October 10th, 2012

SMAP Fans Express Dissatisfaction over Constant Exposure Given to Kis-My-Ft2 and YamaPi


One SMAP fan in late 30s has expressed his dissatisfaction over the continues “barter appearance” (exchange appearances) that Kis-My-Ft2 is getting this last few months from SMAP. This dissatisfaction is not limited to Kisumai, it is also extended to Yamashita Tomohisa, and have  reportedly reached its climax.

It is something unavoidable since SMAP’s “foster parent“, Ms. Iijima, was also given the role to manage Kis-My-Ft2 and YamaPi. Starting with SMAPxSMAP where Kisumai and YamaPi have had their appearances to promote their own single, these two were also given the chance to act along SMAP members. Examples are: Takuya Kimura‘s PRICELESS with Kis-my-Ft2′s Fujigaya Taisuke, Shingo Katori’s MONSTERS with Yamashita Tomohisa, and recently-finished Nakai Masahiro‘s ATARU with Kis-my-Ft2′s Tamamori Yuta.

“Although we know that is inevitable to see them act with SMAP in dramas in TV shows, it would be unforgivable if we will see them guests in SMAP’s concerts. After all, we went there to see SMAP perform, not them. We know that SMAP treats their juniors (kouhai’s) kindly, and even though we want to support them too, sometimes it can have the opposite effect and lead to loathing,” according to one fan.

Furthermore, as Kis-my-Ft2′s popularity rises and so their notoriety. The group has been rumored to have a bad reputation that sparked some unfavorable criticisms from SMAP fans.

Apparently, Kis-my-Ft2′s Fujigaya Taisuke is said to be respectful to senior officials, but when it comes to staff, he has a bad attitude and would scold them openly or treats them like a fool. “I don’t know why he is so popular, but I’m more surprised what a two-faced person he is,” according to a production staff.

Ms.Iijima ignored advice that it was still to early for Fujigaya to star solo in TBS drama “The Beginners!“, which only managed to gain 7.5% average ratings.

However, those results were shrugged-off and in between shoot and editing, Fujigaya would go surfing and get so tanned. He would also get angry when some scenes wouldn’t connect and has to be re-taken. Some fans expressed their worries over Fujigaya’s attitude and hopes that the “old” Fujigaya would come back.

Cyzo Woman via Johnny’s-Watcher and jnewseng

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KARA is dropping a new album + Tokyo Dome

KARA also is scheduled to release their 3rd Japanese album this November!.The news was released on their official Japanese website under Universal Music Japan on October 8th. It has been indicated that the upcoming album will include several of their hit singles released including “Speed Up.”
Their 3rd Japanese album is titled “Girls Forever,” and follows the smash hit of their 2nd album “Super Girl” released last year.
The complete tracklist or jacket covers has not been released yet, however, “Girl's Forever” will be available in 3 editions including a CD+DVD, CD+photobook and CD only.
“Girls Forever” will be available on November 14th. Prior to the album's release, KARA will unleash their 7th Japanese single “Electric Boy” on October 17th.

Also  Kara is scheduled to hold an exclusive concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan as the first Korean female artist.

During their 2012 Sigma Festival in Okinawa concert on October 8, Kara made an official announcement that another exclusive concert will be held at the Tokyo Dome. It is planned to be held on January 6 in the following year.

congrats for them getting Tokyo Dome,tho their lives are kinda boring
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Wonder Girls to release compilation album

The Wonder Girls will be releasing a best of album in Japan!

The album, ‘WONDER BEST KOREA/U.S.A/JAPAN 2007-2012‘, will include the best of the Wonder Girls’ songs released in South Korea, America, and Japan as well as a new song, “Wonder Love“, and the Japanese version of “Be My Baby“. New ’2012 versions’ of their hits “Irony“, “Tell Me“, “So Hot“, and “Nobody” will also be included.

‘WONDER BEST’ will hit stores on November 11.

Check out the track list and coversbelow!

