to become a singer and actress. Right now, I want to devote myself to my studies, make time to reconsider things again, and press on toward my dream from scratch.

Ota passed NMB48’s opening member audition back in September of 2010. After about a year as a research student, she was officially chosen as a Team M member in January of 2012.

Just yesterday, we reported that Team M’s Fujita Runa has decided to leave the group. NMB48 has made withdrawal announcements for 2 consecutive days. Details on Ota’s final performance will be revealed at a later date.

Source & Image: natalie & tokyohive

Massage your face while playing Nintendo DS games

Japan Trust Technology (JTT) is now marketing a time-saving, relaxing beautification tool that every Nintendo DS owner should have - The Germa Roller Touch Pen.

Let’s be honest - as much as we all like to spend an hour with Super Mario and pals, it’s hard to concentrate on the game with that nagging thought in the back of your mind:

“My face- it feels so tired! How will I ever find a life-partner with such a lifeless, sad visage?”

Enter Germa Roller Touch Pen.

While gaming, just bring the near-end of that incredible 2-in-1 stylus up to your sad, stressed-out face and roll the bumpy germanium-bead-tipped roller across your cheeks and forehead. Aaaaah! Doesn’t that feel better? And how vivacious and youthful your skin looks, too.

According to JTT, the Germa Roller Touch Pen’s unique roller tip - when rolled along the jaw line, under the eyes and wherever else takes your fancy - stimulates the tiny muscles in the face, producing a pleasant sensation.

And better yet, it’s available in a choice of three colors; pink, black and silver.

“No need to spend time switching from stylus to massager,” JTT maintains, taking a load off everyone’s mind instantly. “The Germa Roller Touch Pen allows you to relax and tone any time- during in-game load times, or simply when you feel like taking a breather.”

The Germa Roller Touch Pen is available for all models of Nintendo DS now, retailing at around 980 yen.

Source: Gigazine & japantoday

Oguri Shun & Yamada Yu's wedding in Okinawa


Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu who registered their marriage earlier this year on 14 March, were reported to have held their wedding ceremony in Okinawa on 2 October according to the 4th October issue of "Josei Seven". It was said that the wedding was held at Yamada's hometown in Okinawa so that her grandparents didn't need to travel too far and the event was attended by their family members including Yamada's mother Yamada Mikako and her younger brother Yamada Shintaro. The wedding was produced by Yamada's mother as she is in the bridal business.


Aiba Masaki, Best Jeanist for 2nd consecutive year!

Jeanist award is given to celebrities who suit jeans the best. On its 29th edition, “Best Jeanist 2012″ was awarded to Aiba Masaki and Kuroki Meisa, after general election. This is the second consecutive year Aiba gets the said award.

“After standing here last year and being able to stand here yet again it’s something I wasn’t expecting. I have to say to people who voted for me, thank you very much. Truth is you can wear jeans or denim in pretty much any ocassion, though I wear it most outside shooting locations. I’m truly honored by this, thank you very much”, he said while receiving the award.

This ceremony has been held since 1984, awarded to Kimura Takuya (1994〜1998), Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (1999〜2003), Domoto Tsuyoshi (2004), awarding members of the agency for 11 years in a row. Although during 2005 it was awarded to another entertainer, agency quickly came back in 2006 with Kamenashi Kazuya entering the hall of fame by achieving this award for 5 consecutive years until 2010.

Though previous members of the agency have been awarded for even 4 or 5 consecutive years, conditions will change starting next year considering a maximum of 3 awards per artist.

29th Edition “Best Jeanist 2012″ Male Ranking

# 1: Aiba Masaki (7125 votes)
# 2: Jaejoong (5763 votes)
# 3: Yuno Yunho (4842 votes)
# 4: Nakajima Yuto (4499 votes)
# 5: Fujigaya Taisuke (2999 ​​votes)
# 6: Yamashita Tomohisa (1193 votes)
# 7: Changmin (1043 votes)
# 8: Yamada Ryosuke (952 votes)
# 9: Iwasawa Koji (809 votes)
# 10: Tamamori Yuta (652 votes)


German customs seize Stradivarius from another Japanese musician

An acclaimed concert violinist has been told to pay $1.5 million in duty to German customs, who confiscated her Stradivarius saying she may plan to sell it, the instrument’s Japanese owner said Thursday.

German-based Yuki Manuela Janke, 26, was returning home through Frankfurt airport on Sept 28 when customs officers seized her violin, valued at $7.6 million, Nippon Music Foundation said.

German authorities demanded she pay customs duty to the tune of 19% of the value of the 1736 instrument, also known as “The Muntz”, if she wanted it back, said the foundation’s managing director Kinya Narabayashi.

It follows a similar incident earlier this year when Belgium-based Yuzuko Horigome had her 1741 Guarnerius violin, valued at $1.2 million, confiscated at the same airport on pain of a tax payment.

“This is clearly a problem. They (German officials) don’t have anything specific to tell us, like ‘if you have these (documents), you are OK,’” Narabayashi told AFP.

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Fans rank the 10 anime to watch out for this fall

October marks the beginning of the 2012 fall TV programming season, in Japan. In Japan, TV scheduling is divided into four three-month blocks called “kuru” rather than the yearly seasons of American television.

But like America’s seasons, the beginning is a chance for new shows to make it or break it with the viewers. In the case of anime, an online survey was held to ask “What new show are you most excited about this fall?”

The survey was conducted by ISP BIGLOBE on their anime portal site AnimeWan. The survey asked viewers for their most anticipated anime starting Oct 10 and received 12,167 votes in total.

Here’s the top 10:

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Source: BIGLOBE via NariNari (Japanese)  and japantoday

Stereopony To Disband

Unfortunately, it was officially announced on Tuesday that the Japanese band, Stereopony, are going to disband. The band will be holding a concert on October 6 at Tokyo's Shibuya Club Quattro and talk with their fans about the breakup.

Due to vocalist Aimi's throat polyp surgery, the band was previously on a one month break. As for the rest of the band, drummer Shiho and bassist Nohana, chose to use this time off to go abroad to study music. Following the break, the three members discussed the roads they wanted to take next and arrived at the conclusion that it was best for them to disband.

The three members will individually still continue with music. Shiho and Nohana will be releasing a new single on October 24 with musician Evan Taubenfeld under "Evanpony."


Hey! Say! JUMP to release JUMP World 2012 DVD

Release Date: November 7, 2012

From their Asia First Tour 2012 seven-consecutive days concert at Yokohama Arena, also features footage from their overseas concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Johnny's Jr cover of Tegomass’ “Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagameteokure” and KAT-TUN’s “HELL,NO”

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credits: Cd Japan, Johnny's net

sometimes J-storm is so weird, it'll be a bummer if there's no HSJ single before year ends and KT Chain con DVD