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01. Irony (2012 ver.)
02. Tell Me (2012 ver.)
03. So Hot (2012 ver.)
04. Nobody (2012 Korean ver.)
05. 2 Different Tears (Korean ver.)
06. G.N.O
07. Be My Baby
08. Girls Girls
09. Me, in
10. R.E.A.L
11. Like this
12. Saying I Love You (2012 ver.)

01. Wonder Love (Japanese ver.)
02. Be My Baby (Japanese ver.)
03. Nobody (Japanese ver.)
04. Tell Me (2012 English ver.)
05. So Hot (2012 English ver.)
06. Nobody (2012 English ver.)
07. 2 Different Tears (English ver.)
08. Nu Shoes
09. The DJ Is Mine
10. Like Money feat. Akon
11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
12. 2 Different Tears Remix

DISC 3 (For Album+DVD Version Only)
01. Nobody (Japanese ver.)
02. Be My Baby
03. 2 Different Tears
04. Like this
05. Premier Live at COTTON CLUB DIGEST
06. JYP NATION in Japan 2011 DIGEST
07. Making of ‘Nobody For Everybody’


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Fairies' 5th single announced!


Fairies’ 5th Single, “White Angel” Announced!!

It was announced today via the official twitter of Fairies. The new single (5th) of Fairies is called White Angel (To be announced), the release date is November 14th.

The versions are:
- Regular Edition (AVCD-16298) CD Only (1,890 yen) *First press with a Fairies member autographed photocard.
- Limited Edition (AVCD-16297-B) CD+DVD (1,050 yen) *First press with a autographed photocard.
- Special Label Edition (AVC1-16300) CD Only, A special label for each member (1,000 yen) and the 7CD Complete Set (7,777 yen) selling in mu-mo shop.

Also, White Angel will be the ending theme for the segment of the Variety TV Show Tako-sama Iko-sama, samaa~zu no Tako-sama Iko-sama, starting November 18th at 20:00 O.A.

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Sources: Fairies' tumblr + Twitter + Fansite.

Satoshi Ohno’s “Kagi no Kakatta Heya” Won MIPCOM Buyers Award 2012

Last Oct 8th to 11th, an international TV program exhibition, “MIPCOM“,  was held in Cannes, France wherein Fuji TV drama “Kagi no Kakatta Heya” won “MIPCOM BUYERS’ AWARD for Japanese Drama“. The said drama stars Arashi‘s Satoshi Ohno, Erika Toda, and Sato Koichi.

MIPCOM is an annual entertainment conference wherein the entertainment content heavy hitters converge in Cannes to create a new world of entertainment. The conference lasted for four days that onsisted of meetings and program screenings of different TV shows around the world. “Kagi no Kakatta Heya” was voted by 14 buyers across Europe as the Japanese drama, “in which the buyer, who purchases the program of every country in the world, wants to buy most“.

Satoshi Kubota of Fuji TV Development Department accepted the award last Oct 8th.

In addition, here are this year’s nominees:

1) NHK’s “Chouchou-san”

2) NTV’s “Mita the Housekeeper”

3) TV Asahi’s “Iryu”

4) TBS “Saikou no Jinsei” / “Ending Planner”

5) TV Tokyo’s “Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi”

6) Fuji TV’s “Kage no Kakatta Heya”

7) WOWOW’s “Shokuzai”



Horikita Maki celebrates her 24th birthday on cruise liner

On October 9, actress Horikita Maki attended the educational contact lens care event ‘STOP! Tsumori Care Senjou Party‘ on the luxury cruise liner ‘Lady Crystal‘.

At the end of the event, Horikita was presented with a surprise birthday cake in celebration of her 24th birthday (October 6). Seeing the 45 cm(~17″)-long cake, which was made in the image of a cleaning solution bottle, Horikita expressed, “Lengthwise, I think this is the biggest cake I’ve ever seen.

Regarding her goals for the year, she boldly stated, “I will do my best to be able to do a substantial amount of work.

‘Tsumori Care’ means that 9 out of 10 contact lens users believe they’re taking care of lens the right way, when in fact, they’re not. Horikita was chosen as the image character for the campaign ‘STOP! Tsumori Care’ as a “young woman to teach proper lens care”. She will introduce the proper way of taking care of contact lens and will also be hosting present campaigns until December 31.

After demonstrating how to correctly rinse contact lens, Horikita commented, “It doesn’t take much time, so it would make me happy if everyone takes care of [their lenses] properly.

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Happy 24th Birthday, Maki! <33
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Ikimono gakari to release ballad best album 『Bara Donburi』 !! in December

It's been annouce that pop rock band ,Ikimono gakari will release new ballad best album titled 「バラー丼 (Bara Donburi)」 on December 19th 

This ballad best will feature a total of 13 songs ,including 「SAKURA」 (2006) ,「Akaneiro no yakusoku」(2007) ,「Kaeritakunatta yo」(2008), 「YELL」(2009) , 「Arigatou」(2010) ,NHK 's Olympic theme song 「Kaze ga fuiteiru」(2012) and new version of Kaze ga fuiteiru which recorded at England

Check out tracklist below !

■Ikimono gakari Ballad best album 『Bara Donburi』

・「Koisuru Otome」
・「Akaneiro no yakusoku」
・「Kaeritakunatta yo」
・「Kokoro no Hana wo Sakaseyou
・「Ashita e Mukau Kaerimichi
・「Aruite Ikou 」
・「Kaze ga fuiteiru」
・「Kaze ga fuiteiru (new version ,recorded at London)」

Source : Natalie , Official website

Nice tracklist !!..but quick  to release best album na .Besides, almost all of songs were included on their last best album XD
Anyway, glad that the rumor that their new album will be released on the same day with Misuchiru 's album was wrong  after all .If they release on the same day with Misuchiru, i think they will be hard to reach No.1 surely

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Aya Ueto buys queen-size bedding for Becky, named ambassador of sleep awareness campaign

On October 10, actress Aya Ueto (27) attended a press conference for the inaugural of the "Nemuri de Fukkatsu Project" launched by long-established bedding maker Nishikawa Sangyo, where she revealed having purchased a featherbed for her friend Becky (28).

"The one we used for the commercial was so light I decided to buy 5," commented Ueto, who serves as both CM character and ambassador for the campaign, on the queen-size featherbed she bought for Becky. "She was very happy. They make for great birthday or Christmas presents," recommended Ueto.

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source: Daily Sports
translation: baboona
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Ai Otsuka is coming back!......in a band

Ai Otsuka who has not made any physical release since the year 2010, will be making a come back with a newly formely band called Rabbit. Beside her providing vocals, the other member are Toshiyuki Mori (keyboards),Watusi (Bass) from the band COLDFEET, Taiji Sato (guitar), Takashi Numazawa (Drum) and Minamisasuga (producer?/idk). The band has already announced their first release an album called 裸人 (Naked People) on December 12 and will tour in 2013.

Covers have not been released but the full tracklist has:

●ローリン アース ストーン
◆Nikki(Music Video)

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V6′s Junichi Okada to Star in NHK Taiga Drama on 2014

It has been announced that V6‘s Junichi Okada will star in NHK‘s Taiga drama slated to air on 2014. The said drama is titled, “Gunshi Kanbee” (Kanbee Strategist), where Okada will play the role of Kanbee Kuroda (Kanbei Kuroda or Yoshitaka Kuroda), a legendary strategist for Hideyoshi Toyotomi during the turbulent days of Warring State Period. Kanbee is known to be ambitious and have plans in taking the country for himself from the “three heroes”- Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa. Furthermore, Kanbee is known as a Christian-convert, loyal to his wife, loves poems, and tea ceremonies.

“Gunshi Kanbee” is Okada’s debut in Taiga drama. “I want to play a multi-faceted role like Kanbee that is rich in humanity. As the strongest no.2, he [Kanbee] has an image that makes Hideyoshi scared of him because he can do too much. [Kanbee] is an uncanny and attractive person who plays the roles of a military commander and schemer, ” Okada commented regarding the huge role that he has to play.

Nevertheless, Okada also shared that he has always love history and have dreamed of becoming a history teacher.

“Gunshi Kanbee” will start shooting on Aug 2013 and is slated for broadcast on Jan 2014.


Wow, Okada, it's still 2012 yet you already have a project for 2014...Woot